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Link to Freestyle and a 2 part audio interview.

Fuckin' sick wit it.

*The interview with him and 50 says the albums Em - "Relapse", then 50 - "Before I Self Destruct" and then Dre - "Detox" will be released in that order.

*50 says they been waitin' on Em to drop so they can hit the restart button with Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit.

*Em says Dre is producing the entire album, and that he (Em) isn't making any beats for it, so that he can focus on the lyrics.
I remember being a hardcore Eminem fan from 1999-2004...then he decided to release Encore.

"How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges?
He’s already got life in jail, man, what the hell is his problem?
Well, to be honest the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic
They’ve compelled me to kill this elderly man
And I get these panic attacks
Pop a Xanax, relax
Tryna stick my fuckin’ dick inside a mannequin’s ass
Then I get manic depressed
See the orthodontist get gassed
Man, it’s kickass
The first thing I put on is the mask
Speaking of masks, man, it ain’t too late to have a change of face
And take it off and show my face so you can see the things you facin’
Slice you up and cook you after you’re murdered by strangulation
That’s bacon souffle you makin’, ain’t you? Well, thank you Jason
There goes one more coma
Due to blunt force trauma
Just give me one more Soma
And I’ll be done for, mama
Go in the damn broom closet
Another Valium, lost it
Shovin’ the vacuum nozzle
Down the bathroom faucet
Seems like every day I get a little flakier
The medication is making my hands a little shakier
Hand me the 18 month old baby, come shake ‘em up
It’ll only take me a second to choke his trachea
Breakin’ his neck in eightysome places
Baby, here Shady comes lady
He’s got the razor-b-blades and the ch-ch-chain-ch-saw, baby
You b-b-blundering, bumbling m-m-mumbling dum-dum
Yeah, here I come-come, you hear the rumbling? Vrum-vrum
There’s something inside of that blue tub and that drum-drum
A head and torso from some one, where they come from
Who’s it belong to, maybe the girl with the long blonde hair
Who disappeared and left her cheerleader pom-poms
Clearly there’s some’ wrong
‘Cause she didn’t come home
She’s missing
Where is she?
Something fishy is goin’ on
I guess he stuck the bitch with the pitchfork with the long prongs
Now everybody get your dance on to my damn song
Come on..."

Man, that is the illest shit he's spit in a looong time.

When he switches his flow at the "speaking of masks" line, he sounds like Slim Shady LP era Em.
What is with the semi-Jamaican accent he has on for 1/2 of the song?
Copper Feel
QUOTE (FroGG_NeaL @ Oct 28 2008, 04:45 AM) *
*Em says Dre is producing the entire album, and that he (Em) isn't making any beats for it, so that he can focus on the lyrics.

This is obviously for the best, but it is worth noting that the production on previous Eminem albums was far from being Dre's best work.
So, which song will be sampled for this album's "hip-hop power ballad"?

Marshall Mathers had that Dido song. The Eminem Show had "Dream On." The last one had "Toy Soldiers," which was actually pretty brilliant since that song rules and it deserved to be introduced to a new generation.

Perhaps some late-era Queen like "The Show Must Go On." Or maybe "Total Eclipse of the Heart", since the kids all love that. Or maybe since Journey is such a big deal with the college kids of America, he could sample "Faithfully." Every Eminem album needs a song about how he loves little Haylie and those other girls that aren't his but he takes care of anyway, so this would be a good choice.

I can't wait for the upbeat celebrity-mocking first single! I bet he talks about Spencer and Heidi and Sarah Palin and The Dark Knight. And perhaps there will be a song that disparages his own mother. That would certainly shock the nation! I wonder if Eminem is still fat.
I can hear all the sound effects to go with those lyrics.
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