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WWF/E Rebooked from 1996-Beyond(Remastered!), Fantasy Booking of Doom~!
post Nov 9 2007, 11:22 AM
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I'm Back!

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Greetings. Back in 2002, I began a project that I would rebook certain things in the WWF in the past to my liking, while leaving others in tact with a few modifications where neccessary and also only sticking to the people who were on the roster at the times presented. I had planned to work at least to the InVasion but sadly the project didn't get past January 1997. A few days ago, by chance, I came across the old fantasy booking from then and I was visited by a strong urge to revist that project. The original postings are available somewhere on this board, but I cringe when I read them, as the spelling in many cases is rather horrid. As a result, I have began to clean up the work and will be reposting my said work month by month. At the point I reach February 1997, I will begin fresh fantasy booking!

So, without further adieu:

WWF Monday Night Raw 1-1-96:

The Ringmaster (w/Ted DiBiase) def Barry Horowitz in 7:53 with the Million Dollar Dream.
-Ted DiBiase does commentary and says that the Ringmaster may be that breakthrough wrestler he has been looking for. Ringmaster wins his in ring debut after Horowitz misses a springboard crossbody and The Ringmaster then locks in the Million Dollar Dream.

Bret Hart is interviewed. He says he will retain the world title against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. WWF interim president Gorilla Monsoon has declared that Bret Hart will not defend the title between now and the Royal Rumble so the Undertaker vs. Bret Hart match will take place.

Isaac Yankem DDS(w/Jerry “The King” Lawler) def "Spark Plugg" Bob Holly after a Lawler distraction and the DDS in 7:43
-Yet another squash match. Yankem is in the Royal Rumble. Lawler tripped Holly and Yankem hit the DDS for the win.

Jeff Jarrett talks backstage about his match with Ahmed Johnson at the Royal Rumble. Jarrett vows to defeat Ahmed or leave the WWF forever.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley def Avatar after the Pedigree in 9:53
-The first decent match of the night. Avatar kept Hunter off balance but he missed a moonsault allowing Hunter to score the pin with the Pedigree. Hunter remains undefeated in the WWF.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley then grabs the microphone and vows to win the Royal Rumble in two weeks.

We get a promo that says that Vader will be in the Royal Rumble.

The Undertaker(w/Paul Bearer) def Owen Hart(w/Jim Cornette) by DQ in 11:42
-It is time for the Main Event and Owen Hart used some sneaky tactics to gain control. Owen kicked the Undertaker in the head twice but on the third Enzugiri Undertaker just sat up. Undertaker made his comeback but as he lifted Owen for the Tombstone, Davey Boy Smith ran to the ring and clipped The Undertaker. A DQ is called for.

Camp Cornette works over The Undertaker. Davey Boy hits the Undertaker a few times with the tennis racket but Bret Hart rushes to the ring to make the save despite the fact that he could have the Undertaker injured before The Royal Rumble. Bret Hart chases off Camp Cornette. A livid Davey Boy and Owen challenge Bret Hart and The Undertaker to a tag team match next week. Bret Hart accepts and The Undertaker nods his head in agreement. Next week: Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart and The Undertaker.

WWF Royal Rumble Card

WWF Championship:
The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart©

Royal Rumble Match
Participants so far: Shawn Michaels, Vader, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Diesel, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, and The Ringmaster. More to be announced this week on the Action Zone.

WWF Intercontinental Championship:
Razor Ramon© vs. 1-2-3 Kid.

WWF Tag Team Championship
The Body Donnas(w/Sunny) vs. The Smoking Gunns©

If Jarrett does not win he leaves the WWF:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ahmed Johnson

WWF Superstars 1-6-96:

The Bushwhackers def The Brooklyn Brawler and Duane Gill in 2:05
-The Whackers won with the Battering Ram on Gill in a nothing match.

Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith def Bob Holly and Hakushi in 6:32 after a running powerslam from Smith to Hakushi.
-This was a tune-up for Smith and Owen for this Monday.

Fatu pinned Tatanka(w/Ted Dibiase) after Dibiase's interference backfired in 5:32
-Dibiase goes to hit Fatu with a briefcase but Fatu moves and Tatanka gets popped.

After the match, The Ringmaster runs out and slaps the Dream on Fatu and Dibiase watches on with a happy look on his face.

Diesel is interviewed and Diesel says he would win the rumble.

This Sunday on the Action Zone: More wrestlers for the rumble will be announced, Fatu will face The Ringmaster, and The Body Donnas will be in action.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley def David Haskins after a Pedigree in 0:02:42
-Helmsley pummeled the poor jobber for 3 minutes until connecting with the Pedigree for the pin. Hunter then once again makes his intentions of winning the rumble known.

Another promo for Vader.

1-2-3 Kid(w/Ted Dibiase) def Duke Droese by countout after Duke chases Dibiase around the ring in 7:08
-This is our feature bout for Superstars. Duke had the match won with the Trash Compactor(his version of the powerslam) but Dibiase distracted him and Duke chased Dibiase around the ring. Duke gets counted out and the Kid wins.

The Kid celebrates but Razor Ramon comes from the back and tries to jump start the Intercontinental title match at the rumble with the Kid. But Tatanka runs out and Ramon has to fight him off allowing the Kid to escape.

Next Week on Superstars: Razor Ramon defends the Intercontinental title against Tatanka. Will the 1-2-3 Kid be present?

WWF Action Zone 1-7-96:

Highlights from Duke Droese and the 1-2-3 Kid are shown to open up the show.

The Body Donnas def Jerry Fox and Tony Devito after Skip pins Fox after a missile dropkick and a schoolyard trip from Zip in 4:32
-This match served no purpose other then to hype up the Body Donnas for their match at the Rumble against The Smoking Gunns for the tag team titles.

New for the Rumble: Isaac Yankem, Tatanka, and Fatu. More still to come.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley squashing David Haskins from Superstars is shown in full. HHH is mentioned as one of the rumble favorites because of his undefeated streak so far in the WWF.

New to the rumble: Barry Horowitz, Marty Jannetty, Avatar, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and special rumble guests: Headhunter A and Head Hunter B. 16 of the competitors have been announced in the last week. More to come.

We see Fatu defeating Tatanka from Superstars and The Ringmaster slapping the Million Dollar Dream on Fatu. This leads to an Action Zone exclusive match.

The Ringmaster def Fatu via K'O in the Million Dollar Dream at 9:53
-Fatu goes for a flying splash but Dibiase pulls The Ringmaster out of the way. Ringmaster slaps on the Dream and the arm drops three times.

The Ringmaster won't relent with the hold. He finally breaks it but the damage may have been done. Dibiase looks down at Fatu and says: “Well know that’s making a difference, HA HA HA!”

The Vader promo from Superstars is replayed.

New in the Rumble: Duke Droese, Justin Bradshaw, Hakushi, Goldust, Mr. Bob Backlund, Jerry "The King" Lawler, The Brooklyn Brawler, Aldo Montoya, and Henry Godwinn. 25 are picked. The remaining five will be announced at the end of the show.

Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart defeating Bob Holly and Hakushi highlights are shown from Superstars.

The final five in the rumble: Bob Holly, Bushwhacker Butch, Bushwhacker Luke, Savio Vega, and making a one time appearance: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

WWF Royal Rumble Card

WWF Championship:
The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart©

Royal Rumble Match
Participants: Shawn Michaels, Vader, Hunter Hearst Helmsley,
Diesel, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, The Ringmaster,
Isaac Yankem, Tatanka, Fatu, Barry Horowitz, Marty Jannetty,
Jake Roberts, Head Hunter A, Head Hunter B, Duke Droese, Justin
Bradshaw, Hakushi, Goldust, Mr. Bob Backlund, Jerry "The King"
Lawler, The Brooklyn Brawler, Henry Godwinn, Bob Holly, Bushwhacker
Butch, Bushwhacker Luke, Savio Vega, and Roddy Piper.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Razor Ramon© vs. 1-2-3 Kid.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
The Body Donnas(w/Sunny) vs. The Smoking Gunns©

If Jarrett does not win he will leave the WWF.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ahmed Johnson

WWF Raw 1-8-96

Tonight: Bret Hart and The Undertaker will face Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart.

Tatanka(w/Ted DiBiase) def Aldo Montoya after the End of the Trail in 5:32
-Aldo tries for a crucifix but Tatanka counters with the End of the Trail. Tatanka goes into his Intercontinental title match with Razor Ramon this Saturday on Superstars with a win.

Jeff Jarrett def Hakushi after the figure-four leglock in 7:43
-Jarrett won and repeated that if he doesn't defeat Ahmed Johnson he will leave the WWF.

Vader cut a ranting interview in the back saying he is coming in one week from Sunday to win the rumble.

Jake Roberts def Justin Bradshaw with the DDT in 5:11
-The crowd was cheering the return of Jake Roberts but Jake sort of stumbled through the match and then DDTed Bradshaw for the pin.

Camp Cornette said that they will defeat The Undertaker and Bret Hart here tonight on Raw.

Shawn Michaels cut a backstage interview saying that he is indeed back and ready to win the royal rumble one week from Sunday.

Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart(w/Jim Cornette) def Bret Hart and The Undertaker(w/Paul Bearer) when Owen Hart pinned Bret Hart in 15:32
-The match was not going the way of Camp Cornette until Yokozuna came out and Owen Hart tossed some salt into the eyes of the Undertaker. The Undertaker couldn't see and he scooped up Bret Hart and drove him to the mat in the Tombstone. Davey Boy clotheslined UT to the outside and Owen covered Bret Hart for the pin. Owen Hart scores another win over his older brother.

WWF Superstars 1-13-96:

Yokozuna(w/Jim Cornette) def David Haskins and the Brooklyn Brawler in a handicap match after a two banzai drops in 1:32
-Yoko wins and Yoko is another favorite to win the royal rumble.

We see closing moments of the main event. The Undertaker gets salt in the eyes, Tombstones Bret Hart by mistake, and Owen scores the pin. Owen Hart is now petitioning for a world title shot but he can't get one until after the Royal Rumble because the title is not to be defended until the Undertaker faces Bret Hart.

Savio Vega def Barry Horowitz with the spinning leg lariat in 4:32
-Yet another squash match. Savio may be a bright star in the WWF in the future. We shall see however.

The Ringmaster(w/Ted Dibiase) def Marty Jannetty with a roll up and feet on the ropes in 8:43
-Marty escaped the Dream but went after Dibiase and got rolled up with the feet on the ropes by the Ringmaster. After the match Marty attempted to get revenge but was slapped in the Dream while Dibiase put the boots to Marty.

Package of all the participants in the rumble and who the high odds are on.

WWF Intercontinental Title match: Razor Ramon def Tatanka(w/Ted Dibiase) after outside interference from Dibiase backfired and Razor hit the Razor's Edge.
-Dibiase entered the ring and tried to hit Razor with the title belt. Razor moved and Tatanka got nailed. Dibiase gets pitched and Tatanka is hit with the Razor's Edge. Razor scores the pin to retain the title eight days before the rumble.

Tatanka gets up and he is steamed. Dibiase pleads with Tatanka not to do anything rash and Tanaka punches his manager. Tanaka then says that Dibiase is fired but before Tatanka can attack him, The Ringmaster slips in and slaps the Dream on Tatanka. Dibiase says: “No, YOU’RE FIRED!” Dibiase then instructs the Ringmaster to finish off that piece of crap and Ringmaster tightens the hold father. Finally the referee's swarm in and pull the Ringmaster off.

WWF Action Zone 1-14-96:
Highlights of Tatanka vs. Razor Ramon from Superstars.
Hakushi vs. Jeff Jarrett from Raw was shown.
Savio Vega vs. Barry Horowitz from Superstars(Highlights)
The Royal Rumble video package.
Vader's message from Raw.
Shawn Michaels's interview from Raw.
The final moments of the main event from Raw is shown.
Next week will be a live show from the site of the Rumble. It will recap the issues of the Rumble.

WWF Monday Night 1-15-96:

Billy Gunn(w/Bart Gunn) def Skip(w/Sunny and Zip) after a bulldog in 5:32
-Once again this match was to hype the tag team match at the rumble. Skip missed a bodypress and Billy Gunn bulldogged him from the pin.

We see a clip of Shawn Michaels getting injured on Raw vs. Owen Hart. With the voiceover: Can HBK survive the Royal Rumble?

Vader def Aldo Montoya after a power bomb in 3:42
-Vader made his WWF in-ring debut and made mince-meat out of poor Aldo Montoya. Vader finished off the slaughter with a power bomb. Vader then once again reminds us he is in the Rumble.

The Royal Rumble package from Superstars is replayed once again.

Ahmed Johnson def Isaac Yankem with the Pearl River Plunge in 5:32
-Ahmed hit his usual Spinebuster/Plunge combo. Jeff Jarrett ran to the ring and shattered a guitar over the head of Ahmed.

Footage from last weeks main event. The Undertaker tombstones Bret Hart after getting salt in the eyes.

The Undertaker does an interview where he apologizes to Bret Hart but then says that he proved that one tombstone could finish off the Hitman. The Undertaker says that he will have the WWF world title firmly strapped around his waist after this Sunday.

Savio Vega def Mr. Bob Backlund after a spinning heel kick in 9:53.
-This is our feature bout tonight. Backlund went for the Chickenwing but Vega was in the ropes. Savio then surprised Backlund with a heel kick to win the match.

Backlund slaps the Chicken Wing on Savio after the match drawing boos.

WWF Superstars 1-20-96:

The Body Donnas def Hakushi and Barry Horowitz when Skip pinned Hakushi after a diving headbutt in 7:43.
-This match was going the way of Hakushi and Barry Horowitz because Sunny was absent from ringside. The commentators bring up the history between Skip and Horowitz. The Body Donnas gain an advantage when Hakushi misses a moonsault and Skip hits a diving headbutt from the pin.

We see footage of Tatanka being fired from the Million Dollar Corporation last week and the Ringmaster slipping the Million Dollar Dream on him.

The Ringmaster(w/Ted Dibiase) def Tatanka with the Million Dollar Dream in 4:53
-Dibiase distracts Tatanka when he had the match won with a crossbody. Ringmaster then slaps on the Dream from behind and scores a tap out.

Ringmaster puts the boots to Tatanka after the match while Dibiase laughs.

The Smoking Gunns def Duane Gill and Tony Devito when Bart pinned Devito with the Sidewinder in 2:42 in a non-title match.
-The Gunns score a win going into their rumble match this Sunday with the Body Donnas.

Vader promises to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Diesel def Isaac Yankem after the Jackknife in 5:43
-Diesel pummels the Demented Dentist sending a message for the other wrestlers in the rumble that he is ready. Diesel wants that world title shot at Wrestlemania as well and is one of the heavy favorites.

WWF Action Zone 1-21-96
Recapped the entire Rumble card which is:

WWF Championship
The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart©

Royal Rumble Match
Participants: Shawn Michaels, Vader, Hunter Hearst Helmsley,
Diesel, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, The Ringmaster,
Isaac Yankem, Tatanka, Fatu, Barry Horowitz, Marty Jannetty,
Jake Roberts, Head Hunter A, Head Hunter B, Duke Droese, Justin
Bradshaw, Hakushi, Goldust, Mr. Bob Backlund, Jerry "The King"
Lawler, The Brooklyn Brawler, Henry Godwinn, Bob Holly, Bushwhacker
Butch, Bushwhacker Luke, Savio Vega, and Roddy Piper.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Razor Ramon© vs. 1-2-3 Kid.

WWF Tag Championship
The Body Donnas(w/Sunny) vs. The Smoking Gunns©

If Jarrett loses he leaves the WWF:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ahmed Johnson

WWF royal Rumble 1996

Ahmed Johnson def Jeff Jarrett after the Pearl River Plunge in 9:43
-Jarrett had the Figure-Four on but Ahmed powered out. Spinebuster, Plunge, Pin. Jarrett is out of the World Wrestling Federation.

We see numbers from the rumble are being drawn backstage. But we go back to ringside.

The Smoking Gunns def The Body Donnas(w/Sunny) to retain the WWF tag team championship after Bart Gunn pinned Skip with the Sidewinder in 14:43
-Billy played Ricky Morton for a long period and nearly got pinned with a rocket launcher. However Bart came in, cleaned off, and hit Skip with the Sidewinder for the pin to retain the gold.

Razor Ramon pinned The 1-2-3 Kid(w/Ted Dibiase) with the Razor's Edge to retain the WWF Intercontinental title in 13:42
-The first great match on the night. 1-2-3 Kid got two nearfalls with a pair of spin kicks but when he went up for the moonsault, Razor crotched him and hit him with a backdrop superplex. Razor then hit the Razor's Edge for the pin to retain the title.

Royal Rumble Match
1. Mr. Bob Backlund
2. Savio Vega
3. Bushwhacker Butch(2:00)
-Butch is eliminated by a spinning heel kick from Savio in 2:14
4. Hakushi(4:00)
5. Justin Hawk Bradshaw(6:00)
-Hakushi is eliminated via a Bradshaw lariat in 7:54
6. Barry Horowitz(8:00)
7. Headhunter B(10:00)
8. Fatu(12:00)
9. Vader(14:00)
-Horowitz is eliminated by a Vader clothesline in 14:05
-Savio Vega gets tossed by Vader in 14:27
-Headhunter B gets backdropped out of the ring by Vader in 14:50
-Vader ducks a Bradshaw Lariat and tosses him in 15:03
-Vader tosses Bob Backlund in 15:43
-Vader power bombs and then clotheslines out Fatu in 15:56
10. Headhunter A(16:00)
-Headhunter A gets clotheslined out by Vader in 16:54(Both Headhunters attempt to attack Vader after this elimination but they get disposed of in short order)
11. Bushwhacker Luke(18:00)
-Luke gets attacked and tossed in 18:03
12. Roddy Piper(20:00)
13. Hunter Hearst Helmsley(22:00)
14. Bob Holly(24:00)
15. The Brooklyn Brawler(26:00)
-The Brooklyn Brawler is eliminated via a Roddy Piper haymaker and tumble over the ropes in 26:01
16. Henry Godwinn(28:00)
17. Duke Droese(30:00)
-Duke Droese is eliminated by Vader in 30:51
-Henry Godwinn is backdropped out of the ring by Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 31:49
18. Shawn Michaels(32:00)
-Bob Holly is eliminated by Vader in 32:32
19. Goldust(34:00)
20. Tatanka(36:00)
-Goldust and Roddy Piper eliminate each other via a double clothesline in 37:53
21. Jake Roberts(38:00)
22. Jerry Lawler(40:00)
-Jerry Lawler was eliminated via a Jake Roberts short clothesline in 41:31
23. Yokozuna(42:00)
24. Isaac Yankem(44:00)
-Tatanka was eliminated via Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 45:06
25. Marty Jannetty(46:00)
26. Davey Boy Smith(48:00)
Isaac Yankem was eliminated by a Shawn Michaels superkick in 48:53
27. Diesel(50:00)
28. Owen Hart(52:00)
-Marty Jannetty was thrown out by Shawn Michaels
29. Avatar(54:00)
30. The Ringmaster(56:00)

Final Suspects: Vader, Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jake Roberts, Yokozuna, Davey Boy Smith, Diesel, Owen Hart, Avatar, and The Ringmaster.

-Avatar is tossed by Vader in 56:06
-Jake Roberts is tossed by the Ringmaster in 56:18
-Shawn Michaels ducks an enzugiri from Owen Hart and throws him out in 56:57
-Davey Boy Smith is big booted out by Diesel 57:09
-Vader accidentally collides with Yokozuna and eliminates him in 57:19(He was going for Michaels)
-The Ringmaster is superkicked out by HBK in 57:58

Final Four: Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Diesel, and Vader
-Hunter Hearst Helmsley is tossed by Michaels in 58:16
-Diesel is superkicked by HBK and clotheslined out by Vader to be eliminated in 58:40
-HBK rolls out of the way of a Vader-Sault and Superkicks Vader out of the ring to win in 59:14

Winner and number one contender for Wrestlemania XII:Shawn Michaels.

Bret Hart def The Undertaker(w/Paul Bearer) to retain the WWF Championship after outside interference
-Bret was clearly at a disadvantage but he slid down from a Tombstone and hit a Russian legsweep, a running bulldog and an elbowdrop from the second rope but not enough to put the Dead Man away. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Undertaker chokes him preventing the hold to be turned over. The Undertaker then gets a nearfall with the Goozle and another nearfall from a double axhandle smash. Taker goes for another tombstone but the referee gets kicked. Taker drives Bret Hart into the canvas and crosses the arms across the chest but no referee. Owen Hart comes to the ring with a chair and the Undertaker doesn't see him. Owen climbs to the top rope and levels Taker with a top-rope chairshot to the back. Owen then hits a spinning heel kick and rolls his brother on top. The Undertaker sits up with Bret Hart in the cover but Owen low blows Taker causing the cover to happen and Owen holds down the Undertaker's feet. One, Two, Three. Bret Hart retains the WWF title.

Taker is livid but before he can do anything Vader rushes to the ring and Power Bombs the Undertaker. The Undertaker lays motionless on the canvas. Nobody has done that to the Undertaker. But Vader did. Vader now hits not one, not two, but three Vader Bombs to the chest of the Undertaker. Jim Cornette smiles at the top of the ramp. Vader is the newest member of Camp Cornette.

WWF Monday Night Raw 1-22-96:

We see stills of Vader dropping the bomb on the Undertaker many times. Why did Owen help Bret?

Owen Hart arrives with Vader, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim Cornette. Owen says that he did it because he proved that he can beat his brother Bret and he wants a world title shot at In Your House. Owen says that Gorilla Monsoon would have trouble arguing his point. Davey Boy Smith however wants a piece of Shawn Michaels and Vader says he wants the Undertaker or what’s left of him.

The Million Dollar Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin(w/Ted Dibiase) def Scott Taylor with the Million Dollar Dream in 5:32
-The Ringmaster has changed his name to Stone Cold Steve Austin for what Ted Dibiase says, business reasons. Scott Taylor misses a springboard crossbody and Austin slaps on the Dream. Stone Cold, The Ringmaster, whatever you want to call him he is still undefeated. Dibiase says that Austin retained the million dollar championship in his first title defense tonight.

Bret Hart then says that if Owen wants a title shot he will get one at In Your House VI: Brawl in the Family. Bret Hart then talks about his next two big title defenses being his toughest and says that Shawn Michaels will be a tough opponent.

Tatanka def Isaac Yankem after a flying cross body block in 7:43
-Tatanka is trying to rebuild himself with a fresh start after breaking away from Dibiase's stable. Isaac missed a corner charge and Tatanka hits a cross body for the pin.

Vader(w/Jim Cornette) def Savio Vega after Two Vader Bombs in 10:00
-Savio's martial arts ability went all for not when Vader just squashed him in the corner and then hit two Vader Bombs for the pin.

The Undertaker stands in the aisle. He wants Vader to try to beat him in a Casket Match at Brawl in the Family. Vader accepts and says that he will send the Undertaker to his final resting place.

Shawn Michaels def The 1-2-3 Kid(w/Ted Dibiase) after the Superkick in 14:32
-1-2-3 Kid and Michaels put on a classic(as only two Kliq members can). 1-2-3 Kid hit a top rope spin kick for a nearfall. Michaels moved on a moonsault and then hit his usual offense. Flying Forearm, hanging vertical suplex, Flying Elbowdrop. Dibiase however trips Michaels up when he cues the band. Kid goes for a spin kick but HBK ducks and Superkicks the Kid down to the canvas. HBK makes the cover and scores the pin.

Michaels soaks in his victory but Davey Boy Smith enters the ring and clotheslines Michaels. Davey Boy then lifts up Michaels and hits not one, but two piledrivers. That is on that concussed head. Michaels is far from 100 percent. Davey Boy leaves as Diesel rushes to the ring to stand over his best friend. Diesel said before tonight went on the air that he is willing to let by-gones be by-gones because everybody wanted to win the rumble.

WWF Superstars 1-27-96.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley def Jeff Hardy after the Pedigree in 4:32
-Hunter destroys the jobber and finishes him off with a vicious version of the Pedigree. HHH's record in the WWF remains at: UNDEFEATED. Never been pinned or forced to submit.

The Bodydonnas def Avatar and Marty Jannetty when Skip pinned Avatar after the Rocket Launcher in 10:43
-Fantastic match between the highflying talent in the WWF. The Body Donnas finish off Avatar with the Rocket Launcher.

Avatar rips off the mask and Marty Jannetty says he is sick of this garbage. Avatar agrees and says that the Rockers were the most successful period in Marty's career. Why not form the New Rockers. Marty agrees and says that Avatar will now be known as Leif Cassidy. The Bushwhackers come to the ring for a match but the New Rockers don't take to kindly to this and they attack the Bushwhackers. They bushwhack the Bushwhackers. The Bushwhackers are getting pounded and the New Rockers leaved. A new regular tag team has been formed. The Smoking Gunns better watch out. The scheduled tag team match was The Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler and Tony DeVito but the match does not happen.

Duke Droese def Jake Steele after the Trash Dump Factory(Tilt-a-Whirl Side Slam) in 3:21
-Another squash. Duke says "I'm going to take out the trash" about a half a dozen times. He can't seem to do the Trash Compactor so he opts for the Trash Dump Factory and scores the pin.

Razor Ramon does an interview but the 1-2-3 Kid and Stone Cold Steve Austin jump him with Ted Dibiase directing traffic. Hasn't the MDC done enough to Razor.

Mr. Bob Backlund def Barry Horowitz after the Chickenwing Submission in 4:11
-Backlund gave Horowitz a wrestling lesson and slapped on the Chicken Wing for the Submission.

Just added to In Your House VI :Brawl in the Family-Stone Cold Steve Austin and the 1-2-3 Kid will face Razor Ramon in a handicap match for the Intercontinental title. Razor must pin both men. If Kid or Austin pin Razor the winner of the fall gets the Intercontinental title.

WWF Action Zone 1-28-96
Footage of Austin and Kid attacking Razor from Superstars.

The Smoking Gunns def Jake Steele and David Haskins to retain the WWF tag team titles in 5:32 when Billy pinned Haskins with the Sidewinder
-Extended Squash.

Isaac Yankem def The Brooklyn Brawler with a gloved hand punch in 0:00:08
-Yankem gets a rare win. Brawler loses as always.

WWF Rewind: Vader hits two Vader Bombs on Savio Vega

WWF Superstars: Hunter Hearst Helmsley wins a squash.

Raw: Stone Cold Steve Austin retains the Million Dollar title against Scott Taylor.

Bob Backlund DCOR Duke Droese in 4:21
-Droese turned the match into a brawl where both men ended up counted out outside the ring.

WWF Monday Night Raw 1-29-96
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon via countout in 5:09
-Razor went for the Edge but Hunter backdrops him to the outside. 1-2-3 Kid then runs outside and spin kicks Razor. Austin hits an elbowdrop on the floor and Razor gets counted out. Titles cannot change hands on countout or DQ however.

After the match all three men viciously pummeled Razor until Savio Vega ran out along with Tatanka(who has issues with the MDC). The ring is cleared of the ruffians and the good guys stand tall. Savio challenges Hunter to put up his winning streak vs. himself at IYH. It is accepted. Savio Vega vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley at In Your House VI: Brawl in the Family.

Owen Hart def Fatu via submission to the Sharpshooter in 8:32
-Owen sent Davey Boy Smith and Jim Cornette to the back so he can prove that he can do this on his own. Fatu miscalculated a bodypress and Owen hit a spinebuster and a sharpshooter for the
Submission win.

Mankind is coming. Everybody beware. Be scared.

Duke Droese def Bob Backlund by DQ in 8:53
-This is a rematch from the previous day on the action zone. Backlund clocks Duke with an international object and the referee sees it. Duke was so close to getting a clean pin on Bob Backlund which would elevate his game.

Diesel def Davey Boy Smith(w/Jim Cornette) by DQ in 11:32
-Diesel went for the Jackknife but Cornette runs in and gets punched. Davey Boy picks up Cornette's tennis rack and cracks it over Diesel's head from behind. The referee calls for the DQ.

Shawn Michaels runs out and grabs the tennis racket chasing off Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart(who just came out). Diesel gets up and sees Michaels with the racket. Diesel kicks HBK in the gut and Jackknifes him. This is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In Your House 6:Brawl in the Family Card(Current)

WWF World Championship:
Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart©

Casket Match:
Vader vs. The Undertaker

Davey Boy Smith vs. Shawn Michaels

WWF Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match
1-2-3 Kid and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Razor Ramon©

Savio Vega vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
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