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WWE Armageddon 2007

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I had been waiting to see this PPV as I had heard good things about its overall quality, which is a rare thing for WWE PPVs these days.


Rey Mysterio defeated WWE United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter by countout (11:29)


This was kind of a throwaway match in that WWE didn't want to take the US title off of MVP and they apparently didn't want to job their "biggest little man" to the rookie. Hence, we were given a fast-paced match with a lot of high spots. It was good for what it was, but they backed themselves into a corner in terms of the outcome.


Big Daddy V and Mark Henry (w/Matt Striker) defeated CM Punk and Kane (10:33)


This was one of those matches that surprises you. It was way better than it had any right to be. I have been a mild fan of CM Punk since his WWE debut, but after this one I am an even bigger fan. He kicked the living crap out of these guys. They more or less used Hot Tag Match Format #3 here, but it worked. Unfortunately, the finish was wrong. I was taken aback -- in a bad way -- by the heels going over here. CM Punk should have kicked out of the Samoan drop and given BDV some kind of kick for the win while Mark Henry and Kane were on the outside of the ring.


Shawn Michaels defeated Mr. Kennedy (15:16)


I really don't like Kennedy as a worker. I don't see him as a future main eventer so I wish HBK had gotten a more decisive victory here. The match itself was okay.


Jeff Hardy defeated Triple H (15:23)


I have been a big JH mark since his return to WWE. This was a good match with a great story. Unfortunately, I felt the pin came out of nowhere and didn't make sense. Triple H had beaten the crap out of Jeff and was about to give him a Pedigree and Jeff wriggled out of the double underhook for a somersault double-leg-hook-with-a-bridge pin? I don't know. I'd have preferred a more complex ending.


Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) defeated The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) (6:02)


Eh, it was a cute match. Nothing great or even good, but it gave the little men a moral victory.


Chris Jericho defeated WWE Champion Randy Orton by disqualification (15:05)


Here's another instance of where they back themselves into a corner according to their own set of parameters. They didn't want to let the returning Y2J do a job so they had JBL score the DQ for Randy Orton. They could have had JBL interfere and give Orton the win. This still would've progressed the JBL-Y2J feud and given us an actual decision. The match was good.


Edge defeated Batista © and The Undertaker in a Triple Threat match to win the World Heavyweight Championship (13:00)


Far from being athletic, they kept it interesting. The finish brought us back to eight years before when Kurt Angle used a similar plan as Edge did with several imposters. It seems as though Edge's title wins always involve some kind of chicanery. Does this take away from his value as a legitimate champion and main eventer? I don't think so, as he is a heel and he does have that larger-than-life personality to be a main eventer. Also, I like how he really makes us believe that he WANTS the belt.


Good show. Not as good as I had expected but way better than some PPVs. A good close to WWE PPVs in 2008, a year in which they did a bit better at putting on good shows.

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