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Bored's Pointless Top 25

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iggymcfly and Carnvial have them so I might as well too. I'm actually doing this in lieu of my pointless College Football Wrap-up as I missed all of the mid-day games yesterday and next Saturday I have to work and possibly the Saturday after that as well so it might be a while before I do another Wrap up entry. I did want to do a Worst Top 25 poll but then I realized that would take more time than doing a generic Top 25 so I opted for the lazy route.


One thing to get out of the way before this quickly thrown together poll I do have one crackpot theory about early season polls. I rarely see a point during the first month of the season of ranking a team that has already lost a game. With the current college football postseason structure, the regular season is supposedly a "playoff" unto itself where if a team loses they are eliminated. This of course is not true since one loss teams have and will win national championships but you get the idea. Teams that lose this early in the season are very likley to lose again and I personally don't see any team that has lost a game already this season that is going to run the table, although I won't keep anyone from making the argument for one. So that said for now I'm only going to rank teams that are undefeated but after next week we will be almost month into the season and at that point I may change that, if I actually do another one.


Also I'm really for the most part only taking into account what has happened so far this season, which is how the polls are supposed to work but don't. Yes Boston College is ranked too high but they've won three conference games and none of them were really in any doubt late in the game so I say give credit where credit is due at this point. I put this together in about ten minutes so don't even bother looking at it.


1. LSU

2. USC

3. Oklahoma

4. Florida

5. West Virginia

6. Boston College

7. Ohio State

8. South Carolina

9. California

10. Oregon

11. Texas

12. Penn State

13. Wisconsin

14. Rutgers

15. Kentucky

16. Auburn Alabama

17. South Florida

18. Clemson

19. Arizona State

20. Cincinnati

21. Missouri

22. Hawaii

23. Texas A&M

24. Kansas

25. Purdue

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OK, these are some weird rules you've got. One-loss teams are automatically out, but two loss teams are OK? If Auburn had gotten by Mississippi State, would they be disqualified from the Top 25?


In all seriousness, for a thrown together Top 25, it's not bad. I don't agree with the "don't rank a team with a loss" theorem. Either a team is one of the Top 25 or it isn't. Would you drop Texas out of the Top 25 when they lost to Ohio State last year? Still though, if you're ranking the Top 24 undefeated teams (throwing out the obvious Auburn mistake), it's at least reasonable throughout. The only thing I'd really complain about is Hawaii at 22, because they really don't deserve to be ranked at all right now. I'd put Air Force, Texas Tech, and Michigan State all ahead of them for starters, especially if you're working on the "this season counts above all" theory.

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See this is what happens when you type up something quick and don't bother to read it after you post it. Alabama is of course supposed to be #16, not Auburn.


There's definately exceptions to my "rule", which I basically came up with off the top of my head right before my entry, but like I said I don't see any of the one loss teams out there running the table and getting themselves into national title contention. So for the time being I say give the benefit of the doubt to the undefeated teams, even if they've played subpar competition because you never know which one might shock us and still be undefeated going into November. With Hawaii I really wasn't sure what to do with them thus ended being more generous with them than they probably deserve at the moment and I would slot Air Force at #25 if I did it over.

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