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Ranking the Super Bowls I've Seen

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Start out by giving kudos to the NFL Network for finally airing the original broadcasts of past Super Bowls, if only a small sample of them but it's a start. I can only hope that is a test run that leads to them airing classic games on a regular basis or at least start putting some of them on DVD like MLB and NBA are now doing. Super Bowl XIII is on tommorrow night and I think I might do a write up on that one.


As I've mentioned in the past my memories of sports begin in 1986. I've been told by my family I already had a big interest in sports before then but for whatever reason I can't remember anything before 1986 and my first sports memory is watching Super Bowl XX with my brother on my parent's bedroom television. We were rooting for the Patriots and not that I remember why, maybe because the Bears dominance had completley wiped out the 49ers dominance of the previous year. Obviously we ended up being dissapointed. Now for ranking the Super Bowls that I've seen, or remember seeing at least, there is no formula to this. It is purely subjective and incredibly biased.


#1 Super Bowl XXIII - 49ers 20, Bengals 16


See what I mean? Ya the first half was nothing special but unless the 49ers win another Super Bowl in a more exciting fashion it will never be trumped as my favorite Super Bowl ever. Still the only one to ever to be decided with a touchdown in the final minute and I hope it stays that way for a long time.


#2 Super Bowl XXXVIII - Patriots 32, Panthers 29


There was nothing to indicate that this would be a classic going into but we all know the NFL is fixed and the Patriots always have to win on a last second field goal or something. Anyways like the halftime show, the 4th quarter of this game was indeed the tits.


#3 Super Bowl XXXII - Broncos 31, Packers 24


Start to finish this might truly be the best Super Bowl ever although had a some what anti-climatic deciding touchdown. I always hated John Elway but I was actually rooting for the Broncos here as for some odd reason I started feelling sorry for the guy's playoff failures. That would change the next year.


#4 Super Bowl XXV - Giants 20, Bills 19


I'm looking forward to watching the re-broadcast of this game as I couldn't appreciate the game at the time. I wanted the entire Giants team dead, especially Leonard Marshall, for ending the 49ers run at a three-peat so I was just pissed when Norwood missed the winning field goal.


#5 Super Bowl XXXIV - Rams 23, Titans 16


Had the most exciting play ending to a Super Bowl ever but for most of the first three quarters this game was a dog but the Rams inability to put the ball in the endzone allowed the Titans to stay in it.


#6 Super Bowl XXXVI - Patriots 20, Rams 17


Big upset with a memorable finish but it took a defensive holding call on a 4th and goal that kept this a game instead of turning into a blowout.


#7 Super Bowl XXXIX - Patriots 24, Eagles 21


Biiiiiiiiiig drop off in quality after the top 6 and this game is put here by default as a late touchdown by the Eagles kind of made it interesting.


#8 Super Bowl XXX - Cowboys 27, Steelers 17


A game that was supposed to be a blowout and may have had a big upset if Neil O'Donnel doesn't groove two interceptions to Larry Brown. Seriously they shouldn't have even given out an MVP award for this one.


#9 Super Bowl XL - Steelers 21, Seahawks 10


Only this high for being competitive but this was an ugly game with terrible officiating.


#10 Super Bowl XXXI - Packers 35, Patriots 21


Three huge touchdowns by the Packers and the Patriots sort of hanging around made this game semi-entertaining but you never got the sense that an upset would happen.


#11 Super Bowl XXVII - Cowboys 30, Bills 13


Now we're getting to the blowouts and this is the top one only because of the Bills shocking halftime lead that was gone by the first minute of the second half.


#12 Super Bowl XXIV - 49ers 55, Broncos 10


BIAS~! Come on you'll never see a more perfect display of offense for four quarters again than what the 49ers did this day. History also forgets that the Broncos did have a very good defense. Ya probably is the worst one of all-time but my list.


#13 Super Bowl XXXVII - Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21


MORE BIAS~! The next best thing to the 49ers winning a Super Bowl is the Raiders losing a Super Bowl. Still one of the hilarious moments in sports history is the Raiders not thinking to change up their playbook at all against their former coach.


#14 Super Bowl XXI - Giants 39, Broncos 20


Well it was competitive for a half.


#15 Super Bowl XXII - Redskins 42, Broncos 10


Well it was competitive for a quarter. Watched the replay the other night and that second quarter of the Redskins is fun to watch.


#16 Super Bowl XX - Bears 46, Patriots 10


It's amazing I still watched sports after this debacle. Only ranked this high for the historic nature of the beating the Bears defense put on the Patriots.


#17 Super Bowl XXIX - 49ers 49, Chargers 26


Ya even my bias can't rate this high as this game was as much a forgone conclusion as you'll ever get and was over by the 3rd play of the game.


#18 Super Bowl XXVI - Redskins 37, Bills 24


The Redskins could have turned this into one of the historic blowouts by they called off the dogs after going up 24-0. The In Living Color special at halftime was much more entertaining than the game.


#19 Super Bowl XXXIII - Broncos 34, Falcons 19


Eww. John Ewlay suddenly now THE GREATEST QUARTERACK EVER according to the media after the game against the The Dirty Bird. Pass.


#20 Super Bowl XXVII - Cowboys 52, Bills 17


Didn't even watch the second half so I missed the Leon Lett play. Only doesn't come in last because I had a genuine rooting interest since there's never been a team in sports I hated more than this 90's Cowboys.


#21 Super Bowl XXXV - Ravens 34, Giants 7


Trent Dilfer. Kerry Collins. Super Bowl quarterbacks. Yikes. Never have I cared less about a Super Bowl going into it and it lived up to my expectations.

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