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Secondly, DrVenkman rocks. It's kind of funny, our "relationship". He's a big WWE fan, I'm a hardcore workrate fan. WWE and workrate is like Stephanie McMahon and good booking. Yea. But we get along, even when I'm going off on tangents about how crummy the WWE product is. We get along despite a pretty strong difference of opinion. What a concept. If only more people realized that a simple difference of opinion, when their truly is no right and wrong, doesn't mean you have to verbally attack the other person and hold a grudge. What a world we would live in.


On a totally unrelated subject, the last wrestling match I saw was Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi from March 1, 2003. Two of the top 5 male workers of the 90's. About 9 and 6 years past their respective primes. Oh yes. It was the 2nd time I've seen the match and I was really paying more attention to the enormous flaws than I did on the first viewing. Blatant no-selling really bothers me. There's really no reason to do it and it's tremendously business exposing. It's even worse when a wrestler gets hit with a move, sells it, only to no-sell the same move when they're hit with it 10 minutes later. Does this make logic? Is it believable that a move hurts a wrestler one minute, and 10 minutes later, when he's in much worse shape mind you, he shrugs it off like nothing? No, not really. FYI, the full list of head/neck bumps in that match were as follows - 5 half nelson suplexes, 2 tiger suplexes, including 1 off the entrance ramp to the floor, 1 emerald flowsion, 1 tiger suplex 85, 1 sleeper suplex, 2 high angle backdrops, 1 sheer-drop brainbuster, and 1 burning hammer. I'm not one of these anti-headdropping zealots. I mean, if a move is used properly, it doesn't matter how brutal it is. But 5 half nelson suplexes is overkill and really isn't logical in any match. Of course, I'd rather see that sort of match rather than any of the garbage that the WWE's produced lately. For anyone who's interested, I had the match pegged at ***3/4. Less no-selling and less meaningless headdropping makes it the best match since 1998 mayhaps.


Next time (maybe) - why Kurt Angle's wrestling is masturbatory and as such, overrated, double standards and more!

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