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HOF Profile: Albert Belle

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Albert Belle - Leftfielder


Cleveland Indians 1989-1996

Chicago White Sox 1997-1998

Baltimore Orioles 1999-2000


2nd year on the ballot


Past HOF Voting Results

2006: 7.7%



1993 AL Silver Slugger - OF

1994 AL Silver Slugger - OF

1995 ML Sporting News Player of the Year

1995 AL Silver Slugger - OF

1996 AL Silver Slugger - OF

1998 AL Silver Slugger - OF


All-Star Selections: 5 (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997)


League Leader

1993: RBI

1994: Total Bases

1995: Runs, Doubles, Homeruns, Total Bases, Slugging Pct.

1996: RBI

1998: Total Bases, Slugging Pct., OPS, OPS+, Runs Created


Career Ranks

HR: 54th

SLG%: 19th

OPS: 35th

OPS+: 58th

AB/HR: 22nd


Hall of Fame Stats


Black Ink: Batting - 28 (62) (Average HOFer ≈ 27)

Gray Ink: Batting - 137 (117) (Average HOFer ≈ 144)

HOF Standards: Batting - 36.1 (187) (Average HOFer ≈ 50)

HOF Monitor: Batting - 134.5 (94) (Likely HOFer > 100)


Similar Batters in HOF: 1 (Hank Greenberg)

Other Similar Batters: Juan Gonzalez, Carlos Delgado, Jim Edmonds, Jason Giambi, Moises Alou, Vladimir Guerrero, Dick Allen, Rocky Colavito, Tim Salmon


Year-by-Year Win Shares & Wins Above Replacmenet Level (WARP3)


1989: 6/0.9

1990: 0/-0.1

1991: 15/4.9

1992: 16/5.3

1993: 27/10.5

1994: 24/11.4

1995: 30/13.7

1996: 31/11.3

1997: 18/5.6

1998: 37/12.3

1999: 24/9.9

2000: 15/4.2


Career Win Shares: 243

Career WARP3: 90.0


Would he get my vote?


No. From a peak standpoint, Belle has a serious case. He was one the most feared and best hitters of the 90's. Four times he posted an OPS+ of better than 150, six times in the Top 10 in the league in slugging, eight times in total bases, nine times in RBI, and nine times in homeruns. Although he isn't listed as one of Belle's comps you can bring up Ralph Kiner who is in the HOF, who like Belle had a very short career and was a dominating power hitter while he was active. But I personally don't view Kiner as a HOF and even though I weigh peak a little more than a player's career I just don't think Belle lasted quite long enough to be a HOF. If his hip had held up just for a couple of more good years I think it would have pushed him over the top. I may also had given him my imaginary vote if he had been a good defensive outfielder but he was below average at best. It was actually a mild surprise he got enough votes last year to stay on the ballot given his on the field and off the field persona but with a much deeper ballot this year I doubt he makes it to 2008.

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