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Bowl Projections, for real this time

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The likely outcome of who will face Ohio State in the Fiest Bowl, part II is just depressing for me. Either we'll get a traditional Rose Bowl match-up, except not in the Rose Bowl, or we'll get the always lame rematch of a game already played. But now with only two weeks left in the season I can actually make an attempt to make my own projections that go beyond guessing. When it cames to the ACC though it will still be guess work as there is still way too much unresolved business in that conference. Also projecting the non-confernece winner besides Michigan to get into the BCS is tough but I'm picking West Virginia for now. For open bids the Big Ten won't be able to fill the Motor City Bowl and the ACC might not be able to fill the MPC Computers Bowl.


One thing I should point out in regards to the Gator Bowl that I wasn't aware of. Now in my previous bowl entries I brought up how they have the option now of passing on the Big East #2 selection (sending them to the Sun Bowl) and going with a Big XII team. What was not aware of that they have the option of taking the Big XII #2 pick one time in the next four years. So because of that I, and others, are projecting Oklahoma to get snatched up by the Gator Bowl. This would cost the Sooners $500k as the Gator pays out $2.5 million compared to Cotton Bowl which pays out $3 million. Are bowl politics fun?


Also the Birmingham Bowl has been named the PapaJohns.com Bowl. Why exactly did they need the .com part?


Poinsettia: TCU vs. Washington State

Las Vegas: BYU vs. Oregon

New Orleans: Middle Tennessee vs. East Carolina

PapaJohns.com Bowl: Tulsa vs. Pittsburgh

New Mexico: New Mexico vs. San Jose State

Armed Forces: Utah vs. Rice

Hawaii: Hawaii vs. UCLA

Motor City: Central Michigan vs. South Carolina

Emerald: Arizona vs. Florida State

Independence: Kansas State vs. Alabama

Texas: Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma State

Holiday: California vs. Texas A&M

Music City: Georgia vs. Clemson

Sun: Oregon State vs. Rutgers

Liberty: Houston vs. Kentucky

Champs Sports: Maryland vs. Purdue

Insight: Texas Tech vs. Minnesota

Car Care: Wake Forest vs. Navy

Alamo: Missouri vs. Iowa

Chick-fil-A: Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee

MPC Computers: Nevada vs. Kansas

Gator: Boston College vs. Oklahoma

Outback: Penn State vs. LSU

Cotton: Nebraska vs. Auburn

Capital One: Wisconsin vs. Arkansas

Rose: Michigan vs. West Virginia

Fiesta: Texas vs. Boise State

Orange: Georgia Tech vs. Louisville

Sugar: Florida vs. Notre Dame

International: South Florida vs. Northern Illinois

GMAC: Southern Miss vs. Ohio

BCS: Ohio State vs. USC

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