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Full Version: T. Rex - Electric Warrior
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Giuseppe Zangara
Let's just admit that, a few killer cuts aside, this record isn't very good. The Slider blows it out of the water; even Tanx and Dandy in the Underworld are better.
Cheech Tremendous
I "discovered" Electric Warrior about a year ago and fell in love with it. In the past, I had never really gotten into "Get It On" and held T. Rex as a style over substance band, but I was dead wrong. This is one of my favorite albums.

To be honest though, I've never listened to any of T. Rex's other work. Maybe I'm missing out on something good and therefore overrating Electric Warrior. That being said, I don't know how you could describe this record as not being very good. It's pretty fucking excellent.
I probably disagree with this more than anything ever said in this folder. Electric Warrior is by far the best T. Rex record. The first two songs alone are worth the price of the thing, and that's before you even get into "Jeepster" or "Bang a Gong." Four amazing songs on one album is pretty good.

I'll admit that the rest of the album is enjoyable mostly for the sound of the thing rather than the songs themselves.
Giuseppe Zangara
The first three songs and, to a lesser extent, "Get It On" and "Planet Queen," are all that's worth salvaging about this record. "Rip Off," too, perhaps, if I'm in a generous mood. Most everything else is an utter drag. No matter how many times I've listened to this album, I can't recall what "Girl" or "Monolith" sound like. Other offenders: "The Motivator" is a poorly disguised (and inferior) rewrite of "Get It On." "Lean Woman Blues" sounds exactly you'd expect a song called "Lean Woman Blues" would sound like. I'd write off T. Rex were it not for the fact that The Slider does everything the previous, lesser album does but better.
Agent of Oblivion
You're off your rocker. I've never taken the time to listen to this and The Slider back to back with the intent of comparing them, but there isn't a song on Electric Warrior that I don't like.
I can't deny any album that has "Cosmic Dancer" on it. Or even a song called "Cosmic Dancer." And "Monolith" is actually really good. It showcases those crazy, howling backing vocals that are all over Electric Warrior. The latter half of the album is a little more in line with Marc Bolan's pre-glam Tyrannosaurus Rex style.
I'm listening to this now and, yeah, you're dead wrong. Shit, I have almost no tolerance for "the blues" or blues riffs but "Lean Woman Blues" is awesome. In over five years of dating, this was one of the few records that I was able to get the ex-girlfriend into.
Giuseppe Zangara
And look how that turned out.
haha. But, listen, read this:

O God
High in your fields above earth
Come and be real for us
You with your mind
Oh yes you are
Beautifully fine

O Girl
Electric witch you are
Limp in society's ditch you are
Visually fine
Oh yes you are
But mentally dying

O boy
Just like a boat you are
Sunk but somehow you float you do
Mentally weak
Oh yes you are
But so much you speak

What the hell is this guy talking about? Say what you will about his records, but Marc Bolan is the worst lyricist this side of Donovan. Or Robert Plant.
That's funny... I'm wearing a T.Rex shirt right now.
Dr. Zoidberg

And it's the cover of The Slider, because that IS the better album.
Cheech Tremendous
So I put this on tonight. It's so good. Giuseppe's crazy.
I like 'Jeepster' for being fun and all, but yes I prefer The Slider. 'Buick McKane' rules.
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