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Psychic Warfare

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Gary Floyd


I have no idea why this entry is called "psychic warfare" either folks.


-Well, it's back to the old grind for me tomorrow, because that's when classes start. I'm ready though, though I'll most likely be pretty busy. Also, I have roomate named Cameron, who's a pretty nice guy, which is good, since I was worried I'd get a complete asshole as a roomate.


-Happy Arbour day.


-Steve Irwin died. You know, I always thought that he'd die in a non-animal related accident, though the fact that he was killed by an animal doesn't suprise me in the least. The guy was an idiot, but he was a lovable one, and I always strangely admired how he straddled the line between bravery and stupidity with his antics. So RIP Steve.



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