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A random life adventure of WP

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Eh, I just feel like typing something.


So here we go, just some random occurances in the life of WP.


Yesterday was a fun day. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning to get wax out of my ears. My ears have been constantly ringing for months and finally when I had to go to outpatients one evening (for something else) the problem was figured out.

First time I went to the doctors though they couldn't do anything because the wax was just too hard and packed in there. So for a week or so, I had to put mineral water inside my ears to soften things up.

Back to yesterday again -- Since I don't have a car I went in by foot. From home to about the mall which would have to be 7 miles anyway. It was a tough all out run and even though I don't sweat as nearly much as other people do, I had managed to build enough sweat to make me uncomfortable in my clothes. I was impressed with my cardio and endurance for the day as I seemed to be really doing well. However, I have to come to grips with reality in that running is just too hard on the joints, ankles and all that. Well, I arrive 30 minutes early thanks to the run only to discover that my appointment had been rescheduled for the next day. Although the message had been taken, I was not informed of it so I didn't know. Well, that to say the least was kind of dissapointing.


However, I was due for a gym session so off I went. There's a shortcut from the mall to the University where you walk on a dirt road (only for walkers though, no drivers) so I took that. Noted the waste of sprinklers as I passed the soccor field and than it happened. You always meet someone walking on the road going from the University to the Mall or Sobeys and this time was no different. There was this attractive girl walking the other way. She was dressed provacatively and in fact didn't even have a bra strap visible on her left side!! And she gave me a smile!! And I smiled back and said hi!! I don't know if she saw the smile but she probably did hear the hi. Nontheless, I think it was obvious that I was on cloud 9 after that. Not only because of the smile but since I was proud of mysef for being a man and not only smiling back but saying hi.


Now, after that adventure I talked to an older gentleman running the track who was was wondering what time it was. I gave him an estimate and off I went drinking my 1 litre of orange juice I had bought at the Dollar Store. I managed to finish off before I got there and gulped down a bunch of water once I got into the University. The gym was packed once I arrived there. All the students had returned from summer vacation and it was crowded as anything. I said "Hi" to my aunt's boyfriend and went to work. I worked on shoulders, abs, legs and traps before I called it a day. No real story from the gym this time which was unfortunate for people reading this I guess. They should've been thinking about you.

So now it was time to go home. It was long walk home and my ankles, hips, feet and joints were feeling it. In fact, my bottoms of my pinky toes were even having their calluses (tough piece of skin that forms after repititive use) ripped off. But I made'er eventually and couldn't be more happy to get something to drink and eat. I was pretty tired and in total I think I ended up falling asleep about 3 or 4 different times that day.


Next day, it was time for a doctor's appointment again. Met some people I knew while waiting so that was cool. Finally got in there to get the wax removal done. The doctor I know somewhat and he's a good guy so everything went okay. It was a new experience so I wasn't too sure on how everything would be done. He took this thing that looked like a need and repeatably flushed water into my ear as well as taking all the goey, yucky stuff out. Some of it came out in chunks and some of it in liquid form. It almost looked like runny manure in liquid form. Anyway, you hold this container next to your ear so all the stuff doesn't get on you. And that worked for the most part but I did manage to get some stuff down my chest and stomach. The process actually hurt a good deal and as of now my ears are still hurting from the pain that was inflicted by the needle like thing. A little bit of blood occured as well but nothing even close to serious. But at least, the ringing in my ears has stopped. Now, hopefully the pain in the ears will stop soon as well. It's not that I can't take the pain or anything but it's just that it worries me a tiny/little bit.

The rest of the day I spent on TSM. The end.


I don't proofread these things so if stuff doens't make sense than that is why.



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