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entry Jul 15 2008, 06:35 PM
So about a month ago I started a new blog at

So from now on I am using messageboards for posting, and myspace for whatever the hell myspace is used for.

If you wanna actually take the time to read my blog just follow the link above or click the link in my sig.

That is all.


entry Feb 20 2008, 01:41 PM
So I have had the PS3 for approx six months. I weighed all the options beforehand and actually was very close to buying a 360, but then once the $399 price drop happened, I decided to go with the 40gb PS3. I liked the 360 but found that most of it's exclusives seemed to be FPS games and while I find some entertaining, I am not a huge FPS fan. (Which sounds weird now because I have Resistance and plan on getting Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and Resistance 2, but I promise I am not that big of a FPS fan)

I honestly am not sure where all the hate for it comes from besides people who just outright hate Sony and/or their desire to control a bigger chunk of the gaming world.

Ratchet & Clank was a damn fun game, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was a cool adventure game that begs for a longer sequel, DMC 4 was amazing, and Assassin's Creed was a visual pleasure while the game itself albeit short, was a crafty gem. Yes I know, some of these were also available on the 360. With games coming out more frequently now, and a lot of good titles on the way I don't buy the "no good games" bullshit that is still being peddled by some. Also, it isn't that the PS3 is this "hard complicated" system to program for, it is just different. The same thing was said about the PS2 in the beginning, and the PS2 turned out pretty damn well for itself.

The Blu-Ray player. I don't care what the haters say, it is pretty awesome having not only a blu-ray player, but a pretty damn good blu-ray player(not to mention an upconverting dvd player to boot) in a gaming system at no extra cost, and while blu-ray discs themselves have priced themselves out of my budget for now, it is still considered a good investment for the future.

Playstation eye; pretty crafty add-on I bought that allows me to do video chat with my best friend who now resides in Houston, TX. I will admit, if it wasn't for that factor, I probably wouldn't have bought it because there is not enough other things it is useful for YET. Oh and it also works as a mic for games, so now you have the option to not have to wear a headset of any sort and the mic has a very strong range.

So yeah pretty much overall I am happy with my PS3, and I don't know of anyone who owns one that has any complaints. It seems like most of the hate is coming from people that didn't want, and will never want one in the first place.

entry Feb 13 2008, 03:59 PM
While I am currently employed, I really hate my job. Well let me clarify, the job itself is ok, but the pay sucks, there is no room for advancement and my boss is not someone that is a joy to work for, more or less I try to hide from her and have as little contact as possible except when absolutely necessary.

I took the day off work today(I have about 88 sick hours at my disposal) to interview with sutter about an administrative assistant job. My wife works for sutter as a Medical Assistant, so going into the interview I was pretty confident. To my dismay, the very first words out of the panel's mouth was "we just want to clarify that we reviewed that online description and the job is not as entry level as the description makes it seem" GREAAAAAAAAAAT. There goes my confidence down the toilet. Truth be told, I am pretty well versed in MS Office programs. I am strong in Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Intermediate in Excel, and a novice when it comes to Access. During the interview I found out that this position is kind of one of those positions where you just kind of get thrown assignments and projects your way and it is just kind of up to you to figure out how to get them done. There is no set structure, it is just a "find a way to get it done" enviornment. Well this immediately set my "no thanks" meter off, but for $16/hr I decided to keep the interview going. Anyways, by the end of the interview I got the vibe that they liked me but didn't think I have enough experience in excel and this type of enviornment for the job, and I am perfectly fine with their observation because it is accurate. I am just kind of dissapointed that the online description wasn't more clear because I hate taking days off work to follow leads that turn out to be a waste of time.

On the subject of looking for work in general. It fucking sucks. Is it me or have temp agencies basically taken over websites such as craigslist and ? I remember back in the day at least when you applied for jobs on there, you had a good chance of applying for full-time work. Now, no matter what category you choose, it is 90% temp agencies that aren't really offering a job, just a chance to come down to the office, fill out massive amounts of paperwork and then go back home sit around and hope you get a phone call(yes I have dealt with temp agencies in the past).

So to anyone reading this, what methods have you found the most successful when searching for work? Do you just dress up, get in the car, drive around and collect applications? I am almost to the desperation point of doing that because the internet is becoming less of a resource for quality jobs and more of a way for temp agencies to fill head-hunting quotas.

entry Feb 6 2008, 04:01 PM
I'm baaaaaaaack. <crickets>

So just here waiting for my last two hours of work to end. In case you didn't know, since my last blog, I got a PS3, a Wii and most importantly, MARRIED. Life is good....mostly.

The wedding was fantastic. For the first time in my life I really feel I got more then what I paid for. It was a nice ceremony outside in the garden, and the reception was a hell of a party. We were partying so hard that the wedding coordinator(who owns the place we got married at) paid out of her own pocket to keep the party going for an extra hour. A keg of blue moon, margarita machines, and tequilla & rum shots were flowing heavy that night, but fortunately everyone got home safe. The planning was pretty stressless until about a month and a half till the wedding. We didn't even buy our wedding bands until a week and a half before the

Anyways, that was just a quick update to get myself back into the bloggin' groove. In about two hours I will be stopping by Gamestop to pick up Devil May Cry 4....BOOYAH!!!


entry Apr 3 2007, 10:59 PM
So I'll start by saying, sorry it's been so long since the last blog, but this whole blogging thing is kind of new to me so I often forget about it for stretches. Anyways, the wedding planning is coming along nicely. Just about everything is booked with a deposit or down payment already cleared. My best friend was in town last weekend and along with him and a few other friends we got fitted for the tuxes which was an enjoyable experience. We just got an email by the DJ with possible song lists and the form to fill out for all the dances. I asked Jennifer if it was cool to be introduced with the Imperial March music playing in the

So baseball is back which means I get to try and block it out (this never works)until after the All-star break because the A's usually offer nothing but heartbreak and dissapointmet through the first half of the season. I really don't think they have enough firepower to make a giant surge at the end of the season. I do expect them to improve as the season goes on, however they have some players that just aren't panning out.

Eric Chavez has been a huge dissapointment every since he resigned
Bobby Crosby has become an injury magnet ever since he won ROY
Mike Piazza already looks like he doesn't really care

Basically I feel those three need to have HUGE years for the A's to still be in contention by September. The pitching is pretty good, but not great, and run support is always going to be an issue.

I think the A's will finish about 85-77, good for second place in the AL West.

entry Feb 15 2007, 05:16 PM
So I am not sure if I mentioned this in the forums, but tomorrow I start a new job as a vocational skills trainer. Basically this company works with the handicapped and they contract out work that they can handle/do, so when they get a contract, they train me and other trainers on how to do the job and then I train the folks that will be doing the job. When I worked at a Target warehouse I remember some handicapped folks would be bused in once or twice a week to open those old plastic mechanisms that CDs used to be put I am sure that is an example of something I would be training people to do, although each job would be varying in how easy or difficult it is. This isn't a temp job, which is good, and my hiring supervisor said she is looking for someone to grow with the company and encourages me to look for other job listing within the company if I see something I like that better suits me in the future......

Oh and we ended up getting a 2004 Chevy Venture Van. Yeah I know, Chevys are shit blah blah fucking blah, well it only had 24k miles on it, and it was a leased car which gives it a pretty clean bill of health. We had a DVD player put in it the other day, so yea we pimped our ride......I could have bought a used foreign car that "runs forever" but they all had 80k or more miles on them, which means you could probably start running into other issues besides just the engine.....

entry Jan 31 2007, 03:45 PM
Well not necessarily a brand new car, but a replacement for my current scrap heap. So yeah, you probably by now have seen my post in the General Chat forum, if not, go read it or just read this blog entry.

Basically I took my car in because oil was getting into the coolant, and causing the car to overheat....long story short.....CRACKED CYLINDER HEAD. The estimate? $2400.00!!! HAHAHAHAH. For a car that probably blue books at $4-5k? Yeah fucking right. Then the guy had the nerve to give me a new engine as an option for $3700....ummmm NO.

So anyways, I am looking at Car Max right now, for something 10k or under. Nothing fancy as I am not into cars other then them being a means of transportation. I can care less about how powerful it is, how fast it is, how trendy it is only demands are 4 Doors, Air Conditioner, Low Mileage(at time of purchase) and Good Gas other words a 4-door Sedan is what I am probably going to get.

So yeah, this wouldn't be a fucked up situation, except for that fact that Me and Jennifer have a goddamn wedding to pay for.....Of course the first half payment is not due till July, so it gives us time to save money back up for awhile, and me having a great mother and all, she is probably gonna end up buying the car for me upfront, and I can just pay her back in payments rather then dealing with a loan or car dealership to pay back to.....Did I mention my mom is the greatest?

entry Jan 25 2007, 02:48 PM
So as you all know by now from reading earlier blog(s), I am getting married in August. So after some quick research and reference checking, we have settled on a place to get married and the photographer.

Here is the place....

I forgot the name of the photographer, the package gets us 300 pictures(film) plus an album, and an engagement photo that I guess we will put in one of those matted frames where people can sign some "cutesy" statements on....whatever....

So yeah, the place is nice, not over the top, and we certainly found more elaborate places, but we decided to work with a 10k budget, that way we can pay for the wedding all in cash, and not have to worry about going into debt for a one-day event. Plus, the ceremony itself is about 1/16th of the total cost, and will barely take 20-30 minutes. It's really the reception where the money and planning and overall time is put into, and the place works with Hannibal's catering(yeah, haha HANNIBAL) which was ranked #1 caterer of Sacramento.

We are also thinking of getting a harpist, which would play all the wedding march music, for only $250, seems reasonable enough, plus it would probably sound a little nicer then just having a CD played over the PA system....

I am 90% sure we are doing the outside garden ceremony and reception, since the garden will be in full boom, and there is more space.

The place also will do a cake for you via a bakery they work with, but it would come out to $400 for the amount of guests we are having, and we can probably get it for cheaper, but who knows. We get to have tastings with the bakery and with Hannibals, we just have to call and set them up....

So yeah, we still haven't even looked into flowers/floral arrangements yet, but since the reception will be in the evening, we are thinking of doing a lot of candles on the table rather then an obscene amount of flowers......

entry Jan 11 2007, 04:47 PM
Before living on my own I never realized how fast bread goes, even if it tightly wrapped back up and put in a bread box........goddamn moldy bread, nothing like getting the craving for a simple sandwich and having the buzz killed because of a few green spots on the load of bread........Yup, that's it.....

entry Jan 2 2007, 04:08 PM
Yeah, I'm sick. Not hungover-sick, just sore-throat, congested etc sick. It's not so bad, I have the Descent and Superman Returns here, ready to be watched, and a very comfortable couch to lay on.....I still am in some disbelief that I went ahead and got engaged. Not regretting it of course, it is just weird that after all this time being in a relationship with the same person, there was STILL a next step/stage to take it to. The planning will begin soon, and one of the benefits of being the last of the group to holdout, is that a lot of friends are throwing us referrals and references left and right for deals on stuff...Me personally, all I really care about is that everyone is well fed at the reception. Oh and the Tux. Yeah, the two things I care about....haha. Since this is the first time doing this, I suppose the first thing to do is make the guest list since a lot of stuff is based around how many people will be at the wedding....

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