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Bored's Pointless Top 25 Boring November Edition

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This was actually relatively uneventful Saturday and after all the chaos in the previous weeks I get the feeling we may have a boring November. We're down to only 10 BCS conference teams with one loss or less compared to 18 at this time last year so I think law of averages this past week might be a sign of things to come. Even now in the era of a 12 game regular season and conference championships I still don't see us having the first two loss, post-bowls national champion. Believe me though I would love a two loss champion as it would even further kill the argument that the regular season is one big playoff.


Almost made it through October without ranking any three loss teams but as the SEC continues to cannibalize itself I have no other choice.


1. Ohio State

2. Arizona State

3. Boston College

4. Kansas

5. LSU

6. West Virginia

7. Oklahoma

8. Oregon

9. Missouri

10. Georgia

11. Connecticut

12. Alabama

13. Virginia Tech

14. South Florida

15. Wake Forest

16. Auburn

17. Florida

18. Michigan

19. Tennessee

20. Wisconsin

21. South Carolina

22. USC

23. Kentucky

24. Hawaii

25. Boise State

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