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The Worst Thread Going Today

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Who should Michaels make a star?, Which guy should he put over?


Shawn Michaels has to be one of the vetrans in WWE who still has enough star power and hasn't become damaged goods that could be used to make somebody in the midcard a star. The question being, who should that somebody be? Obiviously once his program with Hogan is over of course.


That says it all, doesn't it?


There are a lot of individual posts which make me scratch my head, or smack my head against the desk, or that generally make my head hurt, but rarely is there an entire thread full of dumbassery.


To start, the premise is wonked. Shawn Michaels isn't in the business of putting over anyone but himself - this has been a constant in his career. I can't think of a single person since HBK's return that has benefited from a feud with him other than Hunter - and that was only because it allowed HHH a few months to jerk off on screen. Edge? No. Benoit? No. Orton? No. Jericho? No. Kane? No. Batista? No. Angle? No. And even if it were true that the dude was willing to put guys over, he doesn't have the credibility any more to effectively do so. Michaels has been established as a "legend", which is great for getting cheers, but it also means "old". A big, strong, muscular, young guy against an small, skinny, old guy. It doesn't work. And Shawn has stooged so much in his career, that him getting thrown around like a rag doll doesn't carry much weight. Sadly, this is a concept missed by fellow TSMers.


If I was booking Raw, you know who I'd have Shawn Michaels make into a star? Shawn Michaels.


Honestly, I can't think of anyone that I'd rather see carry the program as champion right now. Kurt Angle's been my favorite wrestler for over three years now, but when I saw the Angle/Cena poster circulating the net, my first reaction was "fuck, why aren't they having HBK follow up the Hogan match with a title shot."


If we're looking long-term, I would like to see HBK put over RVD at some point, since he needs to be the face to carry Raw for the next couple years, but I think to do it properly, Shawn should have at least three or four months with the title first.


- Dumbfuck #1. Giving Shawn the title is a step-back.


I agree with that, Cena's 15 minutes of fame is almost up and WWE seriously needs somebody to take over as the #1 babyface on RAW.


- Dumbfuck #2 agreeing with Dumbfuck #1. Cena is far-and-away the most over and most marketable guy in the WWE. I don't like his schtick and have only found one of his matches to be worth anything, but I won't ignore his overness.


I don't like either of them. Shelton can work, but neither men have personality, and RVD is a spot monkey.


If anything I would've said Christian, but they went and fucking moved him to "that other show that none of my channels carry."


- Dumbfuck #3. Sheldon has no personality, RVD is a spot monkey... Christian is insanely boring in the ring. Christian vs. HBK? The first one to do a good move wins! Awful.


the WWE will waste his rub on the already over Cena, who will then get crushed by HHH thus negating Cena as a title threat and killing HBK's rub effect all in one fail swoop...it's pretty obvious guys...


- Not the dumbest thing that has come from Dumbfuck #4, but the "waste his rub" is so silly. A rub is elevation by association. Cena is the most over guy on the show and is the WWE champ. He is currently in the position to provide the rub, not receive one.


If Shawn should job clean against anyone, it's Cena or (dun dun dun) Chris Masters. Masters already looks credible, and it would be somewhat believable to have Michaels pass out from the Masterlock, at this point anyways.


Definetly not Shelton "so much potential" Benjamin with his lack of ability to speak clearly and lack of using his brain in the ring to have a good match instead of just using his athletic ability to do a bunch of good spots. RVD is a lost cause at this point.


- Dumb on a lot of levels by Dumbfuck #5. I can sorta see the Chris Masters thing, as it would get over his size and strength. But then where would it go? Nowhere. Shawn would be ok the next week and the impact of the move would be lost. Shawn is a fitting guy to go down to the masterlock (after big show, hopefully), but he wouldn't "make" Masters with it.


*cabbageboy offers the first intelligent thought*


He should pass the torch too...Jericho or RVD.


- If this didn't come from Dumbfuck #6, I would have thought it to be sarcasm.


Jericho will never hold that torch again, that much is painfully apparent...he SHOULD HAVE passed the torch at WM19...


- Dumbfuck #4, in regards to his dumbfuck peers, is the least worse of the bunch. He still is a bit off. Jericho needed the torch passed years before WM 19 -the match with Michaels simply was his last attempt at being considered anything legitimate in the WWE.


When Conway first debuted, most of us liked his potential and thought he could develop into a great wrestler. He had paid his dues in OVW and apparently put on a good show down there. He instantly made La Resistance a good tag team when he started wrestling as half the team, and they were good with either partner alongside Conway.


We have also heard how he stood toe to toe with Benoit in workouts, so he obviously busts his ass training. He also stated in an interview that he wants to pattern his career after Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, as they did tag team wrestling, held the secondary titles, then won the world title. He also wants to make a name for himself as a good worker.


So, I was thinking that Conway's look and attire is kind of in the same fashion as HBK's during his IC-level run. If Conway works his way into getting the IC Title in a few months and has a good run with it, he could draw some comparisons to HBK by the announcers. Then after dropping the title, Michaels could solidify him as an upper-midcarder


- I won't lump the author of this in with the dumbfucks, I will however call it "Dumb post by an otherwise rational poster". That La Res was ever a good tag team boggles my mind, let alone his presense there making them good. "Better"? Yes. "Good" no. I don't really care if he has the ability to be a good worker or how much he wants to be a good worker, he simply doesn't show good wrestling in the ring. And even if I were to compromise that by saying what he does is "passable" ("basic"), I don't want passable. I want great. I've seen flashes of brilliance in Orton, Lesnar, and Benjamin long before they were popular in the WWE - I don't see it yet in Conway and until I do I won't consider him worthy of such praise or value.


I agree.


Until they build the show, title, and just everything overall up, it isn't going to matter who he jobs to, or how many people he does so. He could help set things back on track over the next year, and THEN help build up some other guys.


- Dumbfuck #7 agreeing with Dumbfuck #2 in typical Dumbfuck Downhome fashion.


I also agree, a win over Michaels right now would mean nothing compared to what it would mean after a win over Hogan and a few months with the world title. Not the mention, he's the most entertaining guy on Raw and should be at the top again, regardless.


- Dumbfuck #8, continuing the notion that HBK can be given more credibility after a few months of wins, as if HBK isn't old and small and skinny - and has been wrestling for 20 years.


*KR offers some much-needed perspective on the issue*


... The rest of the thread is minor dumb posts, an Uber-Dumbass makes his dumbass opinions known that other dumbasses will no doubt agree with, but I'll leave that one up to you, kind reader, to figure out.

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.. an Uber-Dumbass makes his dumbass opinions known that other dumbasses will no doubt agree with, but I'll leave that one up to you, kind reader, to figure out.


I know who you're talking about, and he proves he is an Uber-Dumbass with just about every post he makes.


That thread is just filled with people who don't know what they are talking about, but are blindly going about their idiotic way thinking that they do.

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I love the mindset in that folder of finding one weakness a wrestler has, harping on it to death, and then arguing that *that alone* is enough reason for the wrestler to never get a push into the main events. Funny, funny, funny.


Please go on TSM Radio and bash them by name. Perhaps we can call it RavishingRickRadio that day.

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Maybe I can freestyle to a beat and dissem like Em.


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