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What the fuck have I created?

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Gary Floyd


Nearly three years ago, I created this thread. It wasn't supposed to become as big as it currently is. I thought "Hey, this will end in a few weeks. Everyone will forget it exists, like all my other threads." Instead, it may be the biggest thread in the CE folder. You'd think I'd be happy to be the creator of such a popular thread. Well, I'm not.


Why? Because to be honest, I think it's a horrible thread. I know, I know, I'm just bitching. Looking back, I probably should have seen this coming. That still doesn't excuse me or the thread though, and when this election and campaign and whatnot is finally over, the thread needs to be moved into classics. Why? Because of these reasons:


  • Marvin-God, I know he's annoying, but he may have brought it to new levels here, derailing the thread and trolling by constantly kissing the already crusty ass of Glenn Beck, and being horrible. Everyone hates him, and his antics in this thread may already be the stuff of TSM legend. It's practically made for TSM classics.
  • Marney-Lady, I doubt you are reading this. That out of the way, the reason I can't stand you has nothing to do with your political views, and has everything to do with: blatant troll like responses such as "Watch me care" which read like they could have come from an 14 year old, "B.O. Hussein" and calling him "Your Mullatto saviour", among other racist responses-it all has to do with you and your attitude, which consists of acting like an internet tough guy, then getting upset when people call you out on that.
  • Superjerk, NoCalMike, etc-Not suprising, they are pretty much just repeating the same talking points over and over again. Nothing new, but it's annoying.
  • Czech: Hillary fan boy-I like ya Czech, I really do. That out of the way, voting for Hillary just to spite Obama is really immature.
  • Cheesalaisgood: Ron Paul Cheerleader-Like you are suprised. He also bought into some conspiracy loving documentary. I am fully convinced he's a truther.
  • Narcoleptic Jumper: Ron Paul Cheerleader and Truther-I need not say more.
I rest my case.


Kotz came back briefly today, and he's right: The Campaign '08 thread is terrible, and needs to be put to an end. Just do it when it's all over, and put it in the classics folder where it belongs

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