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  1. Personally, I think it's all just internet speculation, but it would explain why Macho Man seems to be blackballed by Vince despite currently having a common enemy with Hogan. My gut sez it's about a 40% possibility. I could see it happening, now that we all know what a ditz Stephanie is. And since Macho was with Gorgeous George, we know he likes em young. but, if Stupid Stephanie was legally underage at the time, would Vince seek charges against Macho or would that just embarrass Vince even further? for all the money the McMahons have, they truly are a joke of a family
  2. this could only appeal to smarks. marks like yourself would have to have a storyline involved to be interested. if Vince or Jarrett tried this out, there might be a distinctly different audience to come out for this than for sports entertainment. It would obviously be less popular than sports entertainment, but I think its worth a shot. The wrestlers can hire road agents to book the matches and they'd share in the prize $$ as well, provided that the agent can only book one match per card and not create a conflict of interest.
  3. Are you for real? He's looked like that for years now. Go look it up, that's what the friggin' internet is for. dude, i aint got no time to be lookin up pics of the warrior, i barely have enough time to post here FOR YEARS NOW... ok, now you're pissin' me off. if TSM had a PPV event, i'd challenge u to a match. i'd cut promos leading up to it describing how I actually have a life, so I have no time to keep up with what the Ultimate Mental Case looks like nowadays. I'll show photos on the TitanTron explaining why you know more about him than I. The pics would show me out on dates with various women and then show what you've been doing these past years... sittin' at home in front of your computer, lovingly gazing at pics of The Ultimate Warrior.
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    Mike Adamle

    WWE has to work shoots every opportunity they get. That being said, I really hope they address Hollywood Incest Hogan. Have Marella cut a promo in the ring asking the American audience if this is how all American fathers are with their daughters, then show the disturbing pics on the TitanTron. he'll be like "I a-see, in America, families are really close to one another, eh" Or bring back the Huckster to demand an intergender match with Lil Hucksterette and he uses smothering grappling holds throughout the match. it's only a matter of time before a feud starts because one wrestler will accuse another "you're the reason why benoit killed his family and himself!" remember, controversy creates ca$h "Incest is best, put your daughter to the test!! brother!!!" - The Hulkster
  5. 1. Why didn't Goldberg get the WCW Championship after Starrcade '98? 2. Do you guys believe that Goldberg not having the strap was a major factor in the decline of WCW? 3. Did Macho really have Stephanie when she was a teenager?
  6. Are you for real? He's looked like that for years now. Go look it up, that's what the friggin' internet is for. dude, i aint got no time to be lookin up pics of the warrior, i barely have enough time to post here
  7. did you guys notice how much they loosened the ring ropes for the UW? it was ridiculous, like they figured that warrior was not strong enough nowadays to be able to shake the ring ropes like he used to, so they loosened them to the point it seemed the ropes were gonna hang to the floor. That was dumb. Plus, its sad that he's old now and just isnt the UW anymore, just an old fart. I still need more evidence that that was actually him, since, like a poster said earlier, it didnt look a thing like the UW. They better not make him go over OJ, he's nowhere near the same level. Why did he come back to an obscure Euro Fed rather than WWE or TNA? And why do they cut promos in English in Spain and Italy without an interpreter? anyway, those ring ropes were looser than Lita's snatch.
  8. Seriously? What led you to believe Honky was getting a main-event run? I felt the Honky Tonk Man was the best heel in the WWF since Macho. I was a huge mark for Tonkey, he just knew how to be an evil bastard and get under the skin of the faces. Also, he mocked the legend of Elvis and so did "Colonel" Jimmy Hart. So hateable (to the marks), he was a grade A villain. Anyway, I felt Rythm and Blues was holding him down and he was just too brilliant to be part of a tag team. Plus, the other heels in the WWF weren't evil enough to put on a good program with the UW. I figured the best feud the WWF can put on for WM7 was to have Honky start to talk smack about UW, calling him a bum and a freak and saying that HTM deserved a shot at the world title since he gave UW an opportunity of the IC title, which he believed he lost unfairly. It would be a slow burn, starting around summerslam time and just increasing over time with honky insulting and calling out UW more and more. He'd become more sinister and this would make him seem more dangerous in the ring. HTM cut cut some badass promos and his constant heckling of the UW week after week would have been gold. Jimmy Hart couda been wearin an UW mask during HTM's matches just to mock the current champ. HTM would develop from a cartoony heel to a seriously evil and heartless son of a bitch, whose hatred for the warrior would scare the younger fans. the heat woulda been off the charts until UW would finally accept the challenge to face HTM at WM7 for the title. the younger fans would honestly believe that HTM had a legitimate shot at winning the belt, but of course, UW would go over in Hoganian fashion. One year before WM7, i felt this would be where the WWF would be a year later and it sounded good. who knew warrior would flop as champ and that vince would exploit the Gulf war. it's fun to make long term predictions anyway
  9. Ok, maybe a wrestling Fed like this already exists, but I'm wondering if there is an adults-only wrestling federation out there. If not, then there should be and if I had the $$$, I would start the MFWF, the Mother F'n Wrestling Federation. You would have to be at least 18 to see a live show and because of censorship, the shows can only be broadcast on PPV. This would be shock wrestling. Wrestling with a primary purpose of shocking the viewer and containing scenes and themes never before scene in the wrestling world. All vulgar language would be permissable. Here are some gimmicks that can be used: A Satanists stable and a Christians stable that would feud against each other. A crucifixion match, where the object if to strap your opponent onto a crucifix (similar to what Taker did to SCSA) Evening gown matches would require the girl to strip her opponent down to full nudity. A Ku Klux Klan stable that would feud against, obviously, a stable of black wrestlers. Actual sex in the ring, to be used as filler in between matches (like Bishoff's HLA, except taken all the way). Actual sex backstage as part of ongoing angles (like the Test-Stacy Kiebler scene, except they go all the way). A penetration match, where the object would be to stuff a giant dildo into a giant vagina that stood situated on one of the top turnbuckles (it'd be hilarious). Statues of Jesus/other religous figures on a pole matches, where the wrestler can use the religous statuette as a weapon. A drugs match, where various illegal drugs would be available to be used as weapons (stab your opponent with needle or hit him with bags full of weed or cocaine) Book the wrestlers to hesitate while they decide if they should use the drugs as weapons or use the drugs. Of course, it'd all be fake white powder and fake grassy substances, after all, this is wrestling. A stuff-a-sheet-of-acid-into-your-opponent's-mouth match. Post-match sketches involving the loser of said match would be pretty funny. A toilet in the ring match, where there is a toilet in the ring and the object is to push your opponents face in the toilet bowl that is filled with excrement and urine (kayfabe of course for health reasons) similiar to British Bulldog and dog doo match. Wrestlers named The Insane Maniac, The Deranged Lunatic, The Pervert, The Klansman, The Satanist. A sex match, where a porn star is in the ring, fully naked, during the match and the winner is the first wrestler who can actually penetrate her first. A Sick Freak match, where a poster of a dirty old man who stares at kids is on a table which leans against the turnbuckles and the object is to throw your opponent through the poster/table. more WTF comedy. A dead wrestler match, where the Mr. McMahon type owner would force a wrestler to have to "fight" against a deceased wrestler- a coffin containing Brian Adams or Mr. Perfect or Rick Rude (kayfabe) etc. The wrestler would cut a promo saying "wtf is this", then there'd be a run-in that would allow the coffin to get the pinfall victory. It'd be good, dark comedy. An ice-pick-in-the-eye match. A sledgehammer-to-the-groin match. A Big Gay Al match, where a proud homosexual stands in the corner of the ring and can kiss and fondle a wrestler who gets thrown into said corner during the match. A bucket-full-of-menstrual-blood-match, where the wrestler wins by pouring said bucket over opponent. If anyone can think of anymore shock wrestling gimmicks, lets hear em.
  10. Damien

    Idea for a new Fed... Shock Wrestling

    Were you talking about Drew Peterson? yeah, it was on findstaceypeterson.com. that dumb bitch deserved it. she married a fat old slob who was married 3 times before and cheated on his wife with her. cmon now
  11. you blokes also have to post your predictions for the WM25 Main Event. Come on, lets hear them now
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    Idea for a new Fed... Shock Wrestling

    You have no idea. so does that mean anything goes? i hope so, ive been kicked out of way too many forums for bullshit. they kicked me out of the NE patriots forum for laughing at them for losing the super bowl. kicked me out of a baseball board for posting "tasteless" jokes that werent even fucking tasteless. fuckin assholes. then i got kicked out of this one forum for a missing woman who's presumed dead. its assumed her husband killed her, whos 30 years older than her. so i post saying that she deserved it for hookin up with a dirty old man. speakin my mind, ya know. those fucking pricks banned me for saying that. then u got those mods out there who ban people for flaming. how fuckin pathetic. whats the big fuckin deal in talkin shit to someone who's like 1000 miles away. i hate mods who are panzies like that. hopefully theres none of that on this board
  13. shit, I 4got to post my WM25 ME prediction. here's the 11 month prediction John Morrison vs John Cena for the WWE title (Cena goes over, unfortunately)
  14. Damien

    Shawn Michaels as World Champion

    Absolutely not. He's past his prime and nostalgia runs are stupid. and WWE, would you please abolish the WHC???? what the F is wrong with you guys???? two world titles in one fed??? are you people stupid?!!! we all live on the same planet, there should be only ONE World Champion, at least in the same federation. f'in morons, this is why ratings have been down during this "entertainment" era. bevause of stupid shit like the WHC. get rid of it and maybe the US title too, all u need are the WWE and IC titles for singles competition. Bounce the champions from Raw to SD from time to time, making it unpredictable which wrestler would be on what show. people will tune in cos they'll wanna know who'll show up. and get rid of Michael Cole too. I hate that little pipsqueak
  15. Damien

    Idea for a new Fed... Shock Wrestling

    not bad. you get the book
  16. Damien

    Idea for a new Fed... Shock Wrestling

    ok, u can have a wrestler named Jesus Christ who has a valet named Mary and they have a Beaver Cleavage type relationship. but no donkey though, there wouldnt be enough room at ringside naming a guy Hitler is too direct. how bout having a guy named Der Fuhrer and he hangs out with the KKK stable
  17. Damien

    Idea for a new Fed... Shock Wrestling

    this may be like an e-fed, but let's try to book it realistically. E-feds usually have garbage like "the wrestler can fly" or "grows a 3rd arm". Let's book this like as if we would start this Fed if any of us had enough $$$. phat ideas so far. the gay lumberjack match is best so far. here's a couple more: instead of nitro girls, have strippers in between matches. when high spots r hit, the crowd chants "fuck you! fuck you! fuck you!" similar to "ECW! or TNA!" the owner would have Heyman's attitude but with McMahon's swagger a couple of names for monthly PPVs can be "The Shit House", "Holy Hour" and its wrestlemania would be FuckFest As for the pissing idea, it can be booked where a wrestler would go under the ring at a certain point in the match (like HHH going for the sledgehammer). He gets a flask out from under there which is supposed to be empty (but its not) and kayfabe pisses into the flask. He would do it up against the apron so the crowd couldnt see if he was legit pissing or not and would assume he was (like anything else in wrestling). then he goes into the ring and splashes the golden liquid at his opponent's face. He'd get pop from the crowd each time they know he's gonna do it, just like Foley would when he'd pull out Socko. I'm new to this board, so I put that "shock wrestling" disclaimer in the topic so I wouldnt get banned for my first post. Hopefully this board is lenient and allows free speech. to me, a fed like this wouldnt be shock wrestling, it'd be wrestling the way it should be.