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I need these matches;

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These are ten WWF matches that I need. If anyone can make a comp tape with these matches on it, it would be greatly appreciated.


I have lots of WWF, tons of Pride and tons of K-1. If you just want cash for it, that would be cool too.


1. Bulldog vs. Owen Hart (RAW, European tourney)

2. Steiners vs. Harts (Wrestlefest '94 Colosseum VHS)

3. HBK vs. Vader (Summerslam '96)

4. Bret vs. Flair (Handheld from Boston Garden)

5. Jarrett vs. Michaels (IYH 2, IC title)

6. Final Four with Bret, Austin, Undertaker, Vader

7. Bret vs. HBK (Survivor Series 92)

8. Clique tag match from Action Zone (October '94)

9. Bret vs. Flair (Bret wins first title)

10. HBK vs. Marty Jannetty (RAW, May '93, IC Title)



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