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    Marney: RIP

    When I had a wet dream once, I tossed the soiled underwear into the bath tub, my dad came home from work in the middle of the night, grabbed the underwear and squeezed them out and tossed them to the basement He then went into the kitchen to eat without washing his hands /worst thread in a while
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    Pictures I Like

  3. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Michael Hayes Suspended For Being A Racist?

    Hayes came up and said "I'm more of a nigger than you" to Henry. Hayes and MVP had been joking around about it during the evening
  4. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Pictures I Like

  5. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Marney: RIP

    *gets popcorn*
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    MMA in Pictures

  7. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Erect penis pictures

    well fuck........ me.
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    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    The best part of the Ultimate Warrior's return over seas, is the video of him beating down the heels and then doing the Warrior rope shake, in a tie and suspenders. Reminds me of the glory days of Shawn,Flair,Angle and HHH's old Raw promos where we'd have a big fight and everyone would be sweating profusely in suits
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    Ask Milky.

    I have no qualms wearing a dress... for the record
  10. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Ask Milky.

    Hey now, if I didn't take pictures, half my stories y'all wouldn't believe
  11. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://fans.wwe.com/go/forum/viewboard Dear Lord WWE opened a messsage board again *shudders*
  12. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WWE Smackdown (4/18/2008)

    Hardy was good on commentary
  13. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Ask Milky.

    What was the weirdest sexual dream you ever had? (I recall you said you'd steal the wet dream I had about peeing in a warehouse watching Gilbert Godfried fuck a girl in a bathtub) What's the weirdest role play you ever did in cyber sex. (Mine being playing a 8 year old Jew Girl in Poland who Hitler encounters and eventually fucks. My character was unable to say "Mein Fuhrer" so Hitler was called "Moon Furry" during the whole sexual act.)
  14. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Office: Season 4

    That was GOLD
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    The Bruiser Brody Thread

  16. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Why is this funny?

    http://www.comics.com/wash/pickles/archive...08458440417.gif Somebody must explain the joke here......
  17. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Why is this funny?

    oh I missed that, oh well still lame I perfered my version better
  18. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Rebooking The WWE

    Not sure i understand of jobbing Link to Paul O, and then announcing Link as No 1 Contender on the next show, unless this is going to lead to Paul O/Hogan tension if Hogan happens to not beat Link 123....... I'll keep checking back.......
  19. BruteSquad_BRODY

    What have been the "cases" of Wrestler Court?

    I remember
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    *changes myspace description*
  21. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    The WWF lies by omission gets people to go see the first Wrestlemania: I got some '85 WONs and some of the stuff that they pulled back then is amazingly carny. In markets where there was only CCTV location, the show was promoted using vague terms as if it was occurring live in that location, with no mention of CCTV. In addition to this, at least one location had a single 44 inch screen in the middle of a 10,000 seat arena. From Bix elsewhere......... AWESOME
  22. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I keep having sexual dreams about my ex gf, all the beating off in the world haven't sullied my sexual desires
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    The Youtube Thread

  24. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Youtube thread

    oops wrong thread
  25. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Bruiser Brody Thread