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Best stories in Music begins with #12 & #11

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Gary Floyd


Yeah, it's 12 moments instead of 10 now. Let's get this started.




12.) Luther Campbell gets a blowjob on Stage


Back in the old school days of hip hop (when else?) 2 Live Crew were pretty controversial. One night in a concert in Japan, Luther Campbell (I think it was him at least) shouts out "Give Me a Blowjob!" The rest, as they say, is history, as a group of girls were more than willing to do so.


Honorable mention: Suge Knight and Tupac beat up a guy, and make him drink Pac's piss.




11.) Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Father to 57 Children.


Hawkins (mostly known for the song "I Put a Spell On You", claimed to be father of many illegitimate children. So, was he? Well, at least 12 of them showed up for a reunion, though he claimed without much exaggeration or joking that he was father to 57 kids. That is...something else. That's a lot of bastards.

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