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What I'm Watching

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Lately, I’ve been watching:


The 16-man elimination match and the mask vs. mask main event from the CMLL PPV from March of 2000. The elimination match is good, and there are some typically goofy Lucha holds in there, but it could have been better with about five minutes cut off. The mask vs. mask match still holds up, and is great stuff with one of the most emotional reactions you’ll ever see. When Villano III loses and is being interviewed in the ring prior to taking his mask off, you see shot after shot of various women in the crowd crying at the emotion of Villano losing his mask.


The Ted DiBiase shoot. I’m half way through it, and it’s been really interesting stuff. Ted talks about growing up being a ‘wrestling brat’, liking it to being an army brat where he moved constantly. He talks about breaking into the business, working in Japan, and jokingly bemoans about being in line to be UWF, NWA and WWF World champions and then losing out at the last minute every time. He talks about The Ultimate Warrior, and says he told Vince it was a mistake putting the belt on Warrior and that he said to Vince that he thought he was creating a monster, with Vince saying that “he’ll be my monster”, and that he could control him. DiBiase says that when Warrior tried to demand more money at Summerslam in 1991 he could have walked up to Vince and said “I told you”.


The Super Junior Cup 2nd Stage which was held in WAR. I’ve watched the first four matches so far, and they’ve been ok. The best on has been Ultimo Dragon versus Shoichi Funaki (yes, that Funaki). The opener was a comedy match between Damian and Gran Naniwa, with Damien being is usually funny self by calling out spots from people like Choshu, Muta, Tenryu and Kudo.

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I always found Dibiase the most under-appreciated star of the 80's and really deserved a run of some sort.


Anyways, I'm currently watching ROH Summer of Punk. This was just a brilliant story from start to finish. WWE should look at Gabe to learn how to work a storyline based on reality. Fuck anyone who says emotion is dead in Wrestling because Punk: The Final Chapter is crammed with emotion. Pure genuine emotion. Not controlled reactions.

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I forgot to mention that I also watched BFG. I liked Joe vs. Liger, even though it was rushed and they could have done more had they the time to do so. I knew people would bitch a fit about it, and true to form the usual suspects were pissing and moaning about it. Check out SSS for some really pathetic crying and whining about this whole thing. The MB2 match was an ok stuntfest. The Iron Man was good, but not at the level of their first, but still blew Angle vs. HBK out of the water. Shawn needs to pay attention to AJ Styles to see how you are meant to work an adrenaline burst. I skimmed through the battle royal. The main event was a mess, but kept short. Though, whatever good came out of it was damaged by putting the belt back on Triple J so soon. The follow up needs to be good.

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You guys should also post these in the "What are you Watching?" thread in General Wrestling.


I've been watching the top 100 DVDR matches of the 90s. Enjoyed it very much.

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I’ve watched more of the Ted DiBiase shoot interview. Ted talks about why he decided to leave the WWF in 1993 because of a personal crisis he suffered the year before. He says he liked going back to All Japan, and says Baba couldn’t have treated him better as DiBiase and Stan Hansen won the Double Tag Team titles in the main event at Budokan in Ted’s first match back. Ted talks about his injury, and that if he had not had the Lloyds of London insurance policy then he would have considered having the surgery to repair his neck and take his chances. Said Bruce Prichard called him in early 1994 and asked him if he wanted to come back to do commentary in the Royal Rumble PPV, and that led to his coming back as a commentator and then onto being a manger. Ted said that when Sid came back, they asked him to stay with Sid to make sure Sid didn’t do anything stupid. Ted felt that they were trying to ease him into the role of a road agent, which Ted didn’t want to do because of the travel. Ted responded to the request by telling them he would do it but only if he was put on salary, had all the benefits, and had his travel and hotel costs paid for. They never asked him again. Ted said he left because of the direction the WWF was taking and that WCW was offering him good money, but that even had he stayed he would have left once the Austin 3:16 and women nonsense started. Liked being in WCW until Eric Bischoff turned heel and that left Ted with just the job of carrying Hogan’s belt, and Ted felt disrespected by that.


I’m watching the 2003 Jim Cornette shoot, which is tremendous. Highlights include Cornette’s tirades directed against Rick Bassman, Wade Keller, Ian Rotten, Ed Ferrera, and Vince Russo. Cornette talks about tag team wrestling, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, OVW, and many other topics.


I’m almost done with the Super Junior Cup Stage 2. Dos Caras looked great against El Samurai, using a lot of very unique and different submission holds that I’ve never seen before outside of Mexico. Caras against Gedo was good, and when Gedo pulled Caras’s mask off, they digitised the shot of Caras’s face. Otani against Dragon was tremendous, and would have been right at the MOTY level, but the finish was badly botched. Jericho and Benoit had a great singles match too.


I’m also watching Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s Ante Up. This has some guys from CZW as well, and you can tell that nobody in there has a clue about calling stuff in the ring. In the Rukus/Trent Acid/W*inger match especially which was a joke in itself, guys were set on doing the match they had worked out or walked through beforehand, and if anything went wrong, which happened all the time in the three way, guys would just stand around with their thumb up their ass and literally stand still and wait for the other guy to get back into position for the spot that they had planned. The violence was as you would expect from BJPW or CZW; pointless and done for no reason other than to do it. I’ve seen most of the card so far, and nobody made any kind of attempt to try and make the matches look spontaneous, and it was embarrassing at times to watch a lot of not very talented people attempt to be wrestlers.


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