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No, all opinions are NOT equal

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That's right, the line "all opinions are equal" is false. I see this bullshit being thrown around by people and it gets quite annoying. All opinions are not equal and people aren't just entitled to their opinion, but their informed, supportable opinion. This is an excuse used by lots of people who subscribe to opinions that can't generally be supported or people who have no idea how to even begin to support their opinions. For example, what if I said "Andre the Giant circa 1989 was a fantastic wrestler." and then refused to back up the statement? Not like that statement could be intelligently supported without totally bastardizing what it means to be a good wrestler. But is this opinion equal to something like "Andre the Giant circa 1989 was horrible. His body has broken down to the point where he was almost literally immobile in the ring and could do very, very little as a result." Of course not. The bottom line is that for any opinion to be relevant, it must be accompanied by relevant points that support its position. There are cases when it isn't possible to support an opinion or where it's not needed. For example, if someone was to say that they enjoy Kurt Angle's work. This is a personal opinion based on the person's feelings and no one can really say it's not true, nor should anyone care if the person does enjoy Kurt Angle. But saying "Kurt Angle is a great worker" is an objective statement which insinuates that it's the truth, and as such, it does require some level of support.


And for all of you people who like to trumpet this so called equality, answer this. Is a racist person's opinion relevant and equal to everyone else's? If someone believes the Earth is flat, is that opinion just as relevant as someone who believes the Earth is round? I thought not. So get lost with the "all opinions are equal" nonsense.


I'd also like to add that I don't think everyone needs to support their opinions all the time. For example, some folks are content with simply trading opinions without getting into the specific details. That's perfectly fine. But if you're actually engaging in a serious discussion, at least have the courtesy to either support your claims if pressed on an issue or just get the hell out of the discussion if you aren't able to or interested in doing so.

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