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    Hulk and Linda split up

    *would like to meet one of these 'normal' rich people*
  2. Retard Girl


    we are both right actually. taiga the biome sounds like 'tiger' witht he 'r' dropped. Taiga my name sounds like the video game system. mad points for knowing that though. most people are too dumb to think about it
  3. Retard Girl

    Hulk and Linda split up

    rich people suck. that's all i got.
  4. Retard Girl


    i don't like sports. well, i like wrestling, but yeah... i don't like sports
  5. Retard Girl

    Right Said Thread/I'm Board Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di

    this is some spam. i like mid 80's thrash metal.
  6. *ahem* i have a crappy little site with a bunch of wrestling matches on it for download. hmm, i need to pimp that in my sig XD
  7. Retard Girl

    ROH Dayton-Chicago Weekend

    i think the 'Unscripted' card turned out better then what they had planned. sounds like a great show using the guys that were there.
  8. Retard Girl


    i'm afraid you're all going to be stuck with me a while <~ teehee
  9. Retard Girl


    i am thoroughly confused by the number of inside jokes, lol. If I were you, I'd delete that. why? i'm female, no sence in hiding this fact. why, is there a lack of woman folks around here? that's okay, i'm used to being the only girl on a wrestling board. thanks for the welcome everyone.... i think.