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Full Version: Ron Asheton Has Died
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Giuseppe Zangara

Sucks when people die, but the upshot of this is we're closer than ever to forgetting The Weirdness was ever recorded.
shit probably caught up to him
QUOTE (Giuseppe Zangara @ Jan 6 2009, 10:28 AM) *
but the upshot of this is we're closer than ever to forgetting The Weirdness was ever recorded.

I'd already forgotten about it.
I've never heard it, thankfully. That Stooges reunion, like the Dolls reunion (thanks, Morrissey) of roughly the same time period, just seemed like a bad idea from the start. These guys are too old to be fucked up consistently, and that was a central part of their mythology and charm. Plus, in the case of the Dolls reunion, Johnny Thunders is dead. And now Ron Asheton is dead, too. RIP.
Epic Reine
This sucks considering The Stooges were getting into the hall of fame this year.
Giuseppe Zangara
It's a shame he didn't get to live to see it, but this still ranks low on the bummer scale compared to Joe Strummer dying mere weeks prior to the Clash's induction.
The reunion album sucked, the reunion shows were great. The Glastonbury performance was the most fun I had that year. God Speed.
That so many bands use it as an excuse to reunite is probably proof enough that they care about being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I still can't imagine why. Rock and Roll even having a hall of fame is absurd, and the Stooges or the Sex Pistols or people like that being inducted into it is even more absurd.
Giuseppe Zangara
What band does or doesn't get into the Hall of Fame has no relevance on my opinion of their worth, but if there are musicians who truly look to be recognized and feel genuinely honored by this sort of thing, who am I to begrudge them of it? I didn't care that the occasion of the Clash's induction would've marked the first time they played together in nearly 20 years, but it obviously meant a lot to the people involved, so it was sad that Strummer died so shortly before it was to happen.

EDIT: The Stooges haven't actually been voted into this year's Hall yet, but they are among the nominees. If it's not too late re: voting (I don't know nor care to look this up), I wouldn't be surprised if Asheton's death pushes them in.
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