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  1. Nice, can't have the champion looking strong or anything. Decent match until the end, though.


    Punk looked really strong, honestly, considering how "physically overpowering!!!!" Batista is. I knew that the ending I predicted would piss a lot of you guys off, but its just WWE Creative 101.

  2. ...the Colin thing made me have a weird mental image...that would only work if they ever could get a time machine to bring wrestlers from the past into the present:


    1994 or 5 era Mikey Whipwreck vs. Colin Delany.


    I've had that idea before... I think it'd be awesome.

  3. I'm really starting to get annoyed with WWE's Did You Know stats that serve only as an opportunity for the company to suck its own dick.


    My boyfriend and I have contributed greatly to that number, as I think we own every single PS2 WWE game that has been released.

  4. TIME has a pretty good article on the 10 Things You Can Like about $4 Gas..


    I'll present the list here, go to the article here for full detail.


    1. Globalized Jobs Return Home

    2. Sprawl Stalls

    3. Four-Day Workweeks

    4. Less Pollution

    5. More Frugality

    6. Fewer Traffic Deaths

    7. Cheaper Insurance

    8. Less Traffic

    9. More Cops on the Beat

    10. Less Obesity


    I'm not sure a couple of those things are things Americans really want or could be glad about or even care about, like frugality and sprawl, but I'm sure people will like the four-day workweeks and cheaper insurance.


    I actually have a pretty easy time believing all of these, except for cheaper insurance. That industry is probably the most dirty and broken of all in America. If it happens, I won't argue mind you, but I'm rather pessimistic on that one.