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  1. I'm really psyched about this news. I absolutely adored the previous two games and all their expansion packs. I remember beating Diablo the first night I bought it. Played 9 hours straight on a computer that barely had the specs to run it at the time and loved evey choppy, sound-lagged minute.


    I just hope they don't fuck up the Barbarian class, because that was my favorite.

  2. I could easily see it being Punk or Mysterio, to me those are the most likely opponents for Jericho. Whoever it is... won't win, or well they won't win in a way that transfers the title. Now that Jericho is a full-blown heel, he'll probably just lose by DQ to retain.


    As for the rest....


    Cena beats HHH by submission, again... causing HHH to "get fed up" and turn heel again.


    Batista beats Edge by count-out after Edge runs off, of course keeping the belt.


    Ted Jr. and DH beat Rhodes/Holly, and one of them turns heel after the loss, most likely Rhodes for "the old man keeping him down." Rhodes finds a heel partner and Holly gets traded to ECW for a bag of dog-shit.


    Hardy retains against Chavo, he'll most likely get his ass kicked the entire match but then pull a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.


    Mickie James beats Katie Lea, but just barely. Mickie loses her self-confidence again and then drops the belt to Katie Lea two PPV's later.


    Finlay & Hornswoggle win the belts from Miz/Morrison, and completely kill their credibility as well as the cred of the belts themselves (a simple feat, mind you). Finlay & Hornswoggle get a month long comedy run with the belts before losing them back.


    Kane retains the belt against Show & Henry by playing the two off against eachother. I predict lots of boring chops and punches, very little wrestling, and plenty of blown spots.

  3. They'll probably just move Trips over to ECW for a month or so and have him bury the entire locker-room there, culminating with his final night on the show when he beats the entire roster in a Extreme Rules Handicap Tornado Tag Gauntlet Sledgehammer-on-a-Pole match.


    Then he'll go back to RAW to... fuck... feud with CM Punk for talking shit about him in shoot interviews.


    I thought HHHate phased out like 3 years ago...


    Oh, it did... that was just a load of bullshit flame-bait. I thought it'd be good for a laugh, but nobody really reacted the way I'd hoped.

  4. Maryse is the epitome of a cookie cutter blonde (and she has a really bad boob job), Mickie James is much hotter and a pretty good wrestler too.


    Don't be so harsh on Maryse, she's still hot, there's no doubt. I've noticed that breast implants are actually better when they're constrained by clothing anyway. Once you take away the bra and the tight clothing support, one heads east and the other heads west.


    But you're right about Mickie... she's hot enough to make me munch rug again.

  5. That's a pretty cool find. I found one of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_Multi-Mega at a garage sale for 5 bucks a few years ago. Didn't have cables or controllers, but eBay makes those problems easy enough to fix.


    I never knew they made those.


    It came about about two years after the Sega CD remodel (the one that fit on the side of the Genesis), and it was so expensive at the time that it pretty much flew under the radar. I'd pretty much forgotten all about it until I stumbled upon it at that garage sale. The old man was selling off stuff he found in his recently deceased son's closets. He had one of those, a model 1 Genesis with the Sega Master System adaptor and a few game carts.

  6. They'll probably just move Trips over to ECW for a month or so and have him bury the entire locker-room there, culminating with his final night on the show when he beats the entire roster in a Extreme Rules Handicap Tornado Tag Gauntlet Sledgehammer-on-a-Pole match.


    Then he'll go back to RAW to... fuck... feud with CM Punk for talking shit about him in shoot interviews.

  7. I was born in Missouri, in a completely lily-white town. Racism was practically indoctrinated into you, and it flowed so naturally from the people that it seemed completely natural.


    I suppose I was racist for a while growing up, but over time, I started to realize that race had nothing to do with the quality of people I'd meet. I figure there's great people and pieces of shit from every race, religion, etc.

  8. I was at a local electronics super-store a few days ago, and I was playing around with one of the MacBook Air models they had on display. I thought it was pretty cool looking and the light weight was nice, but I realized that it just cost way too much in comparison to a PC laptop with comparable hardware. I guess if Macs are your thing, more power to ya.


    As for hard drive failure, my only advice is NEVER buy Maxtor hard drives.... ever. I had two of them go out on me in the same year, and another one the following year. I switched to a Fujitsu drive, and never looked back.

  9. I've had my concealed handgun permit for about 4 years now, as it is so permitted in Texas. I've never had the occasion to actually have to use it, or even draw it, and I'm actually grateful of that.


    Still, its nice to know its there. And its nice to know that the government isn't going to go around trying to round up legally owned guns, just yet.

  10. Surname: Kincaid

    This is a Scottish habitation name from the lands of Kincaid near Lemoxtown in Campsie Glen, Stirlingshire. The place name is first recorded in 1238 as "Kincaith" and in 1250 as "Kincathe". The former spelling suggests derivation from the Gaelic "ceann", meaning head, or top, and "caithe", the pass, whereas the latter seems to be derived from "Cadha" meaning quagmire. Modern variants of the name are recorded as Kincade, Kinkead, Kinkaid and Kinkade. A notable bearer of the name was Sir John Kincaid (1787 - 1862), of the rifle brigade. He served in the Peninsula Wars and was severely wounded at Waterloo and on retirement from the army became inspector of factories and prisons for Scotland. He was knighted in 1852 while Senior Exon of the Royal Bodyguard of Yeomen of the guard. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert de Kyncade. which was dated 1450, Edinburgh. during the reign of King James 11, known as "The Last Catholic King" 1685 - 1688. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

  11. Unless my memory fails me, its been a while since we got HBK/Taker. I'd like to see them go at it again before Taker retires.


    they battle every year in the Rumble match...or at least its starting to seem that way


    Oh come now, guys... Taker's gone for good this time! Be serious! Obviously, being told to leave is much worse than the other 50 or 60 times he's been KILLED, right?

  12. I don't see a thread for Mass Effect around here, so I was just wondering if anybody else has played it and finished it yet. My guy and I held out and got the PC version, even though it came out much later. Last month we (okay, he...) put together this really new insane gaming computer with a quad-core and 2 video cards, and so the game looks and sounds absolutely amazing. I gotta say its probably the best game I've played all year.


    I know the "save the universe from evil aliens" kind of story is old and cliche', but I can't help it... I thought it was just awesomely fun.

  13. Yeah, I used to watch Meet The Press every Sunday I managed to wake up that early. I love the way he would just go after anyone who came on the show, and didn't allow them to dodge the question, but yet, always remained respectful.


    The reason I'll miss him most, is because he's basically the exact opposite of every other political pundit out there.

  14. My mother buys them by the case at Indian reservation, and since she smokes the same ones I do, she sends me a carton for free every week or so. I mean hell, who do you think I was stealing them from when I was 16 anyway?


    But yeah, if I have to buy some here and there, its around 5.50 or so after taxes for Marlboros.