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  1. There's your ECW Match for the Bash:


    ECW Champion Mark Henry & Tony Atlas vs. Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delany.



    And the title is on the line.


    Atlas becomes the new ECW champion by pinning Delaney.


    Isn't that how Vince Russo put the strap on David Arquette back during the life-support addiction days of WCW?

  2. And on the other end of the spectrum there are people in the comments under that video bitching that they won't buy the game unless Nintendo releases it on an NES cart.


    Something tells me they may have put those manufacturing machines away a while back.


    I for one, loved the NES. But let's be perfectly honest, the NES had a lot of great games, a ton of decent games, and a metric fuck-ton of absolute dog-shit. That makes sense, really, because there probably at least 5000 games released for the system.


    I'm cautiously optimistic based on the footage for that new MegaMan game.

  3. I just realized something a moment ago when I was about to turn on ECW. Without Punk and Kingston, my enthusiasm to watch has diminished to almost nothingness. I just hope Burke, Benjamin and Hardy step it up, or else the show is pretty much dead in the water for me.

  4. Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Denzel Washington are the only guys I can think of that could get me to see a movie just because they are in it.


    I'm with you on Matt Damon. I've been a huge fan of his since Good Will Hunting. I even liked him in Dogma, even though that movie was fairly sub-par. Now those Bourne movies, he totally kicks ass in.

  5. We still use XP at my house, I suppose because it works just fine. My computer at work still uses Windows 2000, I think mostly because the IT guy likes it.


    I've been tempted to buy Vista, and I've been told since my home compy is a quad-core, I should probably get the 64-bit version. I really don't know that much about operating systems myself. So, is that true at all?