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Guest Insanityman

Loser's matches!

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Guest Insanityman

I'd love comments and I could really use them. I think this is about good as it gets for me at the moment- enjoy.




(The camera fades into the very rowdy Arco Arena! The fans have decided to ignore the fact of how raw their throats will be the next morning because they are ready for this match. The camera pans through out the California crowd through various excited people. Everything seems right with the world as the camera finally settles down right in front of the announcer’s table where Justice and Rule sit, Annie Eclectic entertaining herself as Ejiro won’t shut up).


“Honestly, you can beat Tom. Just hit the Held Without Bail and keep saying in you’re head ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!’” Ejiro, sounding very sincere, snickers, “Oh, and make a loud ‘ chugga chugga choo-choo’ sound. If not for motivation- only for the visual.”


Judge gives a sarcastic laugh and realizes the camera catching all of it on film. “Welcome back! We have finally reached that time, it is our MAIN EVENT!” The fans all cheer loudly and William shifts uncomfortably in his seat, he’s not used to saying much to cheers.


Annie teases the two like a little kid, “Told you so. I told you so!”


Ejiro gives her a baffled look.


“Well, you guys didn’t think IL could win the last match to get this shot! Well you were WRONG!” Annie sighs contently, “Man it feels great to say that.”


“Actually I just wanted someone for English Dragon to manhandle. IL fits that category beautifully.” Ejiro jeers, drawing the boos.


“Well it doesn’t matter. One person will walk out here tonight with the prestigious World championship. Whether it happens to be IL,” He pauses and looks ready to spit on the idea, “or English Dragon- one person will come out tall. English Dragon hasn’t been around here for the longest time and has proven he’s quite the talent. Where IL has been around for a long time, too long, and now is getting a shot at a dream for him.” He explains.


“I still got money on IL, I can FEEL it.” Annie happily admits.


Before Ejiro can make a wise crack a deep voice comes over the fans, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… THIS IS YOUR MAIN EVENT! IT IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL AND IS FOR THE S-J-L WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!” Funyon screams, hyping up the fans. Which doesn’t seem necessary at this point.


The loud drumbeat invades the audience's ears and they immediately go bonkers! Offspring’s “Gotta’ Get Away” blares onto the loud speakers, marking the entrance of the Insane Luchador! White pyro explodes in seemingly every direction with a few shots of green and red thrown in. It’s not long before the veteran who’s been enduring this fruitless quest for the world title steps onto the stage. The pyro dies down and Andrew Rickmen just stands there.


“Your challenger, hailing from Easton, Pennsylvania. Weighing in at 201… HE IS THE INNNSSSSAAAAANNNEE LLUCCCHHAAADOOOOR!”


He wears the long sleeved solid black shirt that is arguably a bit too small yet the sleeves were tailored to pass the palms of his hands. His loose fit khaki cargoes have a the end of a Volcom skate company belt dangling from it, and his black Orisis skate shoes seem to have been around longer than he’s been. He throws up his arms into the air, revealing a microphone in the right hand. The fans respond loudly and Andrew Rickmen takes his first few steps towards the ring. The music fades away and he wets his lips.


His free left hand runs through his spiked up in random direction black hair with the green shades mixed within. He stumbles over words, “As you’ve probably noticed… I’ve been around here for a very long time.” Some fans cheer. “Almost too long.” This shuts up the crowd.


“Through out this whole time, almost TWO DAMN YEARS…” He looks around at the crowd with the vibrant green eyes with mixes of colors, “TWO BEST DAMN YEARS of my life.” Loud pop.


“You know, dry that out and you can fertilize the lawn.” Ejiro yawns on purpose.


Insane Luchador ignores the comment. “But not once have I held the World title. But it’s going to change tonight. I’m going to win, because I can win.” Massive pop. “TOO MANY FUCKING YEARS THAT HAVE ALMOST SEEMED WASTED.” The intensity takes the crowd by surprise. Not to mention somewhere the censors already grumble at IL.


“But it’s time to change, I’m a man in his prime. Going to throw that English bastard off this little throne!” Andrew beams happily.


“Well what’s the difference between you and him?” Ejiro nearly shouts as if he was English Dragon.


“I’m just a bastard.” Andrew Rickmen smirks. He goes to drop the microphone but raises it again, “I’m going to win this one. Because I’ve faced the best, I’ve beaten and lost to the best. Williams almost knocked out my teeth, Flesher nearly head butted me through a table, Renegade made ME, MMMMEEE tap, Judge has taken me down in a triple threat, nearly killed myself to beat Grimedogg… you can’t say I haven’t earned this. I’ve been coming and going- but there’s one thing for sure.” He stops, absorbing the cheers before grinning madly again.


“One thing that’s coming is the great era of the Luchador and what’s going is English Dragon’s belt!” The fans explode into cheers as he drops the microphone, charging down to the ring while still trying to slap each fan’s hand.




“The Land of Hope and Glory” kicks up and within seconds the two men step expose themselves to the hateful crowd. English Dragon strutting down the aisle with a slow and confident walk. Robertson is only a few strides behind, intimidating the fans from even touching the World champion. English Dragon has the gold Dragon mask on, gold and white tights, with gold leather wrestling boots. English Dragon hollers audibly to the surprised crowd at his attire- “Not every day you get to beat down a loony veteran.” Robertson laughs along with him and he takes a few steps in front of Dragon, retreating to ringside.


Insane Luchador just nods at the comment, leaning against the ropes that face the entrance. Dragon laughs and as he approaches real close he points to his World championship belt and then just shakes his head. Andrew Rickmen backs off, letting English Dragon wipe off his feet before slowly rolling into the ring. Dragon makes a point of it to remove his glistening belt and walking in a circle around IL- his arms up in the air to mock IL and taunt the fans. The Luchador just grins while flipping ED off during this little walk. Finally he hands the belt to the referee, snapping at him for letting his fingers hit the gold and then reminding himself to wipe it later.


He turns around and stares right back at Andrew Rickmen. He extends his hand with a wicked grin on his face and the fans all boo. IL looks suspiciously, making everyone groan, as he goes to extend his hand. But before he does he quickly spits into it, grabbing the World champion’s hand while English Dragon stares in shock. Dragon, furious, tugs Insane Luchador towards him and knocks him down with a clothesline!




Andrew Rickmen rolls right back to his feet, throwing his neck to the side, and then he walks towards English Dragon. The two cautiously circle around each other in middle of the ring, each one slightly bent over and ready to strike. But as IL lets his guard down English Dragon strikes like a pro. He hits a grapple and clutches onto IL’s wrist, placing a hand onto his back and whipping the challenger into the ropes! Insane Luchador comes rocketing back, only to have English Dragon leap into the air and thrust his boots into Luchador’s chest! Andrew falls to the mat and the two competitors get right back up to their feet. Rickmen this time goes for a grapple but English Dragon gives a stiff chop to Luchador right as IL’s chest was completely exposed!




Andrew Rickmen grits his teeth and leaps out-




English Dragon seems taken aback from the strong chop that seems to linger in an echo around the arena. Not to be to out done the Champion draws back his arm-




Insane Luchador holds his chest in pain, before side stepping the next chop. English Dragon then bombards him with a spin kick with perfection considering it slams right into IL’s chin! Andrew Rickmen’s head whips back as he stumbles into the ropes, grabbing onto them in an attempt to stay within the ring, but the ring momentum carries and causes him to flip over the ropes! He simply flops right onto the cement on the outside, Robertson slowly walking over, fitting brass knuckles onto his hands!


The insanely tall and strong 6’9” butler, Robertson, continues his stroll towards Insane Luchador who uses the ring apron to mount back to his feet.


Matthew Kivell begins the count as English Dragon taunts IL while in the ring, on the inside ready to explode from joy as Robertson approaches.


ONE! Insane Luchador watches Robertson draw back his arm…


TWO! The fans all explode into cheers as Robertson’s deadly swing misses as IL ducks under! Rickmen leaps out after the duck and hits Robertson square in the chest with his shoulders with all his might!


THREE! Robertson reels back, as he momentarily turns around to not show a face of pain to the camera.


FOUR! Andrew Rickmen sees his opportunity as he charges at Robertson, back still turned, IL leaps at him!


FIVE! Insane Luchador wraps his one arm around Robertson who’s only a few feet away from the turnbuckle! Insane Luchador is fixed to the left, body gazing the ring apron as he sails above it!


SIX! The fans explode in cheers like Elvis just entered the building as Robertson gets bulldog RIGHT into the turnbuckle face first! The Insane Luchador plops onto the ring apron, quickly springing up and English Dragon charges!


“IL! IL! IL!” Quickly catches around as the fans watch Dragon’s butler collapse and slowly begin to bleed.


“Beautiful, smart move by IL… but he’ll regret it if Robertson ever wakes up during the match,” William, the Judge, comments.


While English Dragon charges Rickmen hops onto the top rope, perched like a bird on an electric line! But before Dragon can turn on the back burners Andrew leaps off and throws his body out into a Crossbody! The two collide near the center of the ring and after both hit the mat IL hooks both legs,


“ONE!” The united crowd chants.


Dragon kicks out and snorts as if he’d lose to a Crossbody. He shoves IL off and the two get to their feet.


English Dragon moves in but Insane Luchador sends a wicked right hook, causing Dragon’s head to jerk back. While unguarded Luchador sends a punch to his ribs, a kick to his midsection and ED doubles over. While he clutches his stomach Andrew wraps his arm around his head tightly and drops for a simple DDT! Rickmen rockets up to his feet, throwing his arms into the air, drawing the cheers. He grabs at English Dragon’s two dragon horns, pulling him to his feet and stretching the mask! Dragon hobbles and Andrew Rickmen grabs his arm and tosses him into the ropes! English Dragon comes reeling back and Insane Luchador stands to his side, patting his right leg softly. The fans all explode as Andrew Rickmen rockets his leg up and out, but English Dragon ducks under the kick completely and while his leg is still in the air-


“English Dragon swoops up and catches IL’s leg over his shoulder, holy shit! Insane Luchador just flies back,” Judge winces as the thump sound is made, “and lands on what HAS to be a weak neck by now.”


Rickmen groans and the fans groan louder as English Dragon goes for the pin!





T- IL easily breaks the pin and just lies there staring up at the ceiling and the lights. Dragon swoops down to pick him up, taunting him. “Spent two whole years just to have a rookie take you down? Don’t worry, it’s no shame losing to me, you’re a Mick. You’re type is used to it.” Dragon grabs a huge clump of Insane Luchador’s spiked hair, harshly pulling him up to his feet.


English Dragon, as if this was a junior high fight, gives a shove to IL. Andrew Rickmen quickly responds with leaping out, tackling Dragon and the two falling to the canvas. Rickmen screams in his face, while grabbing at his head and whapping it up and down on the mat, creating quite a scary sight.


“YOU THINK YOU’RE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER, HUH? I’VE BEEN AROUND HERE FOR-FUCKING-EVER! I’M THE FUCKING INSANE LUCHADOR, YOU DON’T FUCK WITH ME!” Dragon’s head simply being slammed against the canvas interrupts each sentence. Kivell desperate tries to stop the untamed Andrew Rickmen but Hell breaks loose as Robertson hops onto the mat, looking extremely pissed off. Insane Luchador gets up walking at Robertson as if he doesn’t realize he’s a 6’9” man with brass knuckles. Robertson is ready to get in the ring, Matthew getting in the way, and Insane Luchador talks shit from behind Kivell. The fans explode at the scene but suddenly the cheers crumble into jeers.


“Yeah, IL, don’t turn your back to English Dragon.” Annie sighs, just getting ready for the inevitable.


Dragon, on his knees pulls back his hand and hits IL right in the family jewels hard as he can! Andrew yelps and falls right to the mat, grabbing at his crotch. English Dragon hops to his feet, stomping right on IL’s leg. He lifts it into the air, slamming it down.


Ejiro sighs, “I don’t care how much IL loses it. A simple ‘snap’ can’t win a match.”


Judge disagrees, “I think this is basically two years of IL not ever having this chance like this one, never been so on top of his game. He’s honestly peaking right now and to be beaten down is not a good thing. It’s frustration, if English Dragon is smart he’ll stop tormenting IL and not open that can of worms.”


Matthew Kivell turns around, muttering how he doesn’t get paid enough, as Robertson descends to the outside, defeated.


Insane Luchador tries to roll away from damage but English Dragon follows. He grabs IL’s leg once more and this time IL flops onto his back, shoving his free skate shoe right into the Champion’s face! The Easton native quickly gets to his knees and while English Dragon reels back, crouched over, Andrew leaps out- soaring over him and then landing on the mat, clutching Dragon’s legs and then hitting a sunset flip!


“ONE!” The crowd explodes.


“TWO!” “NO! NO! NO!” Ejiro freaks out.


English Dragon kicks out and rolls backwards, springing to his feet. He shakes off his head a bit, his hands trying to fix his mask. Andrew Rickmen just stalks up with no fear. The fans all stomp and clap as Insane Luchador walks right into the Champion’s face. Dragon seems baffled, as IL makes no move to hit him, so he takes a few steps back.


“FRAIDY CAT!” Annie yells, loving it.


But Dragon suddenly launches forwards a more brutal spinning kick than before that sends Insane Luchador reeling back all the way towards the other turnbuckle! Dragon rushes forwards and grabs a kick attempt by IL! He brings his knee into collision with the back of IL’s knee and Andrew yelps as Dragon falls to the mat- hitting a beautiful dragon leg screw!


Ejiro snickers, “Like a real champion, he knows what he’s going to do. He’s working the legs now, he’s going to make IL TAP!” He beams with glee.


Annie shakes her head, “Not smart, IL won’t tap. I think he’s incapable of tapping.”


Andrew Rickmen sits up, slowly massaging his now aching leg as he gets back to his feet. By the time he does Dragon has already struck! His boot nearly decapitates IL with a super kick, causing the Luchador to slam into the turnbuckle and slumping down! The fans all boo as Dragon advances.. He grabs IL and plops him onto the top turnbuckle. He throws his arms up again to mock Rickmen before he hops onto the first turnbuckle. But Rickmen lifts up both legs and smash them into Dragon’s face! English Dragon hits the canvas with both feet and stumbles back like a drunken bachelor. Andrew Rickmen stands up and leans out, wrapping his arm around Dragon’s neck and launching himself off, swirling around- hitting a tornado DDT! The fans explode as Insane Luchador pulls up English Dragon, who’s shaken but not nearly done yet, IL attempts to throw him into the ropes. English Dragon hangs on though and uses the momentum to throw Insane Luchador into the ropes, where Robertson gladly tugs violently at his foot from behind. Andrew smacks against the mat and English Dragon grins, jogging up and ready to strike.


He crouches down, as the fans try to kill the SJL World Champion with jeers. Sadly it’s not successful because the second Insane Luchador gets up English Dragon sends a kick to his leg, causing Insane Luchador to naturally bend down. Dragon follows up with dropkick right to the leg, IL falling to his face. While Robertson grabs IL’s ankles, allowing English Dragon to stomp away on his head and back!


Ejiro seems amazed, “English Dragon is a genius, I swear. Working the leg mostly, he wants IL to tap for him… but otherwise he’s got some pain going so if he feels like breaking IL’s neck with the Dragon Driver!”


Annie makes a grunting noise, “You think IL will just drop or tap like a fly…?”


Ejiro sounds like a Valley girl, “Uh, yeah.”


“I’m going to agree with Annie and say Dragon may really have to pull out some good moves to take out IL. He IS cheating, brilliantly at that, with Robertson.” Judge points out.


Matthew Kivell suddenly realizes what’s going on, he actually shoves Dragon away and hollers at Robertson who strolls away trying to come off as innocent. English Dragon sarcastically acts oblivious while drawing major boos and Kivell warns English Dragon. During all this Insane Luchador stands up, grinning intensely, quietly walking so he’s behind English Dragon…

He charges and Matthew sees IL coming at him like an angered bull at a bullfighter, causing Kivell to leap out of the way. Dragon smartly takes a hint turning around-


WHAP! The only word that could justify the impact.


“CHRIST ON A STICK! Did those two just nearly break the damn canvas?” Annie wonders, slightly standing up to get a better view.


“IN-SANE! LUCH-A-DOR! CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP” The fans eat every second of this.


Luchador grabs English Dragon at the chin of the mask, seemingly ready to tug it off, but he stops. He tries to chill down as the World Champion squirms on the mat, trying to get up. Andrew Rickmen tugs Dragon to his feet, letting him wobble before striking. He takes a few steps back and leaps out, throwing out his unharmed leg out hard as he can- whapping English Dragon with devastating, borderline surprising, impact! There’s a split second where Dragon’s head might out to the nosebleed section but instead his whole body is just thrown back as if he was shot with a shotgun in GTA 3. Insane Luchador watches him the canvas nearly all the way towards the ropes and he hits, bouncing up and tumbling. He throws up his arms and screams, “THAT’S how you do a super kick!” The fans only increase the volume of their voices.


“He’s such a genius he nearly got his head kicked off,” Annie taunts Ejiro.


Insane Luchador walks right up; picking up English Dragon from his chin and just to prove a point pokes him with two fingers. Dragon hits the mat and Insane Luchador swoops down, rolling him into the center of the ring. Rickmen looks like the happiest guy alive as he lies across Dragon…


“ONE!” Everyone chants with glee.





“TWO!” “Can you believe it took so years to accomplish this?”




The fans all take a big breath, holding it as Matthew Kivell’s hand raises and everyone just stares…









The shoulder pops up! A collective sigh is audible. “YES! English Dragon kicked out because he’s superior to pain!”


Insane Luchador makes a face of pure disappointment that dissolves into anger.


Even Judge seems remotely disappointed, “It was quite the super kick. But English Dragon got the shoulder up.”


The fans jeer at an insanely loud level as English Dragon flops onto his stomach, slowly but surely getting up. Andrew Rickmen stands in middle of the ring, trying to keep composure. Screw composure. Rickmen charges the very nanosecond English Dragon is at his feet and reeling towards the turnbuckle and his arm’s already drawn back ready to hit the World Champion! But Dragon has his senses to drop to the mat on his side, wrapping his feet around IL’s ankle and causing him to trip! With the speed that only comes with being threatened Dragon transfers his hold of IL’s leg to his hands as sits on IL’s back and tugs at his leg violently in an impromptu one legged Boston Crab! Luchador thrashes at the ropes that seem so near, but English Dragon stands up (retaining the hold) and drags him to center of the ring. He sits onto IL’s back and inflicts the most amount of pain possible. But being weak and still stirred from the super kick from Hell, Dragon is easily jerked towards the ropes by IL using his hands to move the two. English Dragon resists but knows he won’t win with the move, so lets go and stands up. Luchador immediately rolls forwards and pops to his feet, trying to prove he’s got a lot of fuel in his tank.


“Well English Dragon will definitely being going for the St. George’s Cross- I know, you know, he knows it, IL knows it,” Judge comments with a tone of respect.


Andrew Rickmen whirls back around sending a defensive punch to fend the advancing Dragon away. Rickmen follows up with a wicked shot to Dragon’s head, causing him to fall down to one knee. IL ducks down and hits a headlock, pulling Dragon to his feet roughly!


Annie suddenly sees it coming, “EVENFLOW DDT! This could be it!”


The fans all shriek as IL’s free arm rises into the air. He goes for the drop but English Dragon shoves him off! Luchador hits the canvas and Dragon falls to one knee, his knee striking the leg he’s working on! Rickmen clutches it and tries to roll away but IL’s sudden streak of having the advantage seems to spiral down the drain. Dragon uses this opportunity to lean against the ropes, breathing heavy and trying to shake off the pain. Robertson holds up the brass knuckles and ED shakes his head no then mutters, “Not yet.”


Ejiro defends English Dragon, “See. He has integrity. Won’t cheat.”


Even Judge feels like slapping him for the stupidity in the comment.


Rickmen and English Dragon both stand at their feet, both leaning against each different side of the ropes, panting and wondering what to do next. The two use the ropes to give them the push and the drive to continue the match. They both collide in center of the ring, Rickmen throwing punches while ED dodges them and steps behind IL! Before Rickmen can whirl around Dragon clutches both of his arms high into the air and using the last of this normal stamina keeps the hold in. Rickmen struggles to get out but English Dragon suddenly snaps his back backwards and throws Andrew over onto his neck in a Tiger suplex!


Ejiro marks out, “Tiger suplex! Tiger suplex!”


English Dragon flops onto IL’s gut for the pin…




ONE! The fans stare, worried.










TWO! “Yes!” Ejiro cries out.













Thr- but IL’s shoulder leaps into the air, breaking the pin, as IL’s gasps for air are audible. The fans go crazy as Dragon angrily rolls back to his feet, tugging Insane Luchador up and hitting a one sided grapple. But Insane Luchador worms out of the way of harm, whipping Dragon into the ropes. Rickmen tries to shake off his leg as he runs after ED who’s charging back.


Judge catches note of something, “Dragon’s plan must be falling together, IL has the slightest limp going on.”


Andrew takes Dragon completely off guard, dropping to his back and throwing his arms into the air- clutching onto English Dragon’s! Dragon is tugged down along with IL, who’s now on his back and Luchador curls his feet into the air like a little ball! The World Champion hits flat onto the feet and IL launches him in a monkey flip! Andrew Rickmen grins as he cocks his head back, watching Dragon soar through the air and smash against the canvas on the other side. But Robertson pulls his client out of the ring, helping him to shake everything off. Insane Luchador takes his sweet time getting up walking to middle of the ring and throwing his arms into the air. On the outside Kivell begins the count.


ONE! Suddenly Insane Luchador massages his leg and grins to himself.


TWO! Andrew Rickmen slowly jogs at the other ropes, seemingly testing the waters.



THREE! Suddenly IL breaks into a dash, or fast as his legs would take him, and he suddenly sprints towards Robertson and English Dragon!


FOUR! Robertson looks up, shoving ED out of the way as Insane Luchador throws his body over the ropes with a Swanton!


FIVE! Robertson steps out of the way, Luchador slamming against the cold cement and quickly picks him up, wanting revenge. Robertson, who has majority of the flaky blood chiseled off but the cut remains there. He wraps his huge arms around IL from behind like he’s hugging him from behind, but as he suddenly jolts IL up into the air Luchador’s legs fly out-


“Robertson used that split second with IL’s legs out to send the legs crashing into the guard rail! IL’s one leg has to be done with. Jesus, what a beast, I should give him a call.” Ejiro calls.


Robertson gently picks up English Dragon, rolling him into the ring, ignoring Kivell’s empty threats of throwing this match out (only if he wanted to incite a riot). He then grabs Insane Luchador and harshly pushes him into the ring- wanting Dragon to win this one with the tap.


Dragon rolls to his feet, his senses coming back to him, he grabs IL’s nearly injured leg from the canvas. He uses that one hand to pin the leg down while the other is on the mat, he throws his body vertically into the air in a hand stand then comes crashing down knee first onto IL’s leg! He keeps holding onto the aching leg, tugging IL into center of the ring.


Judge calls it, “He’s going for the tap, he’s gonna’ give the St. George’s Cross a shot!”


English Dragon pumps a fist into the air, swooping down and bending IL’s unharmed leg. He then grabs a hold on the hurt leg and Dragon falls to his back (to a chorus of jeers), as he puts his foot over the bent leg to secure the hold!


Ejiro seems positive the match is over, “I’m positive the match is over now!”


Andrew Rickmen lets out a painful groan but as Matthew Kivell swoops down and asks if IL has had enough.


Annie seems to be saying what IL is thinking, “He won’t tap. He’s willing sacrificed his body for wins- like leaping off balconies, taking head drops through sheets of glass, been tossed off ladders, cages, he’s done it all. You think a bit of an aching leg will stop Insane Luchador from grabbing the title that’s eluded his grasp?” Annie pounds on the desk as a sign of the rant being over.


Some fans cheer for Luchador, others booing at Dragon who uses one of his free arms that’s propped against the mat to fake a yawn.


“Well it doesn’t matter what he’s gone through before, this is now and IL could very well give it up.”


Andrew Rickmen lunges out at Dragon, missing a punch by what seems like a mile. IL falls to the mat, shoulders flat and exhausted. It doesn’t occur to him that this causes him to be counted as pinned,





TWO! Insane Luchador pulls up his shoulders, making an insane grin as if that copes with the pain that shoots through his body.


Annie sighs, “IL’s leg may be bugging him more than anyone thought.”


But the crowd refuses to let the British snot win this one, so they begin the chant that spreads like a forest fire, “I! L! I! L!”


Andrew Rickmen, driven by career and lifetime high and lows streaming through his head, slowly crawls back on his heads towards the ropes. Dragon isn’t budging at first but slowly English Dragon finds himself being slowly dragged towards the ropes, he flops over to his side and tugs violently as he can- trying to get IL to tap.


“I! L!” Andrew Rickmen gets a bit closer his grin getting wider as the pain slowly increases. “I! L!”


Ejiro can’t believe it, “How is English Dragon letting him get away? How? …Will you fans shut up?” Of course, the chant’s volume gets louder.


But as Andrew seems so close to the ropes while he thrashes like a fish being attacked by a shark the movement stops. His arm rises into the air once, hitting the mat, and the fans slowly hush- assured IL is tapping. Dragon suddenly lets go the tiniest bit as he watches IL raise his hand reluctantly again.


“Honestly… did not see this coming,” Annie sounds disappointed, “Oh wait! Insane Luchador just lunged out while English Dragon eased his clutch! He has the ropes! He’s grabbed the ropes!” She marks out with the fans.


Dragon, showing a flash of rage, tugs hard as he can before he lets go at Kivell’s command. He rolls to his feet, filled with rage at IL’s cheap trick. He goes to stomp the Luchador but Andrew uses the ropes to pull himself away. Luchador quickly tugs himself to his feet and he whirls around- only to get kick with another spin kick! IL grabs the ropes, almost bailing to the outside, but instead he leaps out with a shoulder barge!


“IL’s is fighting back! Most likely just from pure adrenaline and drive, but still!” Annie suddenly has an injection of hope.


English Dragon reels back as Insane Luchador catches him with a hard right hook to his chin- causing the World Champion to nearly fall down. Andrew hits an increasingly harder right, as Dragon is near the ropes and Rickmen hits a sudden left that does the trick! English Dragon is completely dazed as Robertson suddenly hops onto the apron- but Insane Luchador fires off perhaps the hardest left punch he’s ever given- causing Dragon’s butler to collapse to the outside! With his right arm he wraps his arm around Dragon’s neck and he squeezes tightly!


“EVENFLOW DDT!” Annie screams over Judge’s comment.


The fans all gasp and give out a huge cheer, fans watching through TV move in closer, backstage and around the SWF world people stare at the monitors in disbelief…





Luchador leaps into the air, taking Dragon down in perhaps one of the most vicious Evenflow DDT’s ever given! The fans, in best terms, burst into deafening cheers as he drapes his arm over Dragon’s chest!


“IL! LOOK! HERE’S A TREASURE MAP, GO TO AFGHANISTAN!” Ejiro scribbles on paper.


“ONE!” The fans chant.
















“TWO!” Dragon’s leg goes to hit the ropes…

















But the foot misses.





“TTTHHHHRREEE!” Dragon’s shoulder leaping up from the mat is too late.








“I don’t believe it, IL wins! IL WINS! AFTER SO MANY TIMES! He’s our new World champion!” Annie nearly hugs Judge in joy.


“Well it was quite the match.” Judge admits grudgingly.


Confetti falls from the rafters as the fans cheers just don’t let up- drowning over Funyon’s announcement and “Gotta’ Get Away” kicking up.


So many matches, so many attempts, all come down to this moment. Luchador rolls to his feet, grabbing the glistening belt as the camera slowly fades away watching IL slowly climb a turnbuckle and hoist it into the air!


-Fade to black-

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Guest Korgath

Engaging enjoyable match, but lines like the one below (attempted humour?) didn't really cut it. Here's to a long, extended feud with EngDrag!


Ejiro seems positive the match is over, “I’m positive the match is over now!”

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Engaging enjoyable match, but lines like the one below (attempted humour?) didn't really cut it. Here's to a long, extended feud with EngDrag!


Ejiro seems positive the match is over, “I’m positive the match is over now!”

Meh, that one got a cheap laugh out of me.

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IL, who I'm talking about asif he's not here, is still a bit clunky when it comes to his humor and grammar. He's made great strides recently, and really, it's just all about maturity.

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Guest Insanityman

Yeah... my grammar and humor blows for the most part. I think the part that made that line so "great" was I didn't even mean for it to happen. I was in a rush to get it done and when I was editing I just figured someone would smirk at it.

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