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Missy Hyatt Trashing Chyna

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Just when my eyes were starting to recover from "One Night in Chyna", a sequel will be coming out. Ughhh! I'm still horrified by Chyna's freakish mini penis/clitoris. She could get multiple boob jobs, reconstructive facial surgery, etc. But she can't get her labia lips fixed? Hard to believe HHH use to be hitting that. Do you think Stephanie saw the first sex tape and is now questioning HHH's man hood?


I can't believe it sold so well. I remember Francine & I reviewed it in 2006 at www.missyhyatt.net . I saw it once & never wanted to see it again. I believe Francine saw it once or twice before watching it with me. Between her "little nubber" as Francine referred to it & her taking it in the ass, it was the closest porno I ever seen that was gay. Did I mention my eyes are still burning?


Than who can forget the bonus sex scenes. There was some German blonde girl getting gang banged by 8 guys. I believe we named the video as "Oops I Dropped My Keys". She dropped her keys & when she stood back up, there were 8 guys. I couldn't even finish watching that scene. I was traumatized. I now worry about dropping my keys.


I will not be anticipating the release to this DVD. I would find it more settling if Chyna did lesbean porn instead. It would be closer to girl on sort of a guy with boobs. Regardless, Chyna's porn career does not appeal to me. Unless we get her long lost film with HHH, I will be turning down Chyna's porno. But I have a feeling that Stephanie would take billions of company $$$ to have it destroyed.


I wonder what gems will this DVD have? Whatever made the cutting room floor of the first DVD will be making this DVD. The first DVD was disturbing. I wonder if this DVD got blooper reel material?


We must all ponder our guesses on what garbage will be on this DVD.


My guesses consist of:

a. X Pac getting mud on his helmet during the anal scene

b. X Pac getting in to a sword fight with Chyna's "little nubber"

c. Chyna telling X Pac to "SUCK IT"!


Maybe Chyna can provide us with a alternate commentary track? That could be interesting. I would love to hear Chyna's commentary on how to make the most non erotic porno video.


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I'm all psyched for April 3rd - Legends of Wrestling FanFest @ the George R. Brown Convention Center - 1111 Fannin Street, Houston, TX. I give Booker T a ton of respect for giving back to his community with his fund raising event. I am looking forward in meeting everybody who wants to discuss old school wrestling and developmental ideas. I can't wait to hang out with Baby Doll at this event at Greg Price's table. Greg runs a first rate vendor table. You can purchase digital pictures that will be printed on the spot. You can get more information @ http://www.bookertlow.com/tickets.shtml. I'm also in town in case WWE wants me to work at Wrestle Mania #25 as the Gobbledy Gooker, that way I can fulfill my Wrestle Mania Dream.


The Missy Hyatt Road Tour will be coming to NWS. April 10 is the 3rd. Annual Womens J Cup Tournament

@ 321 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, N.J. at 7:30 PM. You can't go wrong with a one night tournament with Angel Orsini, Rain, Annie Social, Roxxi Cotton, April and others. April 11 is the 4th Annual King & Queen Tournament @ 663 Kearny Ave., Kearny, N.J. at 7:30 PM. One of the first round matches is Black Machismo & Miss April vs HELTER SKELTER & Trixie Lynn.


Missy Hyatt

1st. Lady Of Wrestling

Loser On Winning A Night With ODB

JBL & Missy Hyatt Will Be Saving The Economy In 2012


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Missy Hyatt is not someone who should be criticizing someone's physical appearance by way of plastic surgery. She totally wrecked herself with too many surgeries.

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Missy's pretty much known as wrestling's biggest whore...while I am no fan of Chyna, bitch shouldn't be running her mouth. Just keep showing your old cooter on your little website

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