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TV Update-(Some) of us aren't dead yet

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Gary Floyd



Do Not Disturb-Yep, looked terrible anyways. No big loss.

My Own Worse Enemy-Didn't like it much, though I do feel bad for Chritian Slater.

Easy Money-Never saw it.

The Ex List-Actually on Hiatus, so who knows. Future looks dim. Never watched it

Lipstick Jungle-Poor Brooke Shields. Never Watched tthe show, but poor her.


Mind of Mencia-Again, Thank you God.



Future Uncertain


Life on Mars-Damn, I was really starting to like this show. It's not on the spring schedule.

Dirty Sexy Money-Eh.

Pushing Daisies-Damnit America, this show is awesome. Why does this have to be tanking. It's one of the best things on TV right now. It's smart, funny, cute, and more imaginative than most of what's on TV. I'm ashamed.



Future Looking Good


Chuck-Obvious, but good to see that.

Gary Unmarried-I hang my head in shame.

Fringe-Doing good ratings, and not a bad show to boot. Good for them.

Knight Rider-America: I love you, but you have terrible taste in TV shows.

Kath and Kim-Sucks, but seeing it's on between "My Name is Earl" and "The Office", not too suprising.

90210-Haven't seen it.

Life-Not bad. Not a great show, but a good one, so good for them.

Terminator: TSCC-Good for them, It's a lot better than I expected it to be, so yeah. Good tos ee James ("The Venture Bros.") Urbaniak getting work.

According to Jim-Why? I have yet to meet one person who likes or watches this show.

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How the fuck did Mad TV last as long as it did??

Because people are retarded. Plus, it's apparently cheap to make, so they contimued to bankroll it. Granted, they also pulled the plug on "Arrested Development", and brought "Family Guy" back, only for it to become a lazy shell of it's former self, but hey, what can ya do?

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