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  1. Vince McMahon will make his return around the time the Mania buildup kicks into high gear. He'll most likely do something he's done a million times before and be utterly un-compelling.


    Batista will return and get another month-long token run with the title, and then go back to winning all his TV matches, but jobbing every single PPV to whatever heel is hot at the time.


    Cena will finally get a new theme song, a new look, and maybe even a couple of new moves. Everyone will still hate him, even though that's what they've been asking for. Most likely out of "principle".


    The Spinner Belt will live on, probably for a couple of more years.


    CM Punk will become IC Champ off and on all year, and still not allowed to do any real promos.


    Regal will fuck up again and get fired for real.


    Jeff Hardy will fuck up again, and it will be covered up and ignored because the guy is more over than Jesus in Kansas.


    Matt Hardy will remain ECW champ forever because nobody gives a flying fuck about ECW.


    Maryse will make her return around Summerslam and get the title back that she held for all of 24 minutes. Michelle McCool will continue to rim-job the Undertaker, who will in turn rim-job Johnny Ace until McCool gets the title back in some dastardly heel fashion.


    Dave Meltzer will turn heel and give a TNA match a 5-star rating.

  2. It'll take forever to ditch that gaudy piece of shit. It makes too much merch sales obviously. Oh you know, eventually they'll do a "so-and-so traditionalist heel" destroys the belt and brings back something more old-school. And although they'll try to get heel heat by doing so, half of the crowd will pop for it just because they're a bunch of asshole smarks who cheer anything that diminishes guys like Cena.


    It'll most likely be Trips when he eventually turns heel again.

  3. General Interest Questions


    1. Who are you and what's your business here?

    I am Kristianna. I was sent here from the planet Vagina to study the wrestling fan for possible capture and inclusion in our galactic zoo.


    2. When did you discover an interest in wrestling?

    Oh man, I got started in the mid-80's golden era of WWF superstars. Being from Texas, we also watched a lot of WCCW on Saturday morning, too. My big brother and I were really big Warrior marks. Besides that, I really enjoyed the "work-rate" guys like Michaels, Perfect and Hart (Owen and Bret). My first wrestler crush was Bret Hart, actually. When I entered my late teens, and I started caring about being popular and cool, so I kinda steered away from watching it, and by the college years (the vaunted Attitude Era) I wasn't watching at all. When I got into my mid-20's, I fell in love with a guy who absolutely loves wrestling, and I think I found a truly kindred spirit. My friends still think its lame.


    3. The Company Line:

    A. Which companies have you actively followed in your tenure as a wrestling fan?

    I guess I've already answered this, but yeah... big WWF and WCCW fan. I liked WCW wrestling too, but I never seemed to catch it as often.


    B. What have some of your favourite companies been? Your least favourite? (In theory, your answer can be the same - if you were growing up a fan of the technical wrestling WCW brought to the table but thought the end of the line for them was some of the worst television this side of My Mother The Car, that's cool).

    WWF was my favorite, even though I knew the guys weren't as technical. I really appreciate work-rate, especially these days, but you gotta tell a story, too. My least favorite was during the winding-down days of WCW when they put the belt on goddamn David Arquette just to promote that shitty movie. DDP was great, but then again, he partenered with fucking Jay Leno and Karl Malone. I don't know if that's funny, disgusting or both.


    C. What is your favourite company right now? Any reason why?

    WWE is my favorite now, mostly by default. ROH doesn't do shows in the south, and TNA just reminds me of the very worst elements of WCW.


    4. (Not So) Favourites:

    A. Who were your favourite wrestlers (or gimmicks) growing up / when you first started watching wrestling?

    Ha, I got ahead of myself earlier and covered that already. Go me. Warrior for energy and entertainment value, and Bret Hart for putting on great matches.


    B. Who were some guys you couldn't stand?

    I hated the "giant" guys who could barely do anything in the ring. I guess they made compelling heels and all that, but it just didn't do it for me.


    C. Who are your current favourites (if applicable / different from A.)

    Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Shawn Micheals, Evan Bourne


    D. There was a 4th question here, but it basically ripped off the entire premise of a thread (or more than one thread, in theory) that already exists in General.

    Ooh, that's so hot. I love it when bad-boys fight the man and break all the rules...


    Specific Questions about your Interest


    5. How would you gauge your current interest level in the product?

    Do you still get butterflies of excitement that make you look forward to upcoming PPVs? Did you ever? Do you watch every televsied wrestling program live, or just a few - and FF'd via DVR at that? If you consider right now to be the most interested in wrestling you've ever been, the rest of the questions in this section can be skipped over.

    It really just depends on the wrestlers and the storylines they're telling. I hate anything having to do with Hornswaggle. I'm really sick of Batista. He's probably the most "over" jobber of all time, and I think the time off will do some good for him and the RAW title scene. I like Cena, but he really needs some kind of makeover, too. Overall, I find myself more compelled to watch RAW, but Jeff being champ on Smackdown does help a lot. ECW carries no water anymore.



    6. At what point in wrestling history (if it's not now) would you consider your interest to have been at it's peak?

    When were you compelled to watch every second of televised wrestling AND shell out money on PPVs, get excited about the release of video games, have TV/PPV parties with friends, etc.

    Hell, I'm more likely to host parties now than I ever was, and I enjoy playing the Smackdown Vs. Raw series here and there, as long as I can play it on easy against the computer or someone who can't kick my ass.


    7. At what point could you tell your interest was dipping and why do you think this happened, or what specific event(s) triggered the decrease?

    Was there anything even specific? Just a gradual interest loss of interest? Retirement (or death) of a favourite? A boring title reign on SmackDown in the Summer of 2004?

    Well, when I went to college, I got involved in a lot of things that meant I didn't either have the time to watch. Also, watching pro-wrestling isn't among the favorite activities amongst sorority girls. Also, I drank a lot... and smoked a ton of weed. So I don't know if I'd remember any of it anyway.


    8. Have you ALWAYS stuck with wrestling even during times of low interest, or are there any lengths of time you stopped watching for a period only to come back at a later date?

    I missed most of the attitude era and the monday night wars because of the above reasons.


    9. If applicable, at what point did you decide to pack in the wrestling fandom?

    Moving in with a guy who watches wrestling religiously helped re-spark my interests. All of his friends are big fans, too. So we'll have PPV parties.


    Interesting Questions of a Somewhat Random Nature


    10. What style of pro wrestling best resonates with your personal tastes?

    Has it always been this way, or have your tastes changed over time?

    I like the guys that really make it the most entertaining. To me that's guys like Michaels and Cena, who bust their ass to make the matches as best as possible. Hell, Michaels is the best combination of showmanship and work-rate I've seen lately. And the guy's been around a while.


    11. Where do you "draw the line" with the whole "suspended disbelief" deal?

    Do you tell critics to "relax because it's just wrestling and you should enjoy the matches" (aka TNA fans about everything that happens on Impact!), do you come up with solutions that the writing team didn't bother to think about but you figure "it's there if you read between the lines" (aka "WWE Apologists"), somewhere inbetween, or do you take your greatest joy in watching wrestling to deconstruct everything that makes no sense?

    I tell anyone who trashes wrestling because its fake to just piss off. It's pre-booked and all that, but its an elaborate stunt-show with theatrics and soap-opera elements. I don't know, works for me.


    12. Do you attend live events?

    And more specifically, do you get a thrill out of big arena shows, do you prefer the smaller 'intimate' settings of the local indy show, or would you rather forget the whole thing and watch everything unfold on your HDTV without dealing with 'the marks'?

    I love going to house shows, PPV, RAW events... whatever. Living close to Dallas, they come through pretty often, and we try to go when we can.


    13. If applicable, what are the best and worst experiences you've had going to a show live?

    Best experience was a couple of years ago when I got some of Sandman's beer splashed on me when he did his entrance at a RAW house show. Its cool when you're able to be that close to the wrestler. I don't really know what the worst experience is... they were never really that bad.


    14. What are your favourite matches, moments, or events?

    Matches: just off the top of my head... Owen vs. Bret at WM X, Joe Vs. Punk II, Rey vs. Eddie (Halloween Havoc 96?... of course, I had to see it years later.) Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002.

    Moments: CM Punk's winning the ECW title, Warrior trapped in the sealed casket (lame I know, but I marked for it when I was young), Benoit and Eddie celebrating their world title wins together.

    Events: WM VI, X, XXI


    15. Freestyle

    Niggas hatin', but they can't fade this...


    okay, I'm sorry... I'm white, I shouldn't be free-styling.

  4. Well, if it means anything to you guys, which it won't...


    I don't honestly find you guys to be all that misogynistic. Hell, I just figure everyone on this board is just like a bunch of monkeys throwing their feces at people. I'm sure if I met any of you, you'd be totally normal people.


    INTERNETZ R SEROUIS BIZNESS or some shit like that, right?

  5. Undertaker vs. Big Show (Casket Match)

    I'm pretty sure that some kind of weirdness will happen tonight. I'm guessing Undertaker wins, but I was drunk last night

    and was having a vision of Edge returning and helping Undertaker. I know that probably won't happen, but if it does...



    Jeff Hardy vs. WWE Champion Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov (Triple Threat Match)

    Kozlov attacked Hardy, putting him in the hospital, leading to it just being HHH vs. Kozlov. Trips is mad, because Hardy and he

    "respect" eachother, and so he destroys Kozlov during the match. Hardy mysteriously escapes the hospital and returns to

    betray HHH and win the belt.


    Team Batista vs. Team Orton Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

    CM Punk is the sole survivor, further putting him over. Punk eliminates Orton for the win, thus getting his revenge and all that.


    Team HBK vs. Team JBL Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

    Match comes down to HBK and Morrison, and Morrison once again hits HBK with Sweet Chin Music for the win, gaining more

    heat for their inevitable feud.


    Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw Divas Survivor Series Elimination Match

    I'm guessing RAW wins, mostly because of Beth.


    World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

    Cena jobs again, because it ain't 2006 anymore and the Superman Marine push is over.

  6. My character had shitty big guns skill, so I never even used the laser gatling gun. No, I just maxed out small guns to 100, and used nothing but headshots with the Reservist's Rifle (.308). I had sneak maxed out too, so I'd usually get sneak attack critical hits whenever I could. For melee, I'd use a power fist.


    Also, if you've got the caps to spare, making a bunch of bottlecap mines is definitely fun. It's like a homemade claymore, and it usually fucks up just about everything.




  7. I just beat this game last night. The ending is amazing, but then again, I was playing as the pure "good-guy" character. I think that there's three different endings, so there's always that.


    My only real complaint is that there was a stretch of "go in this subway tunnel, go out. walk three blocks down the street to another subway tunnel, etc." and it was getting pretty tedious.


    My best ranged weapon was the .308 reservist's rifle. For close up, the power fist was definitely awesome. I never had enough points to put into the big guns skill, but I'm sure the mini-nuke launcher was great.


    Two words for ya:



  8. I'll be watching Raw tomorrow night I'm sure, but I don't really think anything out of left field will be booked for Summerslam. In retrospect, hell... I wish Punk/Batista was the main event, even with its finish. I'm not the worst of the HHH haters, but I really find the guy's work boring these days.


    I'd type more, but I've had most of a twelve pack and I'm pretty sloshed.


    Overall, PPV was fairly lackluster, but fuck, we've all seen much worse.