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World Series DVDs: 1979 - Game 6 & 7

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1979 World Series Game 6 - Pirates 4, Orioles 0 (boxscore and play account)


-This game was played on a Tuesday just two days after the Colts played a game and the football yard marks a very visible. Once again it's a very good thing that multi-purpose stadiums are almost gone.


-Howard Cosell spends time early in the game whining about some unamed Baltimore columnist whining about ABC's habbit of showing the players wives on a regular basis, which it did get completely out of hand in a few of the games. Maybe not quite as annoying as FOX cutting to close ups of fans between almost every pitch in the playoffs now.


-In every game they've played brief interview clips of players with Cosell and there's a kind of interesting one here of Rick Dempsey talking shit about Bill Madlock.


-Several promos done for ABC's college football line up that Saturday, featuring USC/Notre Dame and Texas/Arkansas. #4 USC would crush #9 Notre Dame 42-23 and #10 Arkansas would upset #2 Texas 17-14.


-In case you only thought today's announcers had hard ons for scrappy, short, white middle infielders like David Eckstein, Cosell and Keith Jackson constantly fawn over Phil Garner here. Cosell constantly calls him "The Little Pepper Pot" which as far as I can tell never caught as a nickname for Garner but "Scrap Iron" did. Garner did have a great series though and through this game was probably the favorite for the series MVP before Stargell's huge Game 7.


-The scoreless tie is broken in the 7th inning when with Omar Moreno on first and going on the pitch, Tim Foli chops one up the middle. Kiko Garcia makes a terrible decision by waiting right at the bag at second for the ball to get to him instead of cutting it off to get the easy out out first, thinking he can get a double play which would have been impossible with Moreno going on the pitch. The ball ends up going through Garcia's legs and Rich Dauer backing him up can't get Foli at first. It's scored a hit. Dave Parker then follows with a hard hit ball at Dauer but he misjudges the ball of the bat and commits to far to his left and can't recover to get in front it thus allowing it to get through for a base hit. There was a lot of bad fielding in this series although some of it had to do with the terrible shape of the Memorial Stadium turf.


-Relief aces/closers were overused during this era but it was kind of cool to see Kent Tekulve come in here and shutdown the Orioles for three straight innings.



1979 World Series Game 7 - Pirates 4, Orioles 1 (boxscore and play account)


-Jimmy Carter was at the game. Ya I know you care.


-Coming into this game the road team had won 12 of the last 15 Game 7's in the World Series. The Pirates win here is the last time this has happened as the home team is 8-0 since.


-Cosell thinks advancing the runner should be an official stat. Hey he was light years ahead of Buster Olney for coming up with completely meaningless statistics.


-By far the most tense, exciting moment of the series comes in the bottom of the 8th. Trailing 2-1, the Orioles 2nd & 3rd with two out and Chuck Tanner had Tekulve intentionally walk Ken Singleton to load the bases to pitch to Eddie Murray who was 0 for his last 20. Murray hit one hard to right and Parker would stumble going back for the ball and for the briefest of moments it looks like it would go over his head but he recovers to make the catch. That would have ranked up their with the Buckner play if Parker had fallen down and potentially cost the Pirates the series.


-The top of the 9th lasts forever as at one point Earl Weaver makes four straight pitching changes as the Pirates had a staggered left/right line-up. It backfires as Mike Flanangan gives up an RBI single to Omar Moreno, Doug Stanhouse gives up a single to Tim Foli, Tippy Martinez plunks Dave Parker to load the bases, and on his first pitch Dennis Martinez hits Bill Robinson on the hand to force in the Pirates' final run.


-When Flanangan makes his rare relief apperance it is mentioned that his wife had an emergency apedectomy that morning. Cosell takes this time to take about how hot she is. One of the few times in the series Cosell made me smile.


-Tekulve pitches a pefect 9th and even though it was in the visiting park the fans still run on the field. Steve Nicosia is seen beating down who I'm assuming was an upset Baltimore fan with his catcher's mask in the melee.


Bonus Clips


-Nothing terribly interesting here except they have the original footage of the final three outs of the Pirates sweep of the Reds in the NLCS.


-They include all of ABC's postgame coverage in the clips and President Carter was involved in the trophy presentation. Chuck Tanner is as giddy as a school girl to be talking to him while it appeared to me that Willie Stargell wasn't sure who he was.


Here's just a list of the extras.


1. Bruce Kison: Origin of "We Are Family"

2. Bill Robinson: "The Family"

3. Don Robinson: Characters on the Pirates

4. Tim Foli: Pirates Had Roles

5. Dave Parker's Outfield Assist, 1979 All-Star Game (just a TWiB recap)

6. NLCS Clincher: Last Inning and Celebration (original footage)

7. Don Robinson: Rookie in the World Series

8. Willie Stargell: Compares 1971 and 1979 Pirates

9. Willie Stargell: Pirates Put Aside Differences

10. Tim Foli: On Willie Stargell

11. Willie Stargell: Chuck Tanner Fights Through Tragedy

12. Tom Boswell: Willie Stargell, Pirates Leader

13. Bill Robinson: Stargell's Homerun

14. Earl Weaver: Dissapointment of 1979

15. Last Out and Celebration

16. World Series Trophy Presentation

17. World Series MVP Trophy Presentation to Willie Stargell

18. Bill Robinson: City of Champions and Closeness of Club

19. Pirates Championship Rally

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Steve Nicosia is seen beating down who I'm assuming was an upset Baltimore fan with his catcher's mask in the melee.


Given the conditions, it is likely the fan might have tried to steal Nicosia's glove or hat or something of that nature. One of the big problems with the postgame celebrations was that fans would try and take whatever souvenir they could. What I love about that clip is that after Nicosia walks away, the fan appears to get up and continue jumping around. As if saying "hey, I got beat up by Steve Nicosia!"

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