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    List the Head Bookers plus Dates

    WCW/NWA is murky because they used a booking committee. Dusty was replaced in 1988 or early 1989 and replaced by Flair. He also had the book in at points in '93 and '94. You are also giving Bischoff too much credit. Even under his tenure, the booker was a variety of people, including Kevin Sullivan and Kevin Nash. I also believe Terry Taylor might have had a run as head booker during a point as well. As for Jim Ross, he was on the booking committee at points, but he was never head booker. In regards to the WWF, just remember this: They might have someone listed as "head booker" or "head of creative"... but it's always ultimately Vince McMahon making the final decision in regards to those things.
  2. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    -Which time in regards to Hunter? -If Savage stayed, eh, I don't see much changing in the long term side of things. Maybe a program with Hart and or Michaels? After that, Savage would have probably taken the money and ended up in WCW anyways. -The NWO would have still run its course and fizzled out... Hogan would then go back to being a face.
  3. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    -Pilman would have probably been a good secondary PPV feud for Austin after he won the title. -It wouldn't have meant much more if Benoit died while holding the ECW title, they still would have erased all traces of him. As for Eddie, I imagine a tournament or quick title contender match would have been held... the quicker, the better. -If Owen didn't break Austin's neck, Owen probably would have had a nice top-level feud with Austin, much like Pilman would have had if he had lived. -Whoever bought WCW was inconsequential. The product was virtually worthless (With the exception of the tape catalog, which is what Vince probably wanted all along) without the time-slot on TNT/TBS. Unless Bischoff had a television deal lined up to replace the one that just got yanked, he would have been holding a wrestling company with no way of promoting itself on television.
  4. Diamonddust

    NWA Weekly Programming Thread

    Agreed. It's always been an eerie thought that while watching Magnum grow into what should have been a mega-star... you knew it was all going to abruptly end. It put things in perspective and made you wonder... what could have been? Listening to several shoot interviews, there was no doubt he was going to win the NWA title at one point or other. If he had stayed healthy, I'm guessing the careers of Lex Luger and Sting would have been affected the most. I'm also guessing the next NWA show probably is devoted to Magnum and such, although I could be mistaken.
  5. Diamonddust

    1994 WCW

    Yeah, the first half of 1994 was pretty good for WCW... until they basically had to do the abrupt Flair heel turn for Hogan's debut. It's almost like the first half of 1996 where Hogan was really no where to be found and things ended up being half-way decent as well.
  6. Diamonddust

    Favorite Twitter Pages

    KfuckingP The twitter page for Kenny Powers of "East Bound and Down"
  7. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    The WWE would have survived without Bret, and someone would have been put in his place. WCW would have found a way to screw it up, much like they did when he did jump in 1997. The WWE would have just accelerated Michaels' push, firmly placed Undertaker on top, or something along those lines. They might have also kept Savage around a bit longer than they did as well, but I doubt it.
  8. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    There would have been no scrambling to shift the product to a PG/kid friendly audience.
  9. Diamonddust

    The Old School questions thread

    I doubt it. Yokozuna was actually listed as being from Polynesia.
  10. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    WCW quite possibly would have left him in the dust. Without Vince "screwing" Bret, we'd never have Austin vs. McMahon. Austin would have still been big, but he wouldn't have had the perfect heel to fight against. Bret leaving the way he did was one of the best things to ever happen to the WWE.
  11. Diamonddust

    Unexpected bonus!

    I learned that there is an actual Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
  12. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    1. Heyman would have left the moment Bischoff took control in '93.
  13. Diamonddust

    What if? Topics

    Agreed. Many have mentioned in the pass how calculating and status climbing Triple H was right from the start.
  14. Diamonddust

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    By pulling stunts like these, the WWE is running the risk of permanently pissing Dwayne Johnson off to the point where he will have nothing to do with them in the future. I'm sure Dwayne is probably thinking, "Am I really getting called out by a guy who releases a movie that barely cracks the top 10, if that?" I'm not a Cena hater by any stretch, but this is getting ridiculous. As I've said before, even if the Dwayne came back (and we all know he won't) for a match against Cena... Cena would be booed out of the building worse than he was against RVD at One Night Stand. The people would absolutely shit all over him if he's in the ring with The Rock. Hell, Dwayne could heel it up far more than he ever did, insult the fans as much as possible, and basically perform human sacrifice in the ring... and they audience STILL would prefer him over Cena. It's been said on this board before, but it needs repeating. Like Austin, The Rock represented a character most of the audience wanted to be - the smack talking sharply dressed guy, who KNOWS he's money (Much as Austin was the guy that was telling off his boss and getting away with it). No one, outside of the youngest portion of audience (Yes, I know this is who they are catering to, but the adults still have to bring them to the shows), wants to be like the squeaky clean John Cena. That ship has sailed long ago.
  15. Diamonddust

    The Savage / WWE bad blood

    I do think there is probably bitterness on McMahon's part that Savage has shown he doesn't need the WWE AT ALL in his retirement... not even Hogan can say that. Even with McMahon putting the freeze on him, Savage apparently hasn't grovelled back at Vince's knees begging to be allow back into the family, which only has to further Vince's feelings towards Randy. I remember Raven mentioning to Honky Tonk Man in a shoot interview that the WWE HATES it when guys give the impression they don't need the E anymore. They were talking about how HTM would turn down offers every now and then, only for the office to keep calling him back. The story about the Slim Jim deal is pretty interesting and does make some sense when you think about it. Still, I think it's a combination of factors that have contributed to Savage's exile.
  16. Diamonddust


    All in all, this was a pretty fun episode of Raw.
  17. Diamonddust


    Well there's your big post-WM return...
  18. Diamonddust


    The best use of Steamboat right now is that of being a producer/agent and a teacher.
  19. Diamonddust


    Agreed. I'm kind of glad they allowed him to have these couple of moments. He could have just been another Hall of Fame inductee and nothing else, especially considering his past history with McMahon. I'm guessing the send off Flair got has softened them a bit in that regard. Austin got to say his own goodbye last night as well.
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    Damn... someone in the crowd brought out the old-school Brahma Bull shirt.
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    That was a fun match and good ending right there.
  22. Diamonddust


    At least they're giving this match enough time.
  23. Diamonddust


    The deep arm-drag is still a thing of beauty.
  24. Diamonddust


    I love this crowd... "YOU STILL GOT IT!"
  25. Diamonddust


    Oh how funny it is that Matt relies on Edge for help.