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College Football Wrap Up 9/2

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For the two of you who care, I'll try to get around to finish my Tecmo Super Bowl sim at some point this month.


Last year I did weekly entries wrapping up the previous day of college football until I ran out of bad jokes which was about three weeks into the season. But never the less I'm going to give it a shot again this year making short and completely un-insightful observations about every game from the weekend that I watched for more than two seconds. My favorite thing about college football is the sheer number of games at one time you can flip through. This year for the first time I now have CollegeSportsTV thus giving me even more football goodness.


Tulsa 35, Louisana-Monroe 17. This was how the college football season kicked off. Not exactly USC/Virginia Tech from 2004, eh? The only thing I noticed about this game was whoever the announcer was for ESPN his voice sounded like he was calling the game on radio yet there were no audio difficulties. Very bizarre.


LSU 45, Mississippi State 0. Bulldogs scored as many points as there will be black coaches in the SEC after this year. Poor Sylvester Croom.


Oregon State 24, Utah 7. Welcome back Utah quarterback Brian Johnson from a torn ACL and goodbye now to a separated shoulder. What was crazy he stayed in for one play after injurying his shoulder and threw a pass. Now that's a real man.


Washington 42, Syracuse 12. I'm hoping this is a sign that the Pac-10 is even more loaded than people thought but its probably more a sign that Syracuse is complete dogshit.


Virginia Tech 17, East Carolina 7. ESPN exploiting tragedy for ratings? Never saw it coming. Does it make me a heartless prick to say that I'm really hoping LSU blows them out next week? Seriously the collective boner that network will get if the Hokies make a serious run at that national title would crush us all.


Michigan State 55, UAB 18. UAB is going to make a major run at being the worst non-Sun Belt team in the country this season. This game was the real downside of the Big Ten Network as in past years the Michigan game would have been on GamePlan and they could have switched to it the second half.


Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32. Okay I didn't see this game since I like 90% of the country don't have the Big Ten Network, not that I really want it as their game line up is awful although I certainly would have wanted it for this one. But forget Michigan for a second, how big of a disspointment would it be if App State doesn't three peat as I-AA/FCS/whatever the fuck we're calling it now this year?


Colorado 31, Colorado State 28. For a game that was tight and went to overtime I was Bored out of my mind for some reason.


Wyoming 23, Virginia 3. This game was so bad I don't remember a damn thing about it.


Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3. Eh, this would have been a lot more fun if it had been Brady Quinn being murdered by the Yellow Jacket defense.


Wisconsin 42, Washington State 21. Would Paul Maguire drop dead already? He makes every game he calls completely unwatchable, amazingly even with the mute on. Brad Nessler and Bob Griese really pissed someone off at ESABCPN to get stuck with him for a second straight year.


Boston College 38, Wake Forest 28. Shame this game was going at the same time as the awesome Missouri/Illinois game or I would have watched more of it. Wake winning the ACC last year reminded me of Stanford winning the Pac-10 in 1999 and like it was for the Cardinal, last year will likely end up being a fluke for the Deacons.


Missouri 40, Illinois 34. Seriously this was the best game of the weekend and I think was the only one who watched the majority of it. Bad sign from Mizzou though to give up 400+ yards of offense to one of the worst teams in the Big Ten, even after knocking out their starting quarterback. Not that winning the Big XII North requires one to be any good.


UCLA 45, Stanford 17. You know things are bad for your program when this is considered progress. I do like that Jim Harbaugh does seem certifiably insane.


BYU 20, Arizona 7. Fomer Bills tackle and athiest Glenn Parker was the analyst for this one so being in the Mormon capital of the world must have been fun. Holy crap I just looked up his Wiki entry and he was born in the same town as me! I'm honored. And he's going to hell.


TCU 27, Baylor 0. My first ever I-A CSTV game and it was this. I watched for three seconds.


Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14. God damn CFN for convincing me that Oklahoma State was actually going to be a serious threat this year.


Oklahoma 79, North Texas 10. Got to love Fox Sports Net as they always feel the nation needs to see crap like this.


Auburn 23, Kansas State 13. I'll pretty much steal from EDSBS on this one and say that Auburn is the master of playing like shit for three quarters and then pulling a win out of their ass in the 4th.


California 45, Tennessee 31. Must. Kill. EVERYONE. Seriously fuck you Tennessee as now I got to put up with Cal in the national title picture until USC beats them again. Volunteers? Volunteer to suck my dick.


UTEP 10, New Mexico 6. Oof this was ugly and I think a legit upset as UTEP didn't look like shit coming into this year.


USC 38, Idaho 10. I like USC and all but hell if I was going to sit through much of this. Did see Vidal Hazleton make a sick, one-handed touchdown catch though.

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