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  1. griffinmills

    So who killed the New TSM?

    Still down eh?
  2. griffinmills

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Damn this just makes no sense, not just Benoit himself which would be very very sad but his family too??
  3. griffinmills

    need MPEG-2 audio decoder

    Did you set the tivo to not encrypt the recordings? I know I had to do that before I could take recordings off my tivo and put them on DVD, watch them, etc. If you have done that then you may need to run them through something like tytools and turn them into mpg files, this is a really fast process, about as fast as copying the file from one location to another. There are probably ways to watch or listen to the files directly but I never needed to know that, sorry. Look around on the deal database forums for more info.
  4. griffinmills

    Lucha stars (including Mistico) to WWE?

    Dont forget he has a manager named "Monsther" (sic.)
  5. griffinmills

    The Real Smackdown Spoilers

    I echo this... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh there was boogeyman alright.
  6. griffinmills

    The Serenity movie thread

    There's an instrumental of sorts at the end of the credits. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Indeed there was.
  7. griffinmills

    Another greenhorn injures Stevie Richards

    In some circles, the above quote could actually be racist. I'm insterested to know if this is the case, as it seems odd that it would be put with nothing else. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> BOGGLE. Hey, I did some google searching and I can't for the life of me figure out how this will turn out to be racist. Fill us in!
  8. griffinmills

    The Mexicools and Carlito

    I just put Iberoamerican into dictionary.com but didn't get anything, what does it mean?
  9. Not to be contrary but I do frequently go to see movies that have actors I like in ancilliary roles. Anything with a Bruce Campbell cameo for instance :-)
  10. I think I need more frame of refrence. I was of the faction that didn't think he was whine-ing in the more recent web posts. So if that is to which you refer than I respectfully disagree.
  11. griffinmills

    Hulk Hogan just called me

    Somebody has gots ta post a sound bite! Puweeze!
  12. griffinmills

    WWE Hotel Fight

    Didn't he save Vader? That's what kind of ruined the debut for me, it looked awkward to have someone the size of Vader need help from a relatively small, normal looking guy like Blackman. Plus, I hate it when they use a 'guy jumps out of the audience to help the face' type of debut ... it's no wonder why drunken hicks then think it's kosher to jump the barrier and interfere. "Hey, it got Blackman a job ... maybe if I run in and push over the ladder they'll give me a job, too!" IIRC Vader was being attacked by, I think, the Hart Foundation. Blackman did some kicky thing and then Vader basically saved Blackman from the security that was coming out to detain him. I remember Vader covering/restraining Blackman to "save" him from the security guys.
  13. griffinmills

    The many forms of the F-U

    I'm thinking that if this is ones train of thought than a lot of things aren't going to fly as a finisher. IMO under these standards powerbombs, powerslams, various "strike" type finishers like top rope dropkicks and leg drops etc would also have to be stricken as not good enough. I would guess that nothing short of Piledrivers, DDT and Submission type finishers would qualify as enough to get a 3 count. Unfortunately finishers have always seemed to just be magical to me. Hogans legdrop always killed a guy but not Earthquake or Andre's? Orndorf's piledriver vs. everyone else? It was always just understood that the guy doing his finisher knew exactly how and when to apply it perfectly to get the win. That Randy Savage knew exactly how to launch or lean his body to make an regular top rope elbow do "more damage" than anyone else. I will readily admit though that I thought he could do something to help us suspend belief a little easier.
  14. griffinmills

    WWE 24/7 Recieves Clearance on Cox Cable

    I understand that VOD is neat and all for Digital Cable folks but why don't they also offer a standard version that can be shown for non-digital cable folks? For instance many people with Dish/DirectTV have tivos that, once they grab a showing, can do the exact same thing. Couldn't they just show everything in a 20 hour straight loop on a premium channel or break it in to 5 4 hour blocks 7 3 hour blocks or whatever...? I'm not AGAINST VOD per se, I catch Sopranos that way, it just seems odd to "limit" yourself this way.
  15. griffinmills

    Viva La Lucha!

    when did London win the title? And there's only one luchadore WWE needs to sign... ...that's right; *Marks for the return of the Atlantis joke*