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Bored's Pointless Top 25 THAT BOWS DOWN TO NO MAN Edition

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What We Learned Last Night: The only team capable of beating USC in the Coliseum is Stanford. Hey they got the last two wins there.


Everything continues to be completely fucked up this year. We're now down to ten BCS conference undefeated teams and only three of them would anyone have expected to be at this point. Again I always give the benefit of the doubt to those teams so all of them are in my Top 10, even UConn. Also decided not to rank any two loss teams for this week, although that will go out the door next week. Sure you could argue Florida but they lost Auburn, who lost to Mississippi State and all three of those teams have two loses. I can't really justify ranking Mississippi State above Florida but how can you rank Florida above Auburn if they lost them at home?


The only one loss teams that I don't have ranked are Texas Tech and Texas A&M. Tech has played just about the weakest schedule of any BCS conference team to this point and lost to a bad Oklahoma State team. I did a double take when I noticed A&M was 5-1 as they've looked like complete shit against any team with a pulse but they pulled out close wins over Fresno State and Oklahoma State to keep their season from turning into a disaster. Those two happen to play each other next week so whoever wins I'll finally rank them.


But really none of this means anything, so don't bother reading it.


1. LSU

2. Ohio State

3. California

4. South Florida

5. Boston College

6. Missouri

7. Cincinnati

8. Arizona State

9. Kansas

10. Connecticut

11. South Carolina

12. Oregon

13. Oklahoma

14. West Virginia

15. Kentucky

16. USC

17. Illinois

18. Virginia Tech

19. Wisconsin

20. Florida State

21. Indiana

22. Hawaii

23. Boise State

24. Wyoming

25. Virginia

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I agree; I don't care about any team that doesn't have 'zero-loss magic.'


1. South Florida

2. Louisiana State

3. The Ohio State

4. Boston College

5. California

6. Kansas

7. Cincinnati

8. Missouri

9. Arizona State

10. Hawaii

11. Connecticut

12. *attempts to divide by zero*

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