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Draftback: 1986 NFL Draft

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Oh it's the time of year again where idiots like me waste an entire weekend watching the most boring possible thing to watch in sports, the NFL Draft, but for someone reason we just can't turn away. So in honor of this I'll do what I did last year and take a look back at the 1st Rounds of a few drafts of the past providing zero analysis and bad jokes. Here were the ones I did last year:







This year I picked 1986 to start as the #1 pick didn't even sign and it was quite the draft for my 49ers but they had no 1st round pick so I won't be talking about it.




1. Tampa Bay - Bo Jackson, RB, Auburn


No we are well aware that it is not unheard of for #1 picks to whine their way into the trade like John Elway and Eli Manning but for one to not sign at all? Only the 80's Bucs could have pulled off such a feat. Jackson decided he'd rather play baseball for the Royals, who weren't a joke back then, than for the sorry Bucs. The Raiders would then steal him in the 7th round the following year where he'd play partial seasons for them for four years before suffering a career ending hip injury in the playoffs following the 1990 season.


2. Atlanta - Tony Casillas, DT, Oklahoma


Solid but never a standout player for 12 years, best known for winning two Super Bowls with the Cowboys.


3. Houston - Jim Everett, QB, Purdue


Always seemed like an odd pick as Houston of course already had Warren Moon, Everett never signed and his rights were eventually traded to the Rams. Dubbed the "Quarterback of the 90's", no I'm not making that up, after two very good years in 1988 & 1989 but a complete ass beating at the hands of the 49ers in the '89 NFC Championship Game seemed to shake his confidence and he never lived up the hype.


4. Indianapolis - John Hand, DE, Alabama


Another solid but unspectacular top 5 pick, had 10 sacks in 1989.


5. St. Louis - Anthony Bell, LB, Michigan State


A bad pick by the Cardinals? A shocking development to say the least.


6. New Orleans - Jim Dombrowski, T, Virginia


Primarily a guard in the NFL, started every game for the Saints between 1988 and 1995.


7. Kansas City - Brian Jozwiak, T, West Virginia


Bust, lasted three years and never made a start.


8. San Diego - Leslie O'Neal, DE, Oklahoma State


Would win Defensive Rookie of the Year after registering 12.5 sacks, finished with 132.5 career sacks and was selected to six Pro Bowls.


9. Pittsburgh - John Rienstra, G, Temple


"The Raging Rhino" lasted seven years, almost exclusively as a back up.


10. Philadelphia - Keith Byars, RB, Ohio State


Made a name for himself as superb receiver out of the backfield, eventually moving to tight end later in his career. Finished with 610 career receptions.


11. Cincinnati - Joe Kelly, LB, Washington


Played 11 years but hell if I remember him. I'll just assume announcers always called him "Jim" by accident.


12. Detroit - Chuck Long, QB, Iowa


Lions probably should never take a quarterback in the 1st round ever again. Maybe that's why Millen always takes receivers. 64.5 career passing rating.


13. San Diego - James Fitzpatrick, T, USC


Chargers didn't fair nearly as well with their second pick of the 1st round. Lasted six years, did nothing of note.


14. Minnesota - Gerald Robinson, DE, Auburn


Total non-descript career only playing two years with the Vikings.


15. Seattle - John L. Williams, RB, Florida


I guess this was the year for drafting receiving backs as John L. had 546 career receptions and made two Pro Bowls as a fullback.


16. Buffalo - Ronnie Harmon, RB, Iowa


Holy crap, had to be more receptions by running backs than any other draft. Harmon had 582 career receptions, better known for his days in San Diego.


17. Atlanta - Tim Green, LB, Syracuse


Better known now as an announcer and writing a lot of bad novels.


18. Dallas - Mike Sherrard, WR, UCLA


Suffered a badly broken leg in a scrimmage before the 1987 season, he wouldn't play a down again until 1990 making a comeback as third receiver with the 49ers and Giants.


19. N.Y. Giants - Eric Dorsey, DE, Notre Dame


7 sacks in seven years.


20. Buffalo - Will Wolford, T, Vanderbilt


Very good tackle for the majority of his 13 years, made three Pro Bowls.


21. Cincinnati - Tim McGee, WR, Tennessee


One very good year in 1989, but merely decent the rest.


22. N.Y. Jets - Mike Haight, T, Iowa


Haight wasn't even considered a lock to get drafted at all so this was your typical Jets' 1st round pick. Did last 7 years though.


23. L.A. Rams - Mike Schad, T, Queens University


That's Queens University in Ontario, Canada and was the first Canadian university player to ever be picked in the 1st round and did nothing to make his country proud after that.


24. L.A. Raiders - Bob Buczkowski, DE, Pittsburgh


Who are you to doubt the scouting genius that is Al Davis? Played a total of two games for the Raiders.


25. Tampa Bay - Rod Jones, CB, SMU


Hey at least the Bucs signed him. Did play 11 years, mainly as a back up.


26. New England - Reggie Dupard, RB, SMU


Hey he's a running back from SMU so he must be another Eric Dickerson! Um, not quite. 704 career rushing yards.


27. Chicago - Neal Anderson, RB, Florida


Had the misfortune of having to replace Walter Payton but he did a fairly good job with three straight 1,000 yard years from 1988 to 1990.



Other Players of Note


34. Houston - Ernest Givens, WR, Louisville

43. Cleveland - Webster Slaughter, WR, San Diego State

50. L.A. Rams - Tom Newberry, G, Wisconsin-La Crosse

51. N.Y. Giants - Pepper Johnson, LB, Ohio State

56. San Francisco - Tom Rathman, RB, Nebraska

60. New Orleans - Pat Swilling, LB, Georgia Tech

67. Pittsburgh - Bubby Brister, QB, NE Louisiana

76. San Francisco - John Taylor, WR, Delaware State

78. Cincinnati - David Fulcher, S, Arizona State

84. Green Bay - Tim Harris, DE, Memphis State

96. San Fancisco - Charles Haley, DE, James Madison

101. San Francisco - Steve Wallace, T, Auburn

102. San Francisco - Kevin Fagan, DE, Miami

135. Pittsburgh - Brent Jones, TE, Santa Clara

146. Washington - Mark Rypien, QB, Washington State

162. San Francisco - Don Griffin, CB, Middle Tennessee State

208. Philadelphia - Seth Joyner, LB, UTEP

213. Washington - Kurt Gouveia, LB, BYU

233. Philadelphia - Clyde Simmons, DE, Western Carolina

254. St. Louis - Vai Sikahema, KR, BYU

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Harmon is more remembered for his wide open drop in the end zone of that '89 Divisional game in CLE with seconds remaining. And it got him shipped out of Buffalo. In the end, it was the best for all parties.

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