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Full Version: The 33⅓ Series
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I mentioned a year ago that I got two of these. I really enjoyed the one on Low since I'm a fan of pretty much anything in the Brian Eno universe, and to a lesser extent the one on Loveless. Anyone picked up any new ones? What should one seek or avoid?
Giuseppe Zangara
Re: Low, the anecdotes involving Bowie's cocaine psychoses are both hilarious and terrifying. Hilarifying.

The Low and Village Green Preservation Society ones are good. The only other one I've read is for Exile on Main Street. You're not a Stones guy, Czech, so I doubt you'd read it anyway, but it's really, really bad. The writer just quotes verbatim large chunks of text from other sources, without offering much in the way of his own insight beyond "this is good" or "I agree with this." He also uses the word "sexy" like 80-something times. This book killed my desire to read more from the series.
Copper Feel
The one on Led Zeppelin IV focuses on Jimmy Page's fascination with the occult far too much.
Yeah, just from the two I read, they're fairly divergent approaches to writing about the albums.

No, I'm not a Stones guy, but I guess I could mention since it came up that their touring saxophonist, Tim Ries, with whom I had the pleasure&privilege of performing in high school (awesome guy, downright nicest and most gracious professional musician I've ever met), has released an album of world music-themed Stones covers. I'm gonna give this a listen. He's already covered "Moonlight Mile," which is interesting if admittedly a little waiting room with all that nice clean jazz guitar and sax, Does this in any way interest the Stones diehards here?
I'm a little wary of anything that includes the words "world music" in the description and wasn't made by actual Africans/Indians/etc.
No, I think it does. As I understood the article, the premise is that he would do all this stuff on the side while globetrotting with the band.

EDIT: Well, from the samples, it's hit-or-miss, more misses than hits, regrettably. I still think he can really play.
Smartly Pretty
I read the one on In the Aeroplane Over The Sea. It was cool enough but I've never bothered to read another one.
A poor series overall. Nice idea but aside from Low none I've read were anywhere near as informative.
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