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Hi, this is my first post on my blog. Uh...I watched the two movie DVD that features Doctor of Doom and Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Women. They're both dubbed lucha libre movies put out by some dude named K. Gordon Murray who was at one time a major player in the exploitation movie scene it seems. The first movie is better than the second, but neither are great and nothing really stuck out to me other than the sheer badness of the wrestling scenes. First off, the two lead wrestlers(both women) wear full body suits, the likes of which I have never seen in a wrestling ring save for Goldust's outfit. But costume was at least interesting to look at, these girls wear completely plain outfits that come up as gray in these black and white movies. They seem to use more judo than wrestling, with lots of arm throws and stuff. This is made even more apparent when they fight two women who are called judo champions. No actual wrestling rules seem to be in effect here, and during the course of the two movies, there is only one pinfall attempt, everything else is won by submission. The second movie's title is very misleading, as the two women never even attempt to fight the mummy.

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