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SSS goes nuts over Joe vs. Liger

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The announcement of Samoa Joe versus Jushin Liger for TNA certainly provoked a reaction over at Strong Style Spirit.


by TENZAN_TEAM2K @ 23 Sep 2005 02:26 am

Woah! Just woah!


by chuchu33 @ 23 Sep 2005 02:27 am

I'm sorry, but Joe is getting the silliest bookings. First, he has Milano Collection AT this weekend at ROH. Now Lyger? WHO BOOKS THIS STUFF?


by Indy @ 23 Sep 2005 02:28 am

Jr vs Heavyweight? Geez, I'm not going to order of TNA PPV. 


by Stuart @ 23 Sep 2005 02:31 am


Is Joe the gatekeeper for Japanese wrestlers? Or is it some of that silly old school American booker way of thinking...


"He works Japanese style, so nevermind the weight differences, lets have the Japanese face him!" 


by Mrs. Puroresu @ 23 Sep 2005 02:52 am

They'd be better off pitting him against Styles or Shelley... it should still be a good match though.


by Yoshies BUTT @ 23 Sep 2005 05:29 am

Might I remind you all of the X Division. No weight classes, no style limits. It is not a junior division, homies. Also, I think Joe will have a great match with Liger. He better win too, because the last thing TNA should do is de-value any of their topg X-Division guys. If you didn't see the X-title match at Unbreakable, then you haven't seen the MOTY. Joe is the man. Milano is good, too, and I see Joe and the Collection having a great match, you haters.


by chuchu33 @ 23 Sep 2005 06:31 am

I'm sorry, but as fun as the X-Div match from Unbreakable was, it was NOT the MOTY by any stretch of the imagination.


by Shnx @ 23 Sep 2005 08:03 am


Gonna be good to see these two as opponents, as they were real good as partners on an RoH show last year...and this is SO gonna smoke anything that would have went down had it been Liger vs Styles. In fact, the only other people I'd have liked Liger's TNA debut to be against would have been Christopher Daniels or Bryan Danielson (I just hate Styles and Shelley ain't being pushed enough)


by Ishnari @ 23 Sep 2005 08:20 am

Yoshie's BUTT - It doesn't matter in the slightest what 'division' (if you can call the X Division that, seeing as it isn't 'divided' at all from any other part of the roster going by your definition) the match takes place in. No division in the world will change the fact that Liger is a junior and Joe is a heavy. Booking-wise it's good because Liger will have the excuse to job but from a fan's perspective someone's agreed to fly in spesh from Japan just to take part in an unfair match, which doesn't make much sense. Will be a good match though.


by Dangerous W @ 23 Sep 2005 09:42 am

Alright this is the last straw. I come here to SSS because it is a great site and I don't got to here all the Samoa joe fanboys. I am sick of hearing how great he is. He is good period. He works stiff big deal watch a tape from japan any promotion (not jr. hvy) I bet you find at least five guys who work stiffer. Hell, if you watch the right tape you will see the guys he stole his "stiff" (otani,Ikeda, Kawada ect.)moveset from. Don't get me wrong I am sure the match with Lyger will be good but the next Monday (after the ppv) all everyone will hear from the fanboys did you see how great Joe was I love Joe he is so great. I just wish they would have brought in Naruse to fight Joe so a jr would knock him the fu*k out so his rep would be shot. Thanks for the place to get that off my chest.


SSS= Best site on the net

by GoGo @ 23 Sep 2005 10:07 am

Remember when people saw a good match on paper and just went "hey, that will be a good match!"? I miss that.


by Darkside of RoNin @ 23 Sep 2005 11:21 am

Man...Liger has his work cut out for him. I still hope he'll pick up the surprise win, though. The question is, how will he do it ? Maybe he'll surprise us... 

I wish that the Liger/Joe match will be during the first hal-hour of the PPV, that way I could see it for free.

It's true that Liger should've had a match against Daniels, or even Shelley. Ease off with the Styles-hating, mate.


by SilentC @ 23 Sep 2005 12:25 pm

Shnx, Bryan Danielson isn't a part of the TNA roster.


Dangerous W, I saw nobody act like a Joe fanboy. Also, does the shill at the end of your reply justify your tantrum?


Anyway, sounds like a fun match. Joe/Liger EXPLODE~!


by John Raide @ 23 Sep 2005 12:29 pm

It'll definitely be a kick ass match, regardless of weight divisions. These two should really tear it up...


random question; but what makes a move "shining"? I've been thinking about this for awhile.


by Yoshies BUTT @ 23 Sep 2005 12:30 pm

Wow, Ishinari, your rant made very little sense, and you obviously do not follow the TNA product. Anyway, after the Spike debut in a week, the two singles divisions in TNA will be more obviously split from what I am reading.


Dangerous W, I am far from a Samoa Joe fanboy. I am much more of a Kobashi fanboy, who Joe "stole", imitation is the greatest form of flattery, his moveset from. I absolutely love it when wrestlers in the statesuse Japanese legends' moves. It is what I would do if I was a wrestler.


GoGo, my bad, as I got everyone started.


Ronin, I wish it was free, but I have a feeling that someone like Elix Skipper will be given away free instead.


by Dangerous w @ 23 Sep 2005 12:35 pm

I don't need to justify my tantrum. Just posting for the first time and thought I would pay a little respect for the everyday updates and multiple tape reviews I have read here over the past three years. Sorry for being appreciative.


by Dangerous W @ 23 Sep 2005 12:37 pm

Joe stole his character from TAZ and I don't mean TAZZ


by John Raide @ 23 Sep 2005 12:38 pm

The more important question, is what makes a move "shining"?


by Stuart @ 23 Sep 2005 12:40 pm

Bouncing off someone's knee.


by John Raide @ 23 Sep 2005 12:43 pm

Thanks Stu.


The "unstoppable bad ass" character has been around for a long, long time. Taz was the most recent rendition of this character stateside, but that doesn't mean Joe "stole" the character. Every gimmick, move, and idea has been ripped from someone else in some point in time.


If anything, I think Samoa Joe took his character from a lot of different sources, and he is obviously a big fan of puroresu, so why give him such a hard time for trying to emulate those he looks up to?


by Mugen @ 23 Sep 2005 12:54 pm

EW First off, I dont seee the Kobashi resemblence in Joe. HE TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF GHETTO KAWADA.


And the Taz gimmick? Not by a long shot. Joe's far from even being a character like Taz was and ever will be. Joe's gimmick is Joe's Gimmick and that is being a way more talented wrestler than most of everyone on the Indy Scene.


by John Raide @ 23 Sep 2005 12:56 pm

He also has some seriously jiggly titties.


by Yoshies BUTT @ 23 Sep 2005 01:25 pm

I see what you mean, Mugen, but I bet if you asked Joe who his heroes are, he would definitely name Kobashi, and I see Kobashi in there even if no one else does. He definitely has some Kawada as well, which lends to Mr. Raide's points, who I happen to agree with and that was the point I failed to convey.


by Dangerous W @ 23 Sep 2005 01:40 pm

The bad ass character may have been done time and time again but the shooter bad ass is a newer incarnation not saying TAZ was the first but definatly the best at it. He is the one who brought the tap out to american wrestling look back to 1995 and the tap out in the big two was unheard of. I understand every gimmick has been used and reused but don't tell me that the stone faced, silent, hard hitting, choke out using gimmick wasnt a TAZ gimmick in ECW


by chuchu33 @ 23 Sep 2005 02:57 pm

This thread makes me want to kill people.


by L @ 23 Sep 2005 05:57 pm

chuchu, I adore you.


It's almost enough to make you long for more posts from the likes of Fishyswa and Iggy.

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