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God bless this

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I already posted in the ALCS thread about the game, where I was probably on t.v. for a split second on the Inge homerun, so I'd like to throw in something for the blog. Ever since 9/11 the New York Yankees and I'm guessing the Mets as well play "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch and in the immediate aftermatch of 9/11 this was common across baseball. As time has passed the regular tradition of the 7th inning stretch has continued in most ballparks, including in Oakland. But since we're in the playoffs now Bud Selig feels it's necessary to force everyone to play this God awful song that grinds a game to a complete halt and makes break in the middle of the 7th twice as long. If New York wants to do it that's fine but forcing all other teams remaining in the playoffs to do it is lame and really pointless. What exactly is the significance of playing "God Bless America"? Even if you're the most patriotic of Americans you have to admit it's not a good song. Tonight it didn't really matter with the general awfulness of the A's performance but the break to play "God Bless America" can completely take the air out an entire stadium after an exciting Top of the 7th.


Sorta off topic I hadn't been to a playoff game since 2002 and I forgot how long the breaks are between innings because of network commercials. Almost every inning the pitcher would finish his warm ups and have to just stand there for 30 seconds so FOX could come back from commercial.


Tommorrow, back to the player rankings moving on to shortstops. God Bless Jeter.

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I agree that God Bless America is the worse of all the patriotic self-serving songs out there. I get it from the standpoint in NYC but the rest of the majors shouldn't be forced fed.


If they need some patriotic song, do something that's more energetic. The Anthem pumps you up for a game. America The Beautiful is a visually pleasing song, while GBA is just a piece of crap song. Very few people ever perform it on a pleasing level. What's worse is that NYC brings out the same fat cop for these things every damn year.



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