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wrestling matches I watched today

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Kenta Kobashi Vs Steve Williams, 08/31/93

I love this match. The finish is pretty sick but then what's a Kobashi match without numerous head drop's?


Misawa/Kawada/Kikuchi Vs Taue/MightyInoue/Fuchi, 90/8/31(JIP)

This was about 9 minutes JIP so I'm not sure how long it really is. It wasn't great or anything but it was just weird to see Kawada and Misawa teaming together and wearing different gear than they would later on. I'd never seen any matches where they were allies.


Hansen Vs Steve Williams, 06/05/90

I enjoyed this match but I was a little let down mostly because they're both two of my favorite Outsiders in Japan. This was cool though just to see Hansen playing babyface in peril.


Sting Vs Vader, Great American Bash 92

Sting Vs Vader, Superbrawl 93 Strap Match


Both of these matches are great and remind me of why I always like both guys alot. If only Sting was still pulling out rolling wheel kicks. The strap match was great just for the sick welts Vader had across his back.

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