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Matt Young

From: The SmartMarks Forums

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I was an exemplary member of that board. I admitted that I had problems before, but I did little wrong at Faux TSM. I hope one of your children goes missing, and you never find them.


But sure... I deserve for people to spread lies about me and insult my missing sister. I hope one of your children goes missing, and you never find them. Then you can have an idea of what it's like to lose an important family member.


The fact is, Leo posted lies, I posted truths. My truths, including proof of what I said, were deleted. Leo wants to cover his own ass and make himself look good at what he has repeatedly referred to as his board. It may be his board, but he's more of a liar, a jerkoff, and a dictator than Mike, Leena, or anyone. And he can have "his" board, but he'll never have TSM. TSM has been dead for over a year. Leo's board is basically tantamount to me making a board called "The Real IGN". That board would be as much IGN as his board is TSM.


But you know what? Leo's a coward just like many other posters there. They acted so nice to me when I was around, and now that I'm not, my supposed "friends" talk shit behind my back. Those aren't real friends, not even by "internet friend" standards. It's just unfortunate that so many lack the courage to say those things to me, or allow me to share my side of the story which would prove that I was not in the wrong.


I was an established contributor of TSM long before Leo ever registered- hell, maybe before his family ever even came over here on the raft- so let him carry his stolen mantle and claim to be something he's not. Without me, the board sure as hell will be a lot less interesting. But I guess you all can enjoy overly negative sports and wrestling talk while you make horrible posts about how you're so drunk and ruining your lives with alcohol! Buncha winners, there.

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