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    Stumble Upon...

    That's awesome, I had no idea that the Newton was that old. I found one at a junk store (still working!) for only 10 bucks. I have no idea what to actually do with it, but its a nice little collectible I guess.
  2. Kristianna

    More comes from tonights tapings.....

    That's so incredibly tasteless. ... But, you're right. I've always entertained the notion of a "backstage-parking lot" kind of scene where some rival of his is walking down a hallway on their way to the ring, and he just comes out of nowhere, like from a bathroom and just pounces the shit out of them into a wall.
  3. Kristianna

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Toadies - Rubberneck
  4. Kristianna

    Rock The Bells

    Hell yeah, August 7th. WuTang clan always gets my ass shakin'. I really wish The Roots were playing at the show I'm going to, though. They're probably one of my favorite groups as far as rap goes.
  5. Kristianna

    The Old School questions thread

    Jesus Christ, I forgot all about that. Why the hell was he? The only thing better would be if Disco Inferno had a cocaine mirror in his corner, and he'd crawled over and did a line, giving him the juice to make a huge comeback.
  6. RVD beating Edge in his first title defense was really surprising to me as well. Does anyone have a pic of RVD wearing both the WWE belt and the ECW belt at the same time? That was classic.
  7. Kristianna

    OaO ECW on Sci-Fi 7/17

    I was really confused when Nitro went over Punk. I suppose they're just building to Punk's eventual (hopefully) win, but you're right. CM Punk made Nitro his bitch just a few months earlier, and now he's suddenly so much more bad-ass? On the plus side, I hated Johnny Nitro's entrance music so much, that it gave them a reason to finally change it. So I guess it worked out alright, in that respect.
  8. Kristianna

    Best Referees?

    Tim White.
  9. Kristianna

    Edge injured; out of action for undetermined length of time

    I'm thinking Val Venis for that one. They could probably bring back the old European Title belt and just tape over "European Title" with masking tape, and write in HEAT CHAMP with a permanent marker.
  10. Kristianna

    Edge injured; out of action for undetermined length of time

    Here, here. I'll miss Edge. He's definitely my second favorite heel next to Kennedy.
  11. Kristianna

    Jon Lovitz

    anything involving bodily harm to Andy Dick is A-OK in my book!
  12. Kristianna

    Edge injured; out of action for undetermined length of time

    I want Kane to win the belt. Are there any other Kane fans?
  13. Kristianna

    OaO ECW on Sci-Fi 7/17

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.