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People I have on ignore-and why.

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Gary Floyd


I have posters on ignore, and for obvious reasons. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Here's who and why:


  • Deon-Every post he makes is horrible. He annoys me in every way. In a way, he is the worst poster on TSM who has never been banned.
  • C-Bacon-"Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff"-Frank Zappa. Think about that Bacon.
  • cabbageboy-I've known of his badness for a while, and just recently put him on ignore. He's a pretty bad poster, especially in the movie and WWE folders-which are known for having bad posters.
  • razazteca-He seems to have disappeared. Maybe I should put him off ignore.
  • VanHalen-Also M.I.A. Should have been named VanCherone.
  • Banky-Hard to enjoy the music folder without him on ignore.
  • The Truthiness-Put him on ignore last night. I am fully convinced he is a gimmick.
Here's people I should have on ignore, and probably will someday.


  • CheesalaisGood-I am absolutely certain this man is a truther.
  • Narcoleptic Jumper-He is a truther.
  • Enigma-Would make going to the WWE folder more enjoyable.
  • EHME-Do I really need to explain?
  • Marvinisalunatic-Ditto, though he's a little less annoying lately.

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I had Marvin on ignore until I was made a mod. And someone else...well, really, nobody else.

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