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Obi Chris Kenobi

Fifa 2009

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I got this game recently, and have a few questions:


1) Are there no World Cup or Champions League mode? I know its not a World Cup year, but I don't get why they don't have the tournament available for fun. Also, why no Champions League? That comes out every year.


Champions League is under license to EA, but they franchise it out as its own game each year so don't include it in FIFA.


2) Can you create a team? I can't find this anywhere.


Unfortuantly no. You can create your own players and put them on the same team, but you can't rename the teams.


3) For creating players, do they always have to initially suck? Is there a code or some way of making them great from the beginning? I wanted to create some classic players is all. Speaking of which...


Sadly, yes. This is only a recent change in the last few games and everyone hates it.



4) Are there any classic teams? One of my favourite features of other sports games is picking legendary versions of teams. It would be sweet if I could get a 1986 version of the Argentina National team, or 2001-02 of Man United, etc.


None that I've ever found.


Anyone know of good sites that explain the ins and outs? Maybe these are obvious for some, but I guess my fandom of North American sports causes me to expect certain things.


The EA Fifa website is pretty decent.

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That`s really shitty that you answered all of them the way I expected, which was negatively :(


I bought an Xbox 360. I took into account alot of what was said by the PS3 people in the other thread, but after weighing the pros and cons of both, I decided the Xbox was probably the better choice for what I wanted.

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