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Bizarro World/NBA Random List

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This past week has to be the most bizarre week I can remember in my sports lifetime. The Golden State Warriors upset of the Dallas Mavericks has made the Warriors the most talked about story by the national sports media, well until fat fuck Clemens signed with the Yankees today. Since I've been watching sports for the last 20+ years the only time the Warriors were ever the national conscious was when Latrell Sprewell choked P.J. Carlesimo almost 10 years ago. I have said in the past though that if the Warriors ever made a serious playof run that the Bay Area would go apeshit over it like nothing else and the crowds at The Oracle for those three games proved it. You have split fan bases in baseball and football, the Sharks have a nice hardcore base but hockey simply doesn't interest the moderate sports fan in the Bay Area, and pretty much only alumns get truly excited about Stanford and Cal sports. Hell the Warriors now even have bandwagon celebrity fans. It will be interesting to see if in the next round though as more bandwagon fans gobble up tickets if the crowds will be as insane as they were for the Dallas series. It's just crazy to think that if the Clippers don't lay an egg against the Kings at home on April 15th none of this might have happened.


Now of course the Mavericks became the 3rd #1 conference seed to lose in the first round to a #8 seed and only the 2nd overall #1 to lose in the first round since the NBA expanded the playoffs to 16 teams in 1984, joining the '94 Sonics. What's interesting it was only the 3rd time since '84 that the #1 overall didn't reach the conference the finals, the other being the '90 Lakers who were bounced by the Suns in the West semis that year. The Mavs are now part of trend where six of the last seven teams who had homecourt assured through out the playoffs has failed to make it to the NBA Finals. Before then 13 of the 17 overall #1's made it to the Finals, with 10 winning it all.


Now here is the random list with how each team who had homecourt assured through out the playoffs faired each year since 1984.


1984: Boston Celtics 62-20

-def. Lakers in NBA Finals 4-3


1985: Boston Celtics 63-19

-lost to Lakers in NBA Finals 4-2


1986: Boston Celtics 67-15

-def. Rockets in NBA Finals 4-2


1987: Los Angeles Lakers 65-17

-def. Celtics in NBA Finals 4-2


1988: Los Angeles Lakers 62-20

-def. Pistons in NBA Finals 4-3


1989: Detroit Pistons 63-19

-def. Lakers in NBA Finals 4-0


1990: Los Angeles Lakers 63-19

-lost to Suns in West Semis 4-1


1991: Portland Trail Blazers 63-19

-lost to Lakers in West Finals 4-2


1992: Chicago Bulls 67-15

-def. Blazers in NBA Finals 4-2


1993: Phoenix Suns 62-20

-lost to Bulls in NBA Finals 4-2


1994: Seattle Supersonics 63-19

-lost to Nuggets in First Round 3-2


1995: San Antonio Spurs 62-20

-lost to Rockets in West Finals 4-2


1996: Chicago Bulls 72-10

-def. Sonics in NBA Finals 4-2


1997: Chicago Bulls 69-13

-def. Jazz in NBA Finals 4-2


1998: Utah Jazz 62-20

-lost to Bulls in NBA Finals 4-2


1999: San Antonio Spurs 37-13

-def. Knicks in NBA Finals 4-1


2000: Los Angeles Lakers 67-15

-def. Pacers in NBA Finals 4-2


2001: San Antonio Spurs 58-24

-lost to Lakers in West Finals 4-0


2002: Sacramento Kings 61-21

-lost to Lakers in West Finals 4-3


2003: San Antonio Spurs 60-22

-def. Nets in NBA Finals 4-2


2004: Indiana Pacers 61-21

-lost to Pistons in East Finals 4-2


2005: Phoenix Suns 62-20

-lost to Spurs in West Finals 4-1


2006: Detroit Pistons 64-18

-lost to Heat in East Finals 4-2


2007: Dallas Mavericks 67-15

-lost to Warriors in First Round 4-2

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