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Amazing Update

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Gary Floyd


Good week so far. Classes are doing allright, and on Smackdown, Angle is the champ. Even though I (and everyone else) knew it was going to happen, I still marked out.


Also, the "Masters of Horror" episode tonight, called "Sick Girl", was pretty good. It's basically a lesbian love story with insects involved, and it's really creepy. Angela ("May", "Toolbox Murders" remake) Bettis was good, as was Erin Brown (who you late night Cinemax watchers may know of as EI starlette Misty Mundae). Also, after second viewing, I'd have to say that the episode "Fair Haired Child" is still pretty good, and that I've changed my mind on the title creature: It's actually pretty creepy. Anyways, next weeks episode is called "Pick Me Up", and is directed by Larry (director "It's Alive", "God Told Me To", &"Q The Winged Serpant", as well as one of the writers of the "Maniac Cop" films) Cohen. It deals with a girl trapped in a game of cat and mouse with two killers. One who kills hitchhikers, the other is a hitchhiker who kills people who pick him up.

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