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Full Version: Ma$e on God and Jewelry
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Rob E Dangerously

God doesn't mind jewelry, rapper says

According to Ma$e, God doesn't mind when people adorn themselves with flashy jewelry.

"He don't have no problem with you blinging," the rapper said in an interview with The Associated Press, during which he wore a jeweled necklace and bracelet.

God's heavenly abode proves that he's the real king of bling, Ma$e added.
"His gates are pearly, his house is about 10 stadiums big, the streets are gold - you do the budget on that kind of place," said Ma$e, 26.

Ma$e retired from rap in 1999 to follow a religious calling, but returned to hip-hop this summer with the album "Welcome Back," which is free of the cursing, drug references and womanizing that peppered his earlier work. Ma$e continues to preach in the Atlanta area.

Although Jesus preached about the difficulties of a rich man getting into heaven, Ma$e said wealth isn't a bad thing.

"God don't have no problem with you being rich, as long as he can get a dime off a dollar. Any dude you get rich and he can't get you a dime off a dollar, that's a stingy dude," said Ma$e. "If I get you rich, and you can't give me a dime off the dollar I gave you, I wouldn't fool with you."
...I'm not sure what to say about this.

I can't disprove him. I've never been to Heaven and God has been kinda tight lipped about what it looks like. I guess Ma$e got to visit though since he knows what God's house looks like and the roads and all.....

I feel like I got stupider just reading that.
I bet God even drives a SUV to keep all those angels working at the auto plant employed...
He wasn't being literal. It was an interview.

And he's got a point. It isn't that you have alot of money. It's what you do with it. Where you put it. The jury's still out on Ma$e as far as I'm concerned because I haven't heard the album and I haven't been paying attention to other things he's doing. On the surface it appears he's trying to be salt and light which is something we're commanded to do. He's in the world, he adds flavor to the community he's a part of and is reaching out to and that's fine. Given the base evidence I'm inclined to believe that he's using his money to fund the church and reach out to the community and that's the correct heart to have with that kind of money. Which is, if you notice, what Mase is saying as well.

Jesus's point in the teaching that the article so expertly *cough* brings up was that it's impossible for a wealthy man who loves his wealth more than he loves God to get into Heaven. It wasn't a literal point about the presence of money itself. I love it when people try to exegete and use biblical references to back up a sarcastic point when they don't know what they're doing.
Rob E Dangerously
somebody know whats "Dime off a dollar" means, right?
He was probably referenceing the 10% tithe.

Which Jesus also turned into a heart matter.
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