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It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

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#10 & # 9

10) Throbbing Gristle's First Gig

Believe it or not, the first industrial group was not NiN or KMFDM or Ministry or any of those groups. It was Throbbing Gristle, who from 1975-81, made an abrasive noise that would shape what would come, as well as shocking more than a few people.

The groups first gig, featured all of their trademarks-ear-raping tape and synth noises, abrasive guitar playing, over the top shock-value lyrics, and other such things. Instead of playing in a club like most punk and proto punk bands, the groups first gig was at an art gallery, and was an "exhibit" called Prostitute. Among the music, it also had photos from a pornographic magazine that member Cosey Fanni Tutti posed for, as well as Nazi and concentration camp photos, soiled diapers, mutilation, and front man Genesis P-Orridge mounting a pile of used tampons.

The press was shocked (of course), referred to the band as "sick people" and "wreckers of civilization". The band released three studio albums, then broke up in 1981. Genesis formed Psychic TV (and is now a transexual), Cosey and husband (and fellow band member) Chris Carter formed Chris and Cosey (who went on to be a huge influence on everything from synth pop to Industrial Dance Music to Detroit Techno), and Peter Christopherson briefly was a member of Psychic TV, until he and John Balance left and formed Coil.

The band have reunited, but nothing they do today will be the equal of their past.

09.) Elvis orders a Sandwich.

Elvis in 1976 was not a pretty sight, as he had become a fat, bloated parody of himself. On February night, he and some pals got in a discussion about one of The King's favorite sandwiches-The Fool's Gold Leaf. The sandwich consists of a single loaf of hollowed out, warmed bread, one jar of peanut butter, one jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon. The result is slathered with butter and then baked. That sure does sound healthy, don't it?

Thing is, the sandwich is only made in Denver, Colorado. Elvis wanthed one though, so he and co. went to Colorado Mine Company, which was the only restaurant that served it. Thing is, they flew in a jet from Memphis to Denver so Elvis and pals could have the sandwich. Elvis bought 22 loaves for the guys, and invited the pilots of the plane to join them.

Gary Floyd

Gary Floyd



1.) Led Zeppelin, a groupie, and a Mudshark

Everyone knows this story. It may be the greatest example of rock star debauchery that ever occured. Oh sure, some of you may mention something that occured at a Motley Cru tour or whatever, but here's the guy's that set the standard.

The story: It's 1969. Led Zeppelin are on tour with Vanilla fudge. On the night of July 27, Zep invites a groupie back stage, and well, she's willing to do anything. So they tie her up, and proceed to stuff bits and slices of a mudshark into her pussy and asshole. Other's say it was a Red Snapper. Either way, they stuffed her with fish.

There are several accounts as to what really happened. Zappa did a song about it (that can be heard on the live album Filmore East-June 1971.) To this day, it remains one of the most talked about moments in rock star perversion. Either way, in my opinion, it's the greatest story in music history.

So there you go, the countdown is over. Here's a recap:

12.) Luther Campbell gets a blowjob on Stage.
11.) Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Father to 57 Children.
10) Throbbing Gristle's First Gig.
9.) Elvis orders a Sandwich.
8.) John Fogerty sued for self plagerisim (no, not the poster).
7.) Cyntheia teh cock.
6.) The Story of Dopesmoker.
5.) Ozzy Satisfies His Hunger.
4.) Ozzy Remembers the Alamo.
3.) Mingus Destroy's his Bass.
2.) The Story of Mayhem.
1.) Led Zeppelin,a groupie, and a mudshark.

Gary Floyd

Gary Floyd


"Coven" Review

Well, I promised it, so here's my review of Edward Lee's novel Coven.   In case you read this shitty excuse for a blog, you probably read my review of Lee's The Bighead and most likely didn't care. Well, it's my blog, so hey...   Anywho, Coven is a different beast than Bighead...for the most part. Sure, there's the requisite gore and sex (it's actually gorier than Bighead), as well as rednecks (who aren't psychopathic rapists this time) dark humor, and gross out moments. Unlike Bighead, there are few if any scatalogical moments, and it's much pulpier, and less interested in grossing the reader out, than Bighead.   The story deals with Wade St. John, a rich, arrogant college fuck-up who's doing bad in school. So his dad, fed up with this shit, decides to have Wade take summer coarses, and take a job as a toilet scrubber. While this damages Wades rep, he still has his buddies-Tom, a rich Republican who has a thing for really bad jokes, and Jervis (my favorite character), a philosophy fan who's been suicidal and crying rivers since his girlfriend dumped him for a body building German nazi. Oh, and the new campus police officer, a sexy girl named Lydia.   Meanwhile, somethings a miss (of course) in this university. Seems like someone with a huge axe has been killing people and abducting women. Oh, and there's some strange women in black, who giggle eat organs. It all involves aliens...   ...that's right, aliens. You see, in spite of it's title, Coven is actually a sci-fi/horror story. And it's disgusting and great. There's tons of gore, plenty of sex, alien monstrosities having their way with nubile collge babes (including a scene with a man-sized cockroach-yes, you read that right), some great comedic moments, nearly unstoppable zombies, people being sliced in half, and much, much more.   So, is it good? Yes, in fact, I loved this book. Sure, theres some cliches (Wade's relationship with Lydia is a bit convenient, and some of the dialogue is a bit cliched), but this is a blast, and the best book from Lee I've read yet. The characters are great (Jervis in particular, is a laugh riot), some nice music selections (Sixousie and the Banshees? Brian Eno? Right on...), a wonderfully gallows sense of humor, gratuitous sex (hell, this whole book is gratuitious), some excellent gore, zombies, aliens, conspiracies...hell, this about has it all, and I loved it. It's a grat piece of pulp-horror that I couldn't put down.   Rating: 9/10   You can get the book here.

Gary Floyd

Gary Floyd


"American Dad" is funnier than "Family Guy"

When I was watching "American Dad" last inght, I remembered something: this is a show that is better than "Family Guy" in so many ways.   First, let's get this out of the way: I used to really like "Family Guy." I really did. Then it got renewed. I still liked it, but couldn't deny it was lacking. Then I saw the Superbowl episode, and I started to realize maybe it wasn't that good. Then I saw older episodes on Adult Swim, and came to the conclusion that it had always been hit and miss in the past, and now sucked. Now it just get's worse. I tried to watch it last night, and let's just say "South Park" was right.   However, Seth Macfarlene has another show that airs after "Family Guy." It's called "American Dad." At first, I didn't like it. Then I started to warm up to it. Now I've realized that it's not only better than "Family Guy", but is everything that "Family Guy" should be. It's funnier, uses pop culture references in away that's not annoying (no annoying cut away gags or too many jokes that overstay their welcome-plus come on, a tribute to "The Warriors" and using Joy Division's song "Love Will Tear Us Apart"? That's gold), is more plot driven (and interesting), has less annoying characters, has social and political satire that doesn't annoy me-it's just the better of the two.   Basically, while "Family Guy" get's more annoying and lazy, "American Dad" gets better. Last night may have been my favorite episode yet too. Shame "Family Guy" is more popular, but at least I get a funnier show out of "American Dad." Just saying...    

Gary Floyd

Gary Floyd

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