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entry Jul 7 2008, 05:22 AM
[Writer's Note: This post is going to be a very open post, so if you're a friend or someone who I know from the wrestling buisness (wrestler, Referee, fan, or whomever) please do not be upset if you read something you don't like. I'm just being very honest and open here about my personal life. I hope you all understand. Thank you for reading.]

In the middle of May, I had gotten pretty sick. I wasn't throwing up blood or anything, but my body was in pain, a lot of pain. It wasn't non-stop pain, but it was random shots of pain in different parts of my body that last about 4 days, but during those 4 days I was pretty worried about my well being. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, I had a lot a trouble being at work because it affected pretty much everything I did at my job, weather it was lifting title or just driving, the random shots of pain in random body parts would want to make me stop doing what I was doing and ride it out until I felt better...but I never did that.

I couldn't take a few days off of work because I needed money to pay my bills, but at the same time I couldn't afford to go to a doctor because I didn't really have the money to go, plus my job screwed up with my benefits and for whatever reason, I never got a medical card. During the 4 days that I was sick and in pain, I took some time and kinda thought of where my life was going and I realized I wasn't happy with the way my life was going.

I kinda realized that financially and personnally, I wasn't in a good place. Financially, I made 14 dollars an hour, but I was barely getting by on my bills and if something happen to the point where if I had an emerancy or if my car broken down, I didn't have anything saved up to try and take care of those things. For someone who makes 14 dollars an hour, there shouldn't be a reason why I'm having trouble paying my bills.

Personnally, I was starting to miss out on a lot of things. My very good friends were having a baby and invited me to come up to the Sacramento area to come and meet the baby for the first time, but I was so busy with shows and being on the road, I couldn't go. I felt horrible. There were other things that happen on weekends as well that I just couldn't do or go to because a weekend was swamped with a wrestling shows, or something always seemed to fall on a day I had a wrestling show. It really felt like I was revolving my life around Pro Wrestling instead of revolving pro wrestling around my life and to be honest, it was starting to bug me, but the way my financial being was, was what was really bugging me......a lot.

In March I had re-taken a warehouse job that laid me off due to cut backs in November of 2007 as a second job. The job I already had was just a temp job, so when the warehouse job called me and asked if I would come back because they had a job opening since an employee had been fired. So I took it, once the temp job ended at the end of March, the warehouse job became my only full time job, which I knew was a gamble and it became more apprent at the end of April and the beginning of May and that's when I got to wondering if I should stay with the warehouse job....then I got sick and that's when the wheels in my mind got to turning about where I was in life.

So I kinda got to thinking about things and just realized I wasn't happy with the way things were going. My job, while paid well, was either a dead end job that really gave me no experiance when it came to other jobs that I could do or it was a company that was really on the rocks due to the bad real estate market and could lay me off at a moments notice or could just close down and because I really didn't have anything saved up, I wasn't ready to be laid off again.

So I decided to do what's best for me and act like an adult and take care of what I need to and figure out what I need to do to make my personal life better. So I decided to sit down and take a real hard look and think about things and figure it all out. I decided that I needed to take advantage of my job's schdule and go back to school and learn something that could really benefit me job wise, something I could fall back on, something that I know it won't be something useless, but at the same time, I need the time and money for me to really get going, so unfortunaily, I needed to cut back on one thing I really loved doing, and that's Pro Wrestling.

While I love being in this buisness, it's a big drain of my wallet, between training to be a wrestler and the gas prices of traveling to shows, I was spending a lot of money, but that's mainly my fault for doing so many shows that I was doing on a weekly basis. Some weekends, it would only be one show, then in another weekend it would be two shows, some weekends it was even three and it just got to a point where I was spending so much on gas and milage it was starting to affect my bills.

I also put a lot of time in pro wrestling. I was training two to three days a week and/or I was doing a show or shows every weekend and I knew if I really needed to put the right amount of focus on my life and my working career, I would have to take the focus off pro wrestling and stop spending so much time doing it and start spending a lot of my time on my personal life and career.

It was a hard choice, but in a long run, I think it will just be best if I took a break and focus on what I need to. After I had gotten better from being sick, I went to my trainer Helfyre's house early before a training session and sat down and talked to him about my choice and while I knew he wasn't happy with my choice, I knew he understand. The ironic twist in this entire thing 5 days after I told Helfyre about my choice...the warehouse job laid me off again. What I wasn't ready for and what I wanted to have a plan for, blew up in my face 5 days later after I told Helfyre about my choice. If anything that was really a kick in the teeth for me.

I finished out my Referee dates with my last show being on June 21st. June 21st was really a timeframe for my 3 year being around in Pro Wrestling in Nor-Cal, and I started it training with Helfyre in WCWA, I felt it was best for me to have my last show, be at Devil Mountain Wrestling, which is his promotion and also the promotion where I had been training and learned how to Referee.

So want to know how I'm kicking off my leave from pro wrestling? Well here ya go, the end of the last match I Ref'ed.

entry Jun 11 2008, 04:08 AM
Hello Everybody! Randomly updating this thing because I haven't since Feb apprently. Sorry about that. there's no excuse for me not updating this...just haven't done it.

So since I haven't updated this thing in such long time, I'll go ahead and talk about a few things that I've done here and there.

The first thing I'm going to discuss is my experiance working for a new company out here in CA called Big League Wrestling..or BLW for short. They were using DMW's ring so I got automatically booked to Referee at the show because I'm also apart of DMW's ring crew as well as a trainee. So we get there, set up the ring, and I'm under the impression I'm the only Referee at the show, later I find out from the promoter that I'm not the only other Referee. Which was nice because I really didn't feel like Refereeing 8 matches in a row.

The other Referee was a guy named Ronnie who Refs for another promotion out here in Bay Area. It was my first time working with him even though he's been around Refereeing for years. I guess he only Refs for this one promotion or if that promotion has influance somewhere else, he'll go and Ref for the company his main company has influance in.

So as I'm waiting to time pass and show time to come closer, Ronnie is not there yet and the promoter tells me what matches I have for the night. Which was 1, 3, and 5, which was basically all the matches that had DMW folk in them. I was fine with that, but I was hoping to get half the card and Ronnie could take the other half, but the promoter didn't know me and my history with just about EVERY wrestler working BLW, except Chris Masters and Relik. They were also on the show but I'm going to talk about them in a minute or so. So after hearing my line up, Rated 2-G, who are a tag team from LA who've I've worked with quite a bit, requsted my Referee services as well. The promoter agreed and now I had Matches 1, 3, 5, and 7...basically all the odd numbers.

The show starts around 6 and every one is there, the main event for the night was Chris Masters vs Relik. I was looking forward to meeting Relik as I've always been a fan of his and when he showed up, he was a really nice guy. First thing he did was walk around the entire kitchen turned into a locker room and shook everyone's hand and was really friendly throughout the night. Really easy guy to walk up to and talk to. Masters also did walk up and shake everyone's hand when he showed up....but to be honest, and this isn't a knock against him or anything, but he just seemed like he didn't want to be there. He just seemed he wanted to get through the night and get ouf of there.

I go out there and Ref the first match, get done, go to the back and watch the 2nd match happen as I want to watch Ronnie Referee......I can't my opinon about his Refereeing (counts way to fast) skils. During the 2nd match, Rik Luxury (who was also working the show) asked me who was doing his match,the 4th match. I told him Ronnie and I was informed it was actually me. Ronnie ended up telling the people in the match that he didn't have it, which puzzled me because I was never informed of the Ref match listing change till right then.

The 2nd match ends and now it's the 3rd match. Which was one of the DMW guys vs a guy who works with the same company Ronnie works in, (sidenote: I'm advoiding names here for good reasons.) who also holds a belt that was on the line. Before I walk out for the match, I noticed that Ronnie had not returned to the back yet, which puzzled me. I walk out there and I see Ronnie standing in the ring, waiting for the wrestlers to come out. I tug on my shirt and point to myself to give him the sign I have the match. As he's getting out the ring to walk past me, I pat him on the back and tell him I have the next 3 matches. Which was match 3, 4, and 5.

I get into the ring and about 20 seconds later, I turn around to see Ronnie getting back in the ring. I ask him what he's doing and he points to the promoter who is now ringside. The promoter gives me the "come here" sign and I get out of the ring to ask the promoter what's going on. He tells me he screwed up and that Ronnie actually this match and I get pist. I go to the back and I'm asked why I'm in the back instead of out there from the guys in the back. I explain to them what happen and they're not happy about it either. A few people have an idea on why I was switched out of the match as a Ref but I'm not going to go into that here as I have no clue who will read this.

So the match ends and I go out for match 4, still pist about what happen but it's over and hopefully nothing like that will happen again. Match 4 goes well and now we hit to intermission....which is half an hour long. Long intermission but people were signing autographs and Relik was in the ring taking pictures, so it's understandable why intermission was so long.

Now it's Match 5, which was Helfyre vs DMW Champion Jason Vega for the DMW title in the DMW's championship first road defense. When the match begain, the three of us did a little something. Helfyre climbed the turnbuckle to get a cheer from the crowd, then Jason did the same thing, then Helfyre repeated the turnbuckle crowd cheer as did Jason. After they both did it twice...I decided to do it as well. So I do it and the crowd cheers...yay. The match goes on and Helfyre ends up beating Jason to win the DMW Championship.

After the match we go to the back and I peak out the window to watch the match 6 and what do I see? What's the first thing I motherfucking see? The two wrestlers and Ronnie the Referee do the same excat thing Helfyre, Jason Vega, and Myself did with the turnbuckle crowd cheering. It just pist me off more. First he got my match switched and now he pulls that crap? Fuck him. It actually kinda backfired though because I know people in the crowd found it really dumb that they just did the same excat thing myself, Jason, and Helfyre did and actually doing it the match after ours. If anything, it just put me out there because it just made people think of the three of us doing it, so I guess it favors me and Jason and Helfyre in the long run but still...fuck him.

I'm alright though because 2 of the 4 matches he was suppose to originally Referee (this was before he got my match switched at the last minute) in, the wrestlers involved in those matches told me how they wished or wanted me to Referee their matches as I know what I'm doing and how I know my place in matches and how I can keep up with the guys involved in the matches...while Ronnie...while to be blunt..Ronnie sucks and he made it painfully obvious that night.

The BLW show itself was cool. I had fun doing it other than the minor problems I had with Ronnie that night, but the show itself was fine, but sadly that is most likely the last show I'll be doing with BLW as......well...I plan on taking a long break really soon.

entry Feb 20 2008, 04:03 AM
Two weeks ago, WCWA returned. WCWA was the promotion I started training with in California back in mid 2005, but closed it's doors by the end of 2006. When I found out that WCWA was returning, I was pretty happy about it. It was going to be nice working for them again. I never got a chance to Ref for WCWA when I started out as I was just there sound guy and training and I actually didn't start learning on how to Referee until I was training with Devil Mountain.

Going to go Referee for WCWA was a kind of intimating, I really wanted to impress my old trainer and wanted to show how much I've come along since I was just a skinny kid who couldn't bump for shit and was very arkward in the ring....Granted I'm still a skinny kid but I've improved a lot since then and I really wanted to show that I have.

The first show back was a tournament to crown a new WCWA champion along with a 6-man suicide elimation match. This was the match list for the night.

Match 1: First Round Tournament Match: Luster The Legend vs "Insane" Mike Rayne

Match 2: First Round Tournament Match: Shane Dynasty vs "Original Gangsta" Mustapha Saed

Match 3: First Round Tournament Match: "The Battle of Itlay Vinnie Massaro vs Vennis Demarco

Match 4: First Round Tournament match: Paul "The Wrecking Ball" Isadora vs Mother Truckin Otis

Match 5: Second Round Tournament Match:

Match 6 : Second Round Tournament Match:

Match 7: 6 Man Suicide Elimation Match; Rik Luxury vs Jason Vega vs El Chupacabra vs Adam Thornstowe vs Tenacious Tim Anderson vs Mikey "The Dragon" Hyashi

Match 8: Final Round of the WCWA Championship Tournament

and now here are the results....

Match 1: Luster the Legend beat "Insane" Mike Rayne via pinfall after hitting the Legend Bomb

Match 2: "Original Gangsta" Mustaphs Saed beat Shane Dynasty via pinfall after hitting a powerslam

Match 3: The Battle of Italy match between Vinnie Massaro and Vennis Demarco went to a double countout

match 4: Paul "The Wrecking Ball" Isadora beat Mother Truckin Otis via pinfall after a big boot.

Match 5: Luster The Legend beat Mustapha Saed via DQ by speical Referee U.S. Steel after Shane Dynasty planted brass knuckles on Mustapha Saed.

Match 6: Paul "The Wrecking Ball" Isadora got a bye in the tournament because Vinnie Massaro and Vennis Demarco were double counted out

Match 7: El Chupacabra won the match after eliminating Rik Luxury.

Match 8: Final Round for the WCWA Championship Tournament Luster The Legend vs Paul "The Wrecking Ball" Isadora, Luster The Legend won via pinfall after a roll up on Isadora to become the new WCWA Champion!

Overall it was a pretty fun show to work. I got to Referee 3 matches and got to work with Referee Kristina McGraw who I haven't worked with since BRAWL's last show some odd months ago, so it was really nice getting to Referee with her again. The 3 matches I got to Referee that night was Dynasty vs Mustapha, Isadora vs Mother Truckin' Otis, and the main event of Luster The Legend vs Paul Isadora. Plus I was told by my old trainer that I was did a good job that night, which was great.

Refereeing the Dynasty/Mustapha match was pretty cool for me as it offically made it so I've Ref'ed both ECW Gangstas New Jack and Mustapha in single matches.

I can't wait for the next WCWA show as this past WCWA show back went really well and hopefully things keep going up hill for WCWA from here on out.

entry Jan 12 2008, 03:58 AM
Later today, I head down to CCW. I haven't been at CCW for the past two months. Lacks of funds and schduling conflicts, I couldn't make it, but I'm working the show later today.

It'll be nice to go back to CCW. I really like the locker room as the locker room is filled with guys who just want to put on a good show and have a lot of fun. Plus it should be pretty intresting because of where the locker room is. The locker room is outside and it's been raining pretty much all week long. So depening on how the weather's either going to be foggy along with cold or cold and wet, good times.

The main event will be unique as it's 3 stips rolled up into one big match. So it's a cage match, with a "I quit" match, and the wrestlers get to bring their own weapons. So it's a weapons, I quit, cage match between Vinnie Massaro and The Big Ugly. It should be pretty fun to watch, granted if I don't have to leave first because it becomes to late.

I only real problem with working the CCW shows is that it's kinda far away from where I need to be before midnight. See every Saturday, I go to Oakland to help put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I have to be there preferablly before Midnight...and Newman is an hour in half away from Oakland. So for me to make it to Oakland in time, I pretty much have to leave at 10:00 then haul ass to Oakland to make sure I make it up there on time. It's a bit of a pain but I really enjoy working both shows, it just sucks that I have to do them back to back and that their so far apart.

I'll post results of the show in the indy thread when I'm able to, oh and before I forget. I've decided to try and showcase Nor-Cal Pro Wrestling here on I noticed that I'm pretty much the only one who tries to promote the Nor-Cal scene and only a handful of people bite onto what I'm promoting. So what I decided to do is work with some of the guys who film the wrestling shows out here and post what they film on this forum.

So if you head over to the Indy Wrestling forum part, look for my most recent thread and watch a few matches that took place a number of months ago. Right now there are two videos up, one from a SPW show that took place a while ago in Sacramento. It's about an hour long and the main event is a barefoot thumb tack match, and to let you guys know ahead of time, I'm not in that video and it's a hour long. The whole video was made for tv.

However, I am in the 2nd video. The 2nd video is Sheik Kahn Abodi defending his BRAWL Internet Championship against El Chupacabra at BRAWL a few months ago and I'm the Ref. It's about 15 minutes long, but it's good times.

So go and check out those videos and leave comments and feedback.

entry Dec 20 2007, 06:12 AM
There's still only a few more weeks of 2007 but wrestling wise, there's no more shows I'm apart of. So I can go ahead and give 2007 a review wrestling wise.

2007 was a great year for me wrestling wise. I did so much and I accomplished a whole hell of a lot, in such a very short span of time. If you would have told me in Oct. of 2006 that I would Ref outside of California, work with former WWE/ECW wrestlers along with current TNA wrestlers, Referee at the Cow Palace, and to end it all, work with the Great Muta, I would have laughed at you, but by the end of 2006, it was all starting to become a reality.

It really all started back in November of 2006 when Helfyre asked me if I would like to go to Oregon and Referee for a promotion called BAW. I didn't know it a the time, but that's pretty much when all the crazyness of what I was really going to do in 2007 would start. BAW is what really set things off for me. It was the first time I Ref'ed out of the state of California and it was the first time I would have worked with fromer WWE/WCW/ECW wrestlers along with current (at the time) TNA wrestlers. It was where I got to meet and work with New Jack, Spike Dudley, and Molly Holly. BAW also gave me a lot more confindence when it came to Refereeing.

To be honest, before I went to BAW I didn't feel to comfortable being a Ref. There was just something about it, that made me keep thinking I wouldn't get it or I would be just pick of the litter Referee, but BAW made me feel differently. When I Ref'ed for BAW, the fans hated me...but it was a good kind of hate...the kind of hate wrestlers want to get from crowds. The Promoter and the Booker loved me as a Ref and would always tell me how I was doing a good job and the wrestlers loved working with me. It made me want to Referee more and more.

Ok, I'm getting a bit off track here, this post is going to become a BAW love fest instead of a 2007 year in review before to long. So BAW is what really jump started things for me and from there, wrestling wise, just continued to climb.

TRAINING:At the start of year, I re-started my training to become a Pro Wrestler. I enjoyed Refereeing but I didn't get into Pro Wrestling to become a Referee, I got into Pro Wrestling because I wanted to be a Wrestler. I think training was the only thing that brought me a lot of my lows wrestling wise throughout 2007. There were always times where I felt like I was getting it, I was understanding and doing/taking moves and understaning wrestling psycology a lot more but there were a lot more times where I wasn't getting it. Weather it was understanding how to give or take a move correctly, understanding the psycology of something or trying to do a stand-still front flip bump. Man I hate trying to do that. At one point I actually was able to do it, but we took something like a week in a half off from training because the ring was down and when we got back to training...I competely forgot how to do the front flip bump and still can't really do it to this day. I'm getting closer to remembering how to do it, but still quite pull it off again.

Though I guess I got the aspect of it enough to have my first offical pro wrestling match. It took me 12 months but hey, I got to have it. After 12 months straight of training, my trainers felt good enough to give me my first match and I'm glad they did. I felt more comfortable going into the match because I trained for so long, because I got to learn the craft of Pro Wrestling in a 12 month span. I think any earlier I wouldn't have been ready as I was for the match last Saturday as I was after training for 12 months.

DIFFERENT COMPANIES: At the end of 2006, I was only working for a hand-ful of promotions. BRAWL and CCW were really the only companies I was working for. I was with Devil Mountain Wrestling but by the end of 2006, Devil Mountain wasn't running any shows, we ran one in Sept. but after that, Devil Mountain Wrestling didn't have a show after that till mid-2007. So by the end of 2006, I was already working for BRAWL and CCW and just started working for BAW up in Oregon, and I really wanted to work for more companies as a Referee. So I actually made a New Years Resolution to work for those extra companies and I did.

By the end of 2007, I have worked with and Ref'ed Devil Mountain Wrestling (DMW), California Championship Wrestling (CCW), Barely Regulated American Wrestling League (BRAWL), BAW (I have no idea what they were actually called other than BAW.), North American Wrestling (NAW), and Supreme Pro Wrestling (SPW). Then their was the whole WrestleFanFest thing...technically that's not another company but fuck it, since it was put on by someone else, I'm gonna count it anyways. biggrin.gif It's my blog, I'll count it if I wanna. (lol)

I'll admit while it was fun working for all those companies, it made my weekend life/schdule really hectic. There were a lot of times my schdule for a weekend looked like this....

Friday: BRAWL (BRAWL normally ran on Fridays)
Saturday CCW or DMW (either show normally run on Saturdays), then the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Sunday: NAW or SPW or BRAWL (Either show normally runs on Sundays, and every once in awhile BRAWL would run on a sunday)

So after working BRAWL on a friday night, on Saturday I'd either have to wake up really early to set up for the DMW show that was taking place, or I'd have to leave my house by 2 or 3 o'clock and make a hour to one in a half hour drive to Newman to work CCW, then after working either show, I would have to leave the show and make my way to Oakland and hopefully get there by 11:30 to help put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. After Rocky Horror, I would get home normally by 4 Sunday morning. Now for Sunday shows, I have to get up around noon to make it to each show. SPW shows start at 5, so I have to be there by 3. NAW shows start around 7:30 normally but because they're about an hour in a half away from where I live, I have to get up between noon and 1 so I can get ready to go before my ride comes and picks myself and my roommate up. NAW shows also run really really long, because they're done at a bar/club. So a NAW show will start at 7:30 (usually) and run close to midnight. So after the NAW show, i'd get home around 2 in the morning and when I was working. I'd get a few hours of sleep then have to be at work by 6 in the morning Monday morning. Here's what my schdule would look like altogether with weeekends like that.

Thursday: work 6 am to 2:30 pm, Training @ 6:30 pm

Friday: Work 6 am to 2:30 pm, BRAWL @ 7 pm, had to be there around 5'ish.

Saturday: CCW @ 7:30 pm, had to be there before 5 pm, or DMW @ 7 pm, start setting up for show at 10:00 am.
After working either show, drive to Oakland for Rocky Horror, have to get there before midnight.

Sunday: NAW @ 7 to 7:30ish, leave house around 3 pm or SPW @ 5:00 pm, have to leave house by 2 pm or work BRAWL which took place at 6 pm, had to be there by 3:30 pm

Monday: Work 6 am to 2:30 pm, Wrestling Training @ 6:30 pm.

That's how a schdule could look for me at times.

Even though I was dead tired come Monday...I loved doing those types of weekends. I really did.

Will I work for more companies next year? To be honest, I honestly don't know. There are a few more companies here in the Bay Area that seem to be sprouting up, but they haven't contacted me about Ref'ing for them. I do know that I'm schduled to work for BTW (Big Time Wrestling) in Jan though, so that's already a new company right there, but I'm also not working job wise right now so it'll depend on if I can afford the gas to get back and forth or not.

BIG NAME WRESTLERS:Throughout 2007, I got to work with or be on the same show with a lot of wrestlers who work or have worked with WWE, WCW/NWA, ECW, TNA, and Japan. Here's just a list of them;

New Jack, Molly Holly, Brother Runt (Spike Dudley), Kamala, Rikishi, Al Snow w/ Head, Blue Meanie, Steve Corino, D-lo Brown, The Great Muta, Gangrel, Team 3D (The Dudley Boys), The Stiener Brothers, Slick (Slick was ribbing me the entire night), The Sandman, Francine, Babydoll, One Man Gang, Orlando Jordon, Diamond Dallas Page, Mean Gene Okerlund, Eric Bischoff, Barbarian, Warload, Scott Norton, Raven, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Tonga Kid, and I think there's a lot more names, I just can't remember them all. Some of them I got to work closely with while others I met for a few seconds and they most likely don't remember me.

But yeah, if anyone ever told me before 2007 I would meet and work with those people, I would have laughed at you. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I would meet all those people or even ever get to work with them. Some I still talk to today and I'm still pretty good with, others I've met once or twice but were all nice to meet and a good number of them have said I do a great job as a Ref. There's nothing better than hearing that a former World Champion loved your work in the ring, it's a awesome feeling.

2008: What will happen with me in 2008? I have no idea. I don't think anyting could really top 2007 wrestling wise for me. I was able to do so much and accomplish so much in 2007. I think really the only thing that could top 2007 would be wrestling in more wrestling matches, maybe winning a title for a company other than Devil Mountain Wrestling (I wouldn't feel right holding a title in the company that trained me, well not for quite awhile anyways.), and getting to work in another big show. Sorta like what WrestleFanFest was...just better organized. Those things might help make 2008 a better year than what 2007 was for me, but first before I even think that, I need to work on getting a new job so I can afford gas to make it to these other shows.

entry Dec 17 2007, 09:13 AM
On Saturday night (12/15) I had my first offical pro match at Devil Mountain Wrestling. Well technically my first match was the Halloween Battleroyal that took place in Oct, but I'm not counting that match, so the match over the weekend was my first offical match.

The night started with me cutting a promo after the first match..that I fucking butchered. I kinda had certain points I wanted to get over but I think I tried to structure it to much and tried to hard to get those certain points over with the crowd, which caused me to over think and stumble over my words. I really really butchered that promo and felt really shitty about it afterwards. I actually heard Helfyre in the back yelling stuff during the promo...he had been doing that all night long as well. Helfyre was being really..umm..loud that night. Which was funny because even though we had a good crowd..they were dead for a good majority of the night. I didn't get it. Even with big moves, the crowd kinda sat on their hands, which was weird because it was pretty much our normal crowd. Luckily they did get loud for my match.

So I Ref'ed another match that night then after a little while longer, my match finally came up. It was a 6 man tag match, with America's Most Hated Anton Vorhees, Alexis Darevko, and Sheik Kahn Abodi vs The Fun Atheltic Guys Kimo and Chico and myself. The match started with Kimo working on Anton. Kimo got a early advantage and decided to keep tagging his tag partner Chico in. The Fun Atheltic Guys wouldn't tag me in. They felt they were protecting me from America's Most Hated.

At one point, Kimo and Chico were able to get all three members of America's Most Hated outside of the ring. Kimo and Chico invited me to come into the ring and celebrate with them...but they ended picking me up and throwing me to the outside on top of America's Most Hated. Here's a picture...

After being tossed out and on top of America's Most Hated, I threw Anton Vorhees back into the ring and returned to my corner. After being not tagged after a few more tags, Chico went for another tag of Kimo and I cut Kimo off and tagged myself in. I was tired of being ignored and wanted my chance to shine.

After being tagged in, I went right to work on Vorhees. I snapped him over with a snap mare and gave him a good kick to the back. I then picked him up and gave him a nice LOUD chop to his chest, backing Anton to the ropes. I whipped him off the ropes as I planned to hit Anton with a clothesline but instead, Anton did a Pa-lae (Aj Styles back flip kick) kick and caught me on top of the head. It all went down hill from there.

I proceeded to get my ass kicked for what seemed like forever. America's Most Hated kept me away from my corner and kept tagging themselves in and out. I was getting my ass handed to me as Anton Vorhees, Alexis Darevko, and Sheik Kahn Abodi kept hitting big moves on me but I was always able to cut out. Finally at one point, I caught my bearings and ducked a clothlines from Abodi and when I turned around, I caught Sheik's kick, I then spun Sheik around and gave him a stunner.

We were both down and out as the Ref started his 10 count on us. Sheik crawled over to his corner and made the tag, before the fresh member of America's Most Hated was able to catch me, I dove and tagged the fresh Kimo. Kimo came in and cleaned house and was on FIRE~! After a few minutes, Kimo and Chico hit a combo backstabber/double stomp on Alexis Darevko. I noticed that Anton was trying to sneak into the ring and I came in and cut Anton off and gave him a clothesline which knocked him back over the ring. Kimo and Chico told me to climb to the top rope and I did. When I got to the top, Kimo and Chico grabbed me and threw me off the top rope with me landing a splash on the fallen Alexis Darevko. I stayed on top of Darevko to try and get us a pinfall victory. Kimo and Chico put their hands on my back to make the cover that much stronger and the Ref counted to 3.

We had won the match. After the match, I celebrated with Kimo and Chico and did a "insult pray" to Sheik as America's Most Hated stumbled back to the locker room. After America's Most Hated got to the back, a good chunk of the DMW locker room came out from the back and made their ring to celebrate my first match. As soon as I saw Mike Hayashi and Helfyre come out from the curtain, I broke down.

At first, I was just relieved and happy that I actually made it through the match. After two years of on and off again training, after two years of doing sound and Ref'ing and doing other things at various shows, I finally got to have my first offical Pro Wrestling match and these guys, who I see as family, came out and give me that praise, just made me very happy. I was happy with how the match went, but seeing these guys come out and to tell me I did great put me on all levels of happiness and I broke down because of it. It became a very emotional thing for me but it was a happy emotional thing.

After the match was over, I broke down what I had to and packed everything up in my car and made my way over to Oakland for Rocky Horror and damnit I was tired and my back was sore (Dareveko lit my back up with chops) but I still made it through Rocky and the drive home. After I got home, I passed the hell out.

It was a good night and a good match but I think I'm going to put my next wrestling match on hold for right now and continue to Referee. I really enjoy Ref'ing at the moment and I feel I still need some more training before I start a full-time with just wrestling.

entry Nov 11 2007, 11:35 PM
Yup, next month in Dec. on the 15th, I make my in-ring pro wrestling debut and that's because 3 guys decided to beat me up at the last Devil Mountain Wrestling show. Yup....three international assholes decided to blantly take me out, so next month on the 15, Ref Toby doesn't count anymore, Ref Toby gets payback!

Yes, I know, that was corny. I haven't quite figured out the art of the face promo yet. It's a work in progress, and I'm kinda getting there but doing the face promo in all seriousness is kinda hard. Anyways, let me explain the set up for my first wrestling match next month on the 15th.

Last Saturday, November 3rd, was Devil Mountain Wrestling. I was Refereeing The Fun Athletic Guys Kimo and Chico, or the F.A.Gs for short, vs Sheik Kahn Abodi and Alexis Darevko. I was Refereeing the match and everything was going...umm out of controlish but I had things under normal Referee control. Anyways, so The Fun Atheltic Guys pretty much have Sheik pinned and I'm in the middle of my count, when all of a sudden I'm pulled from out of the ring. I turn around and it's someone dressed up in Sheik clotheing. I call for the bell when I'm all of a sudden thrown into the post.

After a few minutes, my limp body is thrown in the ring and picked up over Darevko's head and he gives me a high razors edge, then as soon as I land, I open my eyes just soon enough to see and feel Sheik Kahn Abodi land a frogsplash on me. After seeing the video footage of the aftermath and I found out who the mystery guy in Sheik's clotheing was who attacked me....canadian Superstar Anton Vorhees. It seems Anton, Darevko, and Sheik has formed some kind if International Alliance.

Well I asked our Commish's permission and requested that I team up with Kimo and Chico to take them on in a match. He wasn't willing at first, but with my charm and wit, he changed his mind so now it's on!!!!

Dec. 15th, it will be Myself and The Fun Athletic Guys Kimo and Chico vs Sheik Kahn Abodi, Alexis darevko, and Anton Vorhees! The Stripes come off and the athletic tape goes on!

.....yeah that was corny too, I know.

entry Oct 31 2007, 11:10 PM
If the WrestleFanFest weekend wasn't long enough, this past weekend certainly was. I ended up having a total of four shows over pre-Halloween weekend, two Rocky Horrors and two wrestling shows...but I'll skip the Rocky Horror shows because I know you guys read my blog for Pro Wrestling, not for my adventures in Rocky Horror land.

On Saturday CCW was running a show at their brand new studio. Well ok, it wasn't brand new as they ran there last month but it was at least new...right? I was impressed with how the studio looked this time around, last month, the studio was very small and packed and hot, but since the last CCW show in Sept. the powers of CCW made some changes to the building. In sept, the locker room was this small room that we all packed into to get changed. Well a wall got removed, the room got painted black and what was once the locker room was now set up so crowd members had a better place to sit, thus giving them more room. The locker room got moved though, to out back. A hole was cut into a wall and a door got added, thus giving us access to the building from the back. It will be intresting to see how the new locker room works out as Newman is really windy and the rainy season is starting to show itself, hopefully everything works out.

The CCW show was another good show. Since CCW runs in Newman, they normally draw a good crowd. Newman, is a small town off Highway 5, so there is pretty much NOTHING to do down in Newman and if you do wanna go out to something, it's most likely happening miles away from Newman, so normally a big/loud crowd pops up and last Saturday was nothing differant. The crowd seemed to like how the building was re-done as they had a lot more room to sit and weren't packed in like a can of sardines.

I Ref'ed two matches that night, the first match was Virgil & El Chupacabra vs The Buissness man Jesus Cruz & R-Cayde. Jesus Cruz is normally known as the brownsnake but apprently he changed his ways and isn't a thug anymore, he's now a buisness man. He came to a ring with rolling luggage and started selling stuff out of it. He had some pretty good stuff on him to, dvds, cds, horrible smelling colone. I always love Ref'ing Virgil's and Chupi matches as their just fun to work with.

Something about me and Virgil just click. I don't know what it is, but when we are in the same match, for some reason it just seems me and him are always on the same page and act like we're on the same team. It's a weird thing as he's the wrestler and I'm the Ref and the only thing me and him have worked as a team on was holding onto The Dead Fed title. The Dead Fed title is a title that was invented after the Scum took the belt away from a promotion that....umm wasn't playing correctly with others. That promotion is now dead and gone, thus The Dead Fed Title was born along with a game, where ANYONE in the buisness could play. The way you played the game was to just steal the title from the person holding it at the time.Myself and Virgil decided to join up and co-hold the Dead Fed title. Our pairing worked out pretty well as it took awhile for the boys to figure it out.

I remember one night at BRAWL, Rik Luxury grabbed the Dead Fed title and ended up trying to hide it in his bag...unfortunaily he had no clue that I was watching him and let Virgil know what Rik had tried to hide the title, but when I told Virgil this, Kenny K was standing next to him and was listening in, so Kenny K joined our group as he snatched the title from Rik's bag. Well a few minutes later, Kenny had let myself and Virgil down as Dj Rizz stole the title off Kenny. So now the Commandos had the belt. Well for the main event that night, two of the three commandos were in the main event, D-Unit who wasn't in the match, sat at ringside. Rizz before getting involved in the match, gave the Dead Fed title to D-Unit to hold onto. Well after the match, D-Unit got into the ring to comfront I think Pogo and tossed me the Dead Fed title to hold onto. I was at the music table running music for that match, I quickly ran the title back to the back and found Virgil. Rizz for some reason was chasing Virgil, I think he figured Virgil had the title. I yelled "Virgil!", Rizz noticed I had the belt and started charging at me like I was a quarterback and he was a lineman......a very skinny lineman, as Rizz was running at me I tossed the title to Virgil and ran back to the soundtable to finish what I had to do. Virgil ended up leaving with the title that night and it was safe in our group. Ok back to my other story telling, enough of the Dead Fed title game. Oh and before I forget, the game ended a few months ago.

Now the reason why I like Ref'ing Chupi matches is because he tries so hard to make me laugh. Before the bell rings, while me and him are in the ring, he keeps kinda charging after the guy he's wrestling and I have to back him up, well when I'm backing him up he keeps talking to me telling me why he hates him and for some reason I almost start laughing everytime. He does it on purpose and it's sorta devloped to a game for him. It's fun but sometimes I really hate him for doing it. Anyways back to CCW.

So the Chupi & Virgil vs The Buissness man Jesus Cruz & R-cayde goes really well and the crowd really enjoyed it. The match ended with R-Cayde walking out on Jesus Cruz as he got frustrated with Jesus because Jesus kept jumping down from his corner to try and sell his wares. Well after R-Cayde finally got a tag to Jesus, R-Cayde left and Chupi and Virgil took advantage. Chupi hit Jesus Cruz with a back to back backbreaker and held Jesus Cruz bent backwards on Chupi's back, Virgil got into the ring, stood on top of Jesus Cruz, jumped up and hit Jesus with a Cannonball. Chupi made the pin and got the pinfall.

The 2nd match was the main event, which was Adam Thornstowe vs CCW champion Vinnie Massaro. The match went really good but not so much for me. At one point during the match, Adam went for a superkick on Vinnie while Vinnie was facing me, Vinnie had gone to hit Adam with a elbow but Adam ended up ducking and Vinnie almost nailed me with the failed elbow because I was behind Adam but Vinnie was able to stop himself before nailing me. So while Vinnie was facing m and his back toward Adam, Thornstowe went to nail a superkick from behind but Vinnie ducked and Adam nailed me with it instead....and that didn't feel to good. I was out.....but what's new. Apprently while I was out, Massaro nailed Adam with the CCW title, but since I was out, I didn't see it, had no idea it happen and when I was waken up a bit, Vinnie was making the cover on Adam and got the win.

After I rang the bell, the rest of Buddy Sotello's synicate came out (Badapples, Rik Luxury who replaced Ryan Drago) and started attacking Thornstowe, I was still recovering. Big Ugly, and Scum members Luster the Legend and Shane Dynasty ran out from the back to get the Synicate off of Adam. When I started standing up, Adam got in my face about the belt shot but I told him I didn't see any belt shot as he nailed me with the Superkick, after telling Adam what happen I tried to leave the ring, but apprently Big Ugly wasn't to happy and the next thing I knew I was in a half nelson being held by Ugly.......yeah, not good. Luckily Ugly let me go and I left the ring really quickly.

So other than the superkick from Thornstowe, CCW was good and fun, but it doesn't seem I won't be doing a CCW show for a few months. The next show is on November 17th, which is my birthday and I decided to take all wrestling related stuff on my birthday so I could just relax. Then the next CCW show is on December 15th, but Devil Mountain Wrestling is also running on that date, and Devil Mountain is my home, so that's where I'll be. After CCW was over, I made that long drive to Oakland to do Rocky Horror where my Saturday night ended after Rocky.

Sunday was SPW in Sacramento. This was my 2nd time working SPW and it was a historic/great night. It was a historic for a few reasons, one reason was because Rik Luxury and Adam Thornstowe had a 60 minute hardcore ironman match that I will talk about in a few minutes but the other reason is because The Gangstas re-united. Yes New Jack and Mustafa put all their past issues in the bag and re-united at SPW and they spent the show taking pictures and signing autographs for the fans.

That night I ref'ed two matches. The first match was all 3 Surburban Commandos vs Ryan Drago, Wage, and Luster The Legend, the match went well with the Commando's winning after D-unit rolled up Wage in a school boy while Wage was yelling at Luster for not really getting involved in the match. After the match, Wage attacked Luster before leaving the ring.

The 2nd match was a 4 way tornado elimation match which was The Big Ugly vs Chupacabra vs Virgil vs Dante. This match was great to Ref, as it was just all over the place and the fans loved it. Virgil and Chupi were the first two elimated then Ugly hit a vicious clothesline on Dante and then getting the pinfall victory over Dante.

Now it was time for the main event, for the SPW title, in the 7th match of a best of 7 series, it was Rik Luxury vs SPW Champion Adam Thornstowe in a 60 minute Hardcore Ironman match and honestly this match was un fucking believeable. This is a match you have to see, and as soon as it get's online, I will post it in a thread on the messageboards. You have to see this match. I'm not going to go into full details about it because I really really want people to see this match once it comes online, but here's a few things that happen. Rik drops a elbow off a basketball hoop, Adam doublestomps a flowerpot that has Rik's head in it, barbwire is involved, Adam jumps from the top of the enterance, many things happen but you have to see it to believe how good this match is. I sware if this match gets put online, it will be posted.

The weekend full of shows went really well, but man I spent a lot on gas. I did a lot of driving that weekend and that was kind of the downpoint. I have another wrestling show on the 3rd as Devil Mountain Wrestling is running, then I think I'm taking a break from so many wrestling shows for November. I'm not like burnt out or anything, but I really need to save some money and driving so much, isn't going to help me save any money as my car really isn't a gas saver. I'll try to make another post after the 3rd to let you all know how Devil Mountain went, so until then, please keep enjoying my blogs and thank you for reading.

entry Oct 25 2007, 10:11 PM
It's now Sunday, and I've overslept. I was asked to be at the Cow Palace at 9 in the morning and I might be booked on the AWA show that is happening at 11..or noon. There was a AWA show happening, around that timeframe and that's all I knew, but I overslept and woke up at 11:00 or 11:30. I didn't get home till about 4 in the morning Saturday due to be at Rocky Horror, and when I got home, I just crashed out. I was so dead tired.

I actually did wake up at 10:00, but that's because I was in a lot of pain. My leg muscles were having very sharp pains. They felt like cramps but both legs were hurting. I finally was able to fall back asleep after a few minutes of sharp only to get a phone call from Rik Luxury asking me how he could get in. I told him I think he has to buy a day pass for 25 bucks, because I don't think they have anymore passes. He said he was going to try and make it out and he hung up. I got up and got ready to go back to the Cow Palace, praying that the whole event wasn't burned down by now. Rumors were still running even higher that the guy putting the event still wasn't paying talent, so I had a feeling things were going to be quite intresting.

I got back to the Cow Palace a little after 1, and instead of deciding of arguing with the parking people about paying for parking, I decided to park on the street and walk a little ways to the palace. I had one of those staff passes, but decided fuck it anyways, I'll walk a block. When I got inside, the first person I found was of course Sir Samurai. He explained to me that the AWA show was basically taken over by APW and his, Helfyre's, Jason Vega's, Alexis Darevko's match was made into a tag match, and right before they went out...two more guys got added, and then those two guys never got tagged in, and there's a reason. One guy (who'll remain nameless because he doesn't deserve to be known by name) has worked in years and all of a sudden just showed up at the Cow Palace and said "oh hi, I'm a indy wrestler.", the other guy likes to believe he's a wrestler, he'll rename nameless as well, but he's nothing more than a mark who carries bags for a wrestler. So they didn't get tagged in for a reason.

I also found out that none of them got any music or introductions, because apprently they couldn't figure out the sound stuff, but after the tag match was over and by the next match, it was all of a sudden working. Funny on how that works. Sorry, I don't have much tolerance when it comes to APW. They bash the hell out of every other promotion out here in Nor-cal and will happily try to fuck another promotion over when it comes to certain talent. Though I did meet their ring annoucer as he annouced on Friday. He seemed like a nice guy and did a good job on Friday, so I'll give him props.

After I talked to Samurai about the AP..I mean AWA show, I went off to find Darevko and Helfyre. I found them after a few minutes and saw that Helfyre was limping...badly. I asked him what happen and he told me how he kinda landed arkwardly while performing a move in the ring (think HHH spinebuster on Orton cause of said injury.), Helfyre ended up limping for the rest of the day.

Sunday seemed a lot better fan/booth wise. Steve Austin did indeed show up, so there was a lot of people in that area, which was great because that ment the SPW/DMW booth might get a lot of foot traffic. The Territory had also showed up and merged with us as well. The Territory are two guys who films pretty much all of the wrestling shows here in Nor-cal. They do annoucing, filming, and editing. The Territory guys set up a few tv's and put up a SPW and a BRAWL show....they just happen to forget the DMW show, but they had BRAWL instead...bastards, I'm only kidding.

Because the tvs got hooked up and were playing the SPW/BRAWL shows, we had a lot of people stop for a few minutes and watch the footage, which allowed me to hand out flyers for DMW and SPW to these people. Two funny stories for you people.

Funny Story 1: So this woman with her two kids stop at the TVs and is watching some of the footage of the shows, I stop to talk to her and hand her flyers for SPW and DMW, well Rik Luxury had made it in as well and was hanging out with us so I introduced him to her as well. Rik is the current Devil Mountain Wrestling champion and has a 60 minute hardcore ironman match for the SPW title this Sunday. We talked to her for a few more minutes and she asked how was the parking and we said, oh there's plently and said she could see what she could do to come out. After she left, Mr. Frost walked up to me and Rik and asked "Do you know who that is?". Rik and I said no, who? "That's Rey Mysterio Jr.'s wife and kids!" Frost said. I had just promoted the SPW/DMW shows and Rik Luxury to Rey Mysterio's Wife and his kids!

Funny Story 2: So people are starting to gear up for the ROH show that's taking place at 4 o'clock. Well someone in a football jersey walks up to the tv's and starts watching the footage of the SPW/BRAWL shows. I walk up to him and hand him a flyer for the SPW and DMW show and start talking to him, after a few minutes I find out he's from Delaware and tell him he could follow us over online at if he would like, then I told him thank you and walked away. Well later at the ROH show, it's main event time and Jay Briscoe comes out and who do I see right behind him, holding the ROH tag titles? The same guy in the football jersey, Mark Briscoe. I had promoted the shows to Mark Briscoe.

So both SPW/DMW boothes got a lot of foot traffic and I handed out a lot of flyers and promoted the shows to a lot of people, so I was very happy about that. Around 3 o'clock the boothes started shutting down and people started packing it up, the ROH show was the last part of WrestleFanFest and the area where the vendors/boothes were, was going to be closed during the show. So we wrapped everything up, and myself, the guys from SPW, the guys from DMW, and Rik Luxury all headed over to the ROH show.

I felt the ROH show was alright, I only really enjoyed 3 matches out of the card and the fans were annoying as all hell. I did like the fact they were loud and hot, but all the chants over and over got really annoying. After the ROH show, we all said our good byes and I found Blue Meanie again and said good bye and thanked him again for Friday. After that I went home and relaxed. It was a busy/tireing weekend, that had a up and lows...well lows for other people.

For me, I really enjoyed the convention, as a fan, I got to meet a lot of the guys who I looked up to while growing up, as a Indy Referee, I was given the biggest opportunity of my life by being able to Ref the Sandman vs Steve Corino vs The Great Muta match. By the way, I found out who that woman was who came out with The Great Muta, the woman was Bobcat. I also had a LOT of fun working with Al Snow & The Blue Meanie in their match against Alkatrazz and Luke Hawk. I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more that weekend...ok maybe a pay out, but I'm ok that I didn't get one.

Well that's it for my series of blogs. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing for them for you guys. Thank you for reading and I'll try to post more often.

entry Oct 24 2007, 10:11 PM
Now it's Saturday, and everything still feels surreal. I still can't believe I got to Ref the matches that I Ref'ed and I still can't believe I shared a locker room with guys who I grew up watching and being in awe of. Myself and the Ultimo Dragon got dressed in the same locker room and for those who don't know, Ultimo is one of my heroes. I honestly feel that if I quit today and never looked back, I'd be happy with what I've done, but I still had a weekend to finish.

So now it's Saturday and I woke up around noon and got to the Cow Palace a little bit after two o'clock. I had to pay for parking as I still didn't have my pass for the convention. After I parked, I saw Mr. Frost and Sir Samurai and said my hellos. They told me that the SPW and DMW booth had been combined and we were right next to Molly Holly and The Blue Meanie. Which was great! I hadn't seen or talked to Molly since December when we were both in Oregon and I wanted to try and get to know Blue Meanie a bit better, but I had a problem, because I didn't have my pass yet, I got stopped at the door.

I told security who I was, what I did the previous night, and how I had a booth in the convention but that didn't really work. They told me to call someone and so I did. I called Darevko and he came over and confirmed who I was and they let me in so I could go and get my pass. I ended up getting a staff pass instead of a vendor pass, which was better because it allowed me to go anywhere I wanted to. After getting my pass, I returned to my booth and there was Meanie and Molly Holly.

I was a bit nervous saying hello to Molly as it's Molly Holly and I was pretty sure she didn't remember who I was. After a little bit of being arkward, I re-introduced myself and we got to talking about things. She did remember that we met in Oregon at BAW and we talked for a few minutes. She's still doing really well and she's really loving her current job now and doesn't seem she wants to come back to wrestling. We ended up talking to one another on and off until she left. I also re-introduced myeslf to Meanie and ended up talking to him for a bit as well...he really likes the Devil Mountain Wrestling shirt, I should try to get him one.

Overall I was pretty dissapointed with Saturday. Not a lot got done, the MMA show got cancelled, and a lot of people were drunk, and rumors were running that the promoter was stiffing the workers. Hell, when I was heading over to get my pass, someone, who thinks he's a worker but he's really not AT ALL!, tried to stop me and tell me how so and so didn't get paid and asked me if I got paid. I told him no, and so and so not getting paid isn't my problem.

I was a bit dissapointed that the MMA show got cancelled, only because I was going to use it as a time killer. I honestly don't care for cage fighting as to me it seems, one fighter just puts the other fighter near the cage and pin him against it and that bores me. I actually prefer to watch Pride over all. The plan was to go to the MMA show, leave around 10 or 9:30 and head over to Oakland to get ready for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but since the MMA show got cancelled, the convention shut down at 6:30 and had to head to Oakland because I didn't want to waste the gas. So I sat in Oakland, at the bar from 7:30 to 11:00. I was really fucking bored.

The best part of Saturday was getting to talk to Molly Holly and the blue meanie. Oh and also finding out Francine was ok...I kinda kicked Francine hard in the wrist on Friday night. I was checking on Steve Corino in the ring and she slid in behind me and I didn't see her. I shot my right leg straight out so I could be more comfortable and when I shot my leg out, I kicked her hard in the wrist. I couldn't fucking believe it, my awesome night almost went to complete and utter shit but luckily she was alright and told me not to worry about it as she's had worse happen to her. So that was one of the good parts of Saturday.

Sunday, was a lot better but that's going to be for another blog.

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